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Well, amazingly I cleaned the house. I decided too let the maids have a day off. Yes, they were shocked. ::Laughs weekly::.I have a major headache from fighting with Jc again. There is nothing really too update about. I watched the movie "From Dusk To Dawn." Joey recommended it too me. It was kind of cool actually. It be sweet too be a vampire. I wonder, if I killed my self. Would I really become a vampire? Nah! I am just kidding.

I don't know. I read some more e-mail and fan mail from Iraq. The fans over their really want me too come out and do some shows at hospitals and stuff. So I am going too talk too Johnny about it. I got little photos of fans in the hospitals. And it broke my heart, so I figured. I might as well try going over their after the UK tour. I doubt Johnny well let me. But I am going too try. I have been replying too their e-mails and fan mail. I get pictures drawn by the fans out their. I put them all in a scrapbook, and now it's setting in my glass shelf with the *NSync awards.

Thats all I got too update about. I'm setting here at the computer upstairs bored. I think I might go read more Iraq or UK fan mail. I got one from Britney. And she actually said, she wanted too talk about what happened between us. So I might respond. I'm setting here listening too my Evanescence cd, and now I am going too pop in Justincase.

P.S. To Jason = I don't think I want too go that far Jason. I am not too comfortable with asking. You know what I mean by that.
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