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Bye bye 2008

Stacey Red
Happy New Year to everyone!!

No big plans tonight. I got suckered into babysitting for my Sisters so they can party it up. I suppose it's ok as they now each owe me TWICE, from other nights I watched the kids for them. As well, Dan is in camp and I have the boys so there is no sense in trying to get a sitter and pay through the nose when the one person I want to be with wont be here. So be it.

So, I think we'll fire up the wii and maybe watch some movies, relax and eat munchies and hopefully sleep in a little tomorrow? NOT likely on the sleeping in, but everything else sounds good.

I'm looking forward to many good things this year. Including, my studies @ college, Dan and I and the great things that we will experience TOGETHER in this life, friendships re-kindled and strengthening the one's I already have and adore... watching the kids grow... so many great things lie ahead. :)

I've been so surprised by this bi-polar weather we've dealt with lately. Snow, like never before... last night was the harshest wind storm in a long, long time. Britt and I sat in the dark without power for an hour. lol It was nice hanging out with her in candle light... with no other noise to interfere. Today, it's beautiful.. sun it out, blue sky... it's interesting to say the least.

Anyhow... back to work.