·~¤§¤~· Mr. JT ·~¤§¤~· (_likeiloveyou) wrote,
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House Arrest...

Well, it's official. I am locked in my camera room. I knew I should have not let Lonnie go home. But he needed a break too. I went down stairs too get some ice cream. And when I walked back up too the stairs. I noticed that the front door was wide open. It's weird, since I got a code device too put in too open it.

Like Jason said it is probably an obsessed fan. But then again, I said it could be Lou. He has been following me on tour as of late. So I am staying in this room, and hoping whoever. Is not in here. Which would be weird. Since it is a small room with only a camera system, chair and radio. Damn, my Justincase cd is playing in my room. Mother fucker ::screams::

If something happens, then the camera well check it. But I did not turn on the system that calls the police right away. I guess I well just wait it out, and hope it is a fan. So I can give them a autograph. I think I am paranoid, but not sure. Better safe then sorry. I guess it could always be Trace pulling a prank. But he is in New York with Joey, or supposedly went back too Memphis. But then again, it can always be one of my staff members.
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