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Jul. 29th, 2009

Stacey Red
Heat wave! Holy crap.... the whole global warming thing is starting to freak me out more than it did before. It's never been this hot here! The last two days have been meltingly warm. We've been in the high 30's which is HOT for here. I usually would complain and be miserable but for some miracle I have managed to survive. The pool makes a world of difference.

I came home on my lunch yesterday and swam around to cool down! We don't have AC in the office at work and I swear it was at least 40 degrees in there the last two days! After work, Britt and I had sandwiches for dinner and swam around in the pool making whirl pools and banging into one another and laughing our heads off. I think our neighbors think we're crazy. We were BACK in the pool at 9:30 and stayed in until almost 10:00. It kept me cool until bedtime at 11:00... at which point I stood in the shower under COLD running water so my feet would cool down and stop throbbing. Then laid in bed with a WET towel over me. Yikes.

I am home alone with Britt this week. We get the boys on Friday night for the weekend until Monday evening. Britt leaves Sunday for her trip, and Dan is home Monday night. I am OFF work all next week. So effin' excited. Cannot wait!!!!!!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer thus far...


The Races

Stacey Red
Brittney won first place in the Figure 8 race this weekend! She won a trophy too!

Her little NEMO car that took first place. :) 

Proud little Brother Jake & our winner!

The breathtaking sunset on the way home. :)

Mom and I went down with Jake and had a great night. It ended earlier than usual but was so exciting to see her WIN! YAY Britt! Not too bad for a 13 year old driving a standard!

Fall Out Boy 2009

Stacey Red

Amanda, Brittney, Summer and I went to Vancouver for a Fall Out Boy concert. Metro station, Hey Monday, and All Time Low played as well. It was awesome!! Best trip in a long time. It was so much fun hanging out with just the girls and getting to see a wicked show, live.

<3 More later.. I am about to head out to lunch.

Happy Easter to all, too by the way!

Jan. 16th, 2009

Stacey Red
Look at what my amazing man bought me!

A sexy, black Razor 2. I am ecstatic. :) Now, the three of us can video call one another! (Britt, Dan and I). It's pretty neat... THANK YOU BABY! <3

It's Friday... THANK GOD. I have to work tomorrow, but i don't really count Saturday. Most customers are just the public - walk in people and no accounts. So it's pretty laid back. Also, a shorter day and it goes pretty fast usually. AND our Boss buys us all lunch. So score. :)

Tonight I am heading over to my Sister Sue's for a Birthday party for our friend Tannis. Should be good. So far it looks like a bunch of girls and Paul (my Brother inlaw). lol I shall take it easy due to the early morning rise. :/ Wishing Dan was here, seems like he misses all these types of things. I'm so tired, I feel like I should grab a coffee from tim hortons when I go to drop Stevi and Britt off at the movies tonight. Yes... coffee, indeed. [edit] That theatre parking lot was such a cluster fuck... I was so frustrated, I forgot about coffee... :([/edit]

I booked the hotel for next weekend. We're staying at the Queen Victoria, which is right close to where th fights will be held and all other cool things we want to check out. The wax museum, possibly (weather depending and time related) the butchart gardens, and the Parliment Building. I am stoked. Cannot wait!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!



Stacey Red
Here is a brief update because my couch & CSI New York are CALLING! ;)

  • Went to the College and registered for three more classes. Word Processing I, Business English, as well as Keyboarding II. YAY!

  • Had dinner with Britt at Mom and Dad's last night and watched MORE old home movies. Shared tons of gut giggles over tiny Griff and toddler Britt. So much fun.

  • Went to my parents again tonight and colored my Mom's hair. Visited with both Mom and Dad two nights in a row which is ODD. But lovely!!

  • Work is slow, but I am starting to work on the website finally... a tad overwhelmed and not looking forward to it, but we will see...

  • Working this Saturday in trade for Tuesday off (the night after Dan gets home...) which is always better. ;)

  • Dan, Britt and I are heading to Victoria on the weekend of the 24th to watch a team mate of Dan's compete in a Martial Arts competition. Tour the city with Miss Britt, check out the wax museum, the Parliment buildings, stay in a hotel, get in some shopping - possibly. Britt is TOO excited and so am I. It should be a grand time. :)

  • Putting off our tattoo appt. that same weekend as there just isn't enough time in one weekend to get it all in. SOON THOUGH!

  • Argued with Brittney's Dad.... which is really the first time I've talked to him in a long while. Too bad it was to tell him to get over himself and take care of his kid.

That about sums up life lately. *I also have to post some cute pics from Griff's family Birthday dinner last weekend. :)