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Memory lane

Stacey Red
So, last night I went over to seekandi_bomber . We had planned this get together earlier in the week. I have been looking forward to some friend / adult time. :) At the last minute we invited Kyla over. (If you don't remember who that is, she was a super good friend of mine until she ended up dating, having babies, and marrying Brittney's Dad. We hated each other for MANY years. In the last couple months we've grown close again and become friends. I attribute a lot of that to our bond of hating Britt's Dad (they split up a year or two ago.)

Amanda, Kyla and I were all super good friends back in the day (Junior High Cheerleaders!!! hahah). I honestly cannot tell you how many years it's been since the three of us HUNG OUT??!! 

Kyla came over and insisted on making us gin & club soda with lime. I am a hater of all things gin. She swore we'd like it and she was right! We sat around in Amanda's family room, laughing and talking and even snapped some pictures. (Send them Amanda, can't wait to see them!!) 

I didn't make it home until almost 3:00 in the morning. So worth it. I'm working today and a little fuzzy headed, but thankful we all got to hang out and have such a great time. :)

Flashback to Grade 8, only now we're older, wiser and in my opinion - better looking! hahaha

Good times. :D