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JustInCase You Did Not Know

Well it's official. Thanks too Jason. I know man, I know. Hannah and I are officially together. And it's great. I was so nervous too ask her. That Jason had too do it for me. I was going too ask her when she picked me up from the airport. After we watched Rocky Horror. But I froze up, and did not ask. So, being the guy that I am. Spilled everything too Jason. He finally asked her if she likes me, and she said yes. So I told him I still can't ask her, because I could not take loosing another friend or having a bad relationship. So he said he would return my favor, of getting Christina and him together. And he asked her for me.

Then they came over, we then went too the airport too pick up Julia. So anyways, of course they want their coffee. So we drive too the nearest Star Bucks. We get the coffee then fight who gets too sit where in Hannah's car. I sat in front with Hannah. While Jason, sat in back with Julia.

So, we finally get too my mansion. We all go inside. And Jason and Julia are hyper as shit. So we go let them run around the house, while Hannah and I decide too go down too the den. Hannah decides that she wants too watch a movie. So she told me that I had too pick the movie this time. She saw the MMC re-runs I had recorded. And I told her no.

Of course, Hannah pouts like I always do. And it's damn cute the way she does it too. And I told Hannah next time. Then she can see Jc, Joey and me on MMC together. I finally come too the conclusion just too pick something Hannah would like. So, I pick Grease. We laugh eat popcorn and she sung every song. It was a great time. As the credits roll, so does our date. I guess you would call it.

Don't you hate how movies end? I know I do ::laughs::. So we get up and go up stairs. So she tells Julia too go out side and get in her car. We talk about seeing each other again tomorrow. And we kiss goodnight and they drive off. That kiss was unbelievable. I loved every minute of that date.

I still think Jason is here. Or either that, he probably left. I think he is passed out dead tired in one of the rooms up stairs. Since Hannah was his only ride here. I am not too sure, and I am too tired too check.

I thought long and hard about this. And I am going too make amends with Britney. Everyone is saying not too go after the VMA's. So, I well call her. And ask if she would like too do it the following day. If not, then her loss.

In other news, Jc was the one in the mansion. I don't know why. But he was. I am going too change all locks and codes tomorrow. I already called in everything. I am also going too give the maids a week off as well.

I talked too Johnny about the small Iraq tour. And he still does not want me too go. I swear, that man is difficult too do business with. I still don't know what I am going too do without Hannah, once I get too the UK. Thats about it with this update, as they say. I am going too go hit the sack.

Edit: I snagged the cutest member in JustInCase ((Ha ha!)). And no dear. I am not the cutest member in *NSync. ::winks::

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