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Jan. 16th, 2009

Stacey Red
Look at what my amazing man bought me!

A sexy, black Razor 2. I am ecstatic. :) Now, the three of us can video call one another! (Britt, Dan and I). It's pretty neat... THANK YOU BABY! <3

It's Friday... THANK GOD. I have to work tomorrow, but i don't really count Saturday. Most customers are just the public - walk in people and no accounts. So it's pretty laid back. Also, a shorter day and it goes pretty fast usually. AND our Boss buys us all lunch. So score. :)

Tonight I am heading over to my Sister Sue's for a Birthday party for our friend Tannis. Should be good. So far it looks like a bunch of girls and Paul (my Brother inlaw). lol I shall take it easy due to the early morning rise. :/ Wishing Dan was here, seems like he misses all these types of things. I'm so tired, I feel like I should grab a coffee from tim hortons when I go to drop Stevi and Britt off at the movies tonight. Yes... coffee, indeed. [edit] That theatre parking lot was such a cluster fuck... I was so frustrated, I forgot about coffee... :([/edit]

I booked the hotel for next weekend. We're staying at the Queen Victoria, which is right close to where th fights will be held and all other cool things we want to check out. The wax museum, possibly (weather depending and time related) the butchart gardens, and the Parliment Building. I am stoked. Cannot wait!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!