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Party Addict...

Hey everyone. I seem too be the only one updating in the journal, so much. Considering my somewhat busy schedule. I have been updating during breaks with the shows. Christina's and my equipment were pretty smashed up in an accident in Atlantic City during set-up. Only minor injuries. Which I thank god for. Christina and I have had to postpone our last show. Sorry too the fans, on that matter. The new St. Paul date is: Tuesday, September 2 at 7:30 p.m.

So i'm flying out now too L.A. Hannah is going too pick me up. Lonnie next too me, is getting sick from being on the plane. I never seen that boy run that fast, especially on a plane. ::Laughs at memory::.

I guess, I could have a boys night at my L.A. mansion after Meech's party. If I do not go too the girls party. Ha ha! But I don't know none of the guys well enough. Well, besides Jason and Zac.

P.S. To Everyone In The Community: Since their is two Justins in the community. Which might be confusing too people. You may have the pleasure in calling me either of these: Curly, Bounce, Tennman, Sporty Sync, Shot, Mr. Smooth, Curly Spice, JT, JRT, or Timerlake. Either of those well do fine.

Also for Hannah. I can not believe you have not seen our groups UDMC video. I am ashamed of you. ::Laughs::. But see, I should have snagged the role Tim Curry had in Rocky Horror.

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