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Earl - Joy nasty
Here is a brief update because my couch & CSI New York are CALLING! ;)

  • Went to the College and registered for three more classes. Word Processing I, Business English, as well as Keyboarding II. YAY!

  • Had dinner with Britt at Mom and Dad's last night and watched MORE old home movies. Shared tons of gut giggles over tiny Griff and toddler Britt. So much fun.

  • Went to my parents again tonight and colored my Mom's hair. Visited with both Mom and Dad two nights in a row which is ODD. But lovely!!

  • Work is slow, but I am starting to work on the website finally... a tad overwhelmed and not looking forward to it, but we will see...

  • Working this Saturday in trade for Tuesday off (the night after Dan gets home...) which is always better. ;)

  • Dan, Britt and I are heading to Victoria on the weekend of the 24th to watch a team mate of Dan's compete in a Martial Arts competition. Tour the city with Miss Britt, check out the wax museum, the Parliment buildings, stay in a hotel, get in some shopping - possibly. Britt is TOO excited and so am I. It should be a grand time. :)

  • Putting off our tattoo appt. that same weekend as there just isn't enough time in one weekend to get it all in. SOON THOUGH!

  • Argued with Brittney's Dad.... which is really the first time I've talked to him in a long while. Too bad it was to tell him to get over himself and take care of his kid.

That about sums up life lately. *I also have to post some cute pics from Griff's family Birthday dinner last weekend. :)