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Earl - Joy nasty
My Mom wrote this email to myself, my two Sisters and our old Nanny, Penny.. It actually brought tears to my eyes. :)

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Hi all,
I just had to share this little story about Griffen. Stacey had asked me if I could pick Griffen up at CRRS, and keep him until she got off work. She had picked him up from school, and Brittney was going to a basketball game after school.

I told Griffen that we would go over to Dollarama, so that he could pick out something, seeing as how he had so generously let Jacob have the little stuffed dog that Eva had given to Griffen for his birthday.

We went in and started looking. Well, there really isn't much to choose from that isn't crapy, but he naturally settled on a gun, with hand cuffs etc. He actually asked how many things he could get and I said a couple. So picked out two and that way he could play with Jacob, I suppose.

I wanted to look around for a couple of things so he tagged along with me, during which time he exclaimed that "Grandma you are the best Grandma". I said "oh that's nice, but your other Grandma is nice too". He said, "yea but she yells at Jacob and I when we turn around and around on the chair". I assume a swivle rocking chair. Oh well, far be it from me to talk him out of his ideas.

As usual, Griffen talks non stop, so it is really a good idea to just spend some one on one time with him.

We got to the car and he said "Grandma, when you get old and live in Yuculta, I will come and see you everyday". I said, "oh, that would be wonderful, that would make me so happy". I said, "maybe you could even take me shopping at the Dollar store sometimes". He said "yea, and I could give you a hundred dollars". Trying to keep a straight face I said "wow, I'm some lucky to have you as a Grandson".

I didn't know he even knew about Yuculta. Too funny. I said to him "I wonder where you will live in you are an adult?, hope it's not too far away from Yuculta".

Anyway, I just had to tell you this little story.



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Earl - Joy nasty



New Year pics

Earl - Joy nasty
The boys and I had SUSHI for dinner... so good. :)


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