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L.A. Here I Come....

::Comes out of the bathroom and into the bedroom up stairs. Soaking wet, with only a baby blue towel rapped around him. And he slowly walks over too the desk and begins too type about what went down today::

So, here I am. Well was, on a plane. Too L.a. Hannah picked me up. Sweet ride too. I got kind of confused at the airport and crap. But thats another case. So, after all that, she drives up too my mansion. Surprisingly she did not get lost. Britney always did. ::laughs:: And too think, I was a blond.

Anyways. We pull up, and I have too get out and enter the code I had. And we finally get in. We park and get my bags. Then I go in and have too code the door. So we finally get in and in her own words "holy shit." I swear, Lonnie looked like he was going too burst up laughing. Anyways I give her the gran tour of the house. And all she can do is bitch about too many closets. And I said, well closets are good for parties.

Anyways, I showed her the den. And she feel in love with it. Considering it has: Bar Area, Dance Floor, Bowling Alley, Big Screen Area, and Music Area. I figured when I first bought it. I won't get too go out and do this stuff, without being mobbed. So I figured if I can not go out, then i'll bring my favorite stuff too me. She also loved the small recording studio I have connected too the den.

Anyways. I told her not much else too see, unless she wanted too see: the garage, driveway, front yard, or the basketball court I got. Her eyes lit up then. And I could not say no. So I opened the sliding door for her, and then shut it. We went down a small hill past a few fountains and onto the court. I had too open the the gate too the court of course.

I introduced her too Mr. Bin who had the balls in their. Yes they were not baby blue this time, only black. Then we started playing, after she convinced me too play. After I turned on Kelly Clarkson's "Miss Independent" for her. We did not really care who won, so we played for fun. Then we both sat down on the court, and then I asked her if she wanted a drink. She said she. So I went out of the court and got a gatorade for her, and water for me.

I think it was Jess who called her telling about staying the night, and coming over for dinner. I did not pry into her conversation. So after she hung up, she said why don't you call Jason and see if he's made it too California yet. And I said sure, as long as you call for pizza. So we both did that, but Jason did not answer.

So I said we should head back in, too wait for the pizza. We went back in, and as soon as I shut the door. What do you know? Cameron calls rubbing it in that she dumped me. I flipped open my cell, then closed it and put it in my right pants pocket. Hannah told me next time her or Britney calls, hand the phone too her.

So. Once we got too the living room, I asked her if she wanted too watch a video while we wait on the pizza. So she goes threw my movie collection, and finally picks Rocky Horror. Good choice. So about half way too my favorite part of the hole damn movie. The pizza finally arrives. So I open the door, too see 5 fans looking back at me. One starts screaming and hugs me. She finally lets go when I ask how much. So I give them the money and $10.00's extra.

So, I decided since they came out here with the pizza girl. Who was also an obsessed fan. I told Hannah too go into a folder on a stand next too the leather couch she was on, and get out some photos of me. And a pen. So she did and brought it too me. I signed the autographs for them, and took one picture with them. So, I go into the kitchen after setting the pizza down on the crystal coffee table. And I go and get: 2 plates, 2 glasses and 2 kinds of sodas.

As soon as I take a bite of my pizza. My song comes on. And what do you know, i'm up off the couch doing the time warp. I love the pelvic trust. ::Laughs:: Thats Joey's favorite too. Go figure huh? Hannah is all looking at me like I got possessed or something. And she would not do the Time Warp with me. I also did Magentas tap dance too. That was hilarious.

So, the movie ends and we finished or pizza. And Jess or someone calls her about sleeping over and going too dinner. So she leaves, and I pop in Return Of The Jedi too watch. Maybe because I thought of Jc. I don't know why. But they need too get the classic movies on dvd. So, after Return Of The Jedi. I am now typing this update in a towel soaking wet too.

She told me about dreaming about relationships, that well never happen. I am doomed not too ever fall in love. But I am taking applications starting now. ::Laughs:: Yes! Wade might actually get his ass on line now and join the community. Were talking again. So that is cool. I kind of feel like a third wheel around Jason and Christina. I know I should not feel that way. But they never talk too me anymore. Well, not as much as they use too.

Anyways journal. That's all I got too update on. I had a good first day back in L.A. So i'll see what else happens, and write about it.

P.S. Everyone call me: JuJu or JRT. Also: Hannah and Jason. I well take as much time as I want too. For crying out loud! It's my journal!

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