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Quick Update...

Just a quick update. I have been talking too Johnny about quiting my UK tour. So the guys and me can do another album. I really don't want too. But if it's too get Jc back as a friend again, then I well. I doubt Johnny well like his answering machine when he gets home.

I talked too Britney today. We both went out too dinner. We actually, for the first time in a long time. Did not have a argument. I told her I would be her friend again and give it another chance, but I can not put my trust in her again. She talked about going out again. And I said no. Because I already have a wonderful, beautiful girlfriend. So where just trying too work on being friends as of now.

I still can not find any of my fucking car keys. I searched everywhere. My head still pounds like shit every once in a great while. Happy Birthday too you Jason! Don't worry. I'll be joining over the hill soon. I well be 23 soon, so I well join ya! ::Laughs::.

I actually watched Grease. Can you believe that? And I forced my self too watch Titanic. Why? I don't know. My head still hurts. And I want Hannah back! I wan't my car keys back. I am sick, and I hate driving in limos. ::Laughs:: Britney tried too kiss me when she hugged me after her and her limo driver came too pick me and Lonnie up. And Lonnie got on her ass. That was hilarious. You gotta love Lonnie.

Anyways. That's the only stuff I got too update on. I am going too go and try too find my car keys. Then I am going too call Johnny, and see what he thinks. Then I am going too bed. Also! Congratulations too all the people who are having a baby or getting married. Man work sucks!
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