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whoops [October 02, 2006]
[ mood | guilty ]

oh where oh where has that rachel beeeen?
uh, that would be nowhere. especially not here :(

just quickly, i am going on holidays for two weeks, to the UK. Going London, Oakham, Leeds, Edinburgh, Cornwall, and then a day in Paris. Should be fun. With the family though, meh!

anyway hope everyone is alright, love you all to pieces xoxox


Happy Birthday! [August 31, 2006]
[ mood | cheerful ]


You are pretty much the most awesome person I know. I love you always.

Hope everything's going well, and that you enjoy France! :D


Quit [August 18, 2006]
[ mood | tired ]

I managed to resign from my Mojo's waitressing job tonight.
Ironically, it was the best shift I've had so far haha.

Glad to have finished, though.

I'm doing the 40hr Famine for the first time. Nothing to eat until Sunday lunch *cry*

Not much to say ... already halfway through the school term (well, almost).

And Ben Folds is in a weeeeeeeek! Woot.


Mr Mac. [July 21, 2006]
[ mood | blank ]

Everyone, I am SO sorry I haven't been replying to your LJs etc etc for the past 3/4 weeks. It is a really terrible thing to do, but please let it be known that I HAVE read my whole flist. And Chan, I will reply to your email soooon, yeah?

So ... it turns out Mr Mac (Mel's dad) passed away last night.

Have I mentioned Mel before? Hmmm ... well she was my best friend last year until, long story short, she stopped talking to me halfway through Term One. This is partly my fault, but she is not completely innocent either. It had something to do with Jess's party, where OH MY GOD there would be alcohol. Because, of course, alcohol is the spawn of Satan.

We haven't talked since then.

Mr Mac is a teacher at our school, and is Head of Boarding as well (i.e. like a father figure). He was quite sick last year, though that was before I was keeping this LJ. He had liver/kidney problems, and was on the road to a transplant, though luckily didn't need one in the end. So the Macs were on holiday when he woke up in the night with a heart attack (this is 3 days ago). He was airlifted to Perth, and then passed away late last night.

Again, like that time my grandfather died, I am a robot. I am sad, don't get me wrong. I just express no feelings, and I hate myself for it. Mum hates me for it as well, because she thinks that I am just a selfish bitch who can't think of anyone else but herself. Oh great, now I'm crying now.

Anyway, so a very interesting situation right now. Considering that I don't speak to Mel anymore. Though I sent her a text message this morning, saying "i'm so sorry to hear about your dad, and sorry for everything else that's happened as well. my thoughts are with you and your family." I bet she won't reply back, but eh.

Going to be interesting going back to school, which is next Tuesday. Due to his being a well-respected teacher, and so on.

So yeah.


dead on arrival [July 01, 2006]
[ mood | chipper ]

I really miss you girls!

I'm so sorry I haven't been on, I am naughty.

And I am also on Country Week this week.

So no talking from me until the 9th, boo!

Hope you're all having fun, and have a great week  xox

[June 24, 2006]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Entry Summary -
[+] Hearing The Fray
[+] The Fray Website Names
[+] The Fray In Australia
[+] Exam Results
[+] Murder
[+] Braces
[+] Things To Look Forward To
[+] Misc: incl. allocation of huggles, photo meme apology, World Cup, Newlyweds

*does a muppet dance*


Sofie meme [June 15, 2006]
[ mood | tired ]

Stolen from Sofie

Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about - it can be anything from the house I live in to my favorite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry.
No porn, hahah!

Exams are going well, only one more tomorrow afternoon and then I'm FREEEE.

And I promise I will comment/reply/send PMs soon! Just can't do it now x

[And I got my hair dyed today ... looks quite awesome, though I doubt Mr. C the deputy head will agree, hahah!]


Woo woo woo [June 11, 2006]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Exams are tomorrow, but I am procrastinating my studying by trying to guess the bands in Sofie and Chan's journals. Fun fun.

Order as follows. Ensure you write these down somewhere so that you can think of me on that day, haha!

History 0900 - 1140
Chemistry 1300 - 1510 (dreading this the most, although I cheated (well, not really) and put all my notes in my graphics calculator so hopefully I get 50%, haha!)

English Lit 1300 - 1510

Maths 1310 - 1510

Noooothing! I think I will go shopping and look for a black wrap-around dress, to go with these absolutely ADORABLE heels I picked up for $18 at a random shoe store.

Drama 1310 - 1510

w00tness! There's an end-of-exam party Saturday night, and I am SO looking forward to it.

Hope everyone has a great week!



The world is ending! [June 06, 2006]
[ mood | shocked ]

Oh, my God!

It's the 6/6/06!



Oh, the cleverness of me ... [June 05, 2006]
[ mood | not amused ]

It's official. LiveJournal hates me. It just deleted my entry.

Yet another stupid moment in the life of Rachel.

I'm working on my History assignment at the moment, "Should the USA have dropped Atomic Bombs on Japan?", and a little while ago thought it was time for a break. I decided I would go outside in soak up the winter sunshine for the duration of Franz Liszt's "Symphonic poem No. 2" (approximately 20m 15s --- awesome song, ensure you check it out).

"La la la," I thought. "I might even get a glimmer of a tan."

So I stayed outside. Victoria flicked over to FOB's "Pretty In Punk" (another insanely awesome song), and so I knew it was time for me to go inside. Which I did. I trotted off to the bathroom to Do My Thing, I look in the mirror and what do you know. Lo and behold, my face is bright red from burning.

I hate my skin, seriously.

Please, my lovely foreign friends, do not live under the false belief that all Aussie's are bronzed beauties. I am living proof.


[June 04, 2006]
[ mood | amused ]

Sometimes I like to play the housewife, and go around all la de da cleaning and sweeping and putting away everything. Mum loves it, of course.

I did this last week.

I cleared all the muck from the table, stacked the magazines, and put the dishes on the sink. There was a shirt of mine on the back of a chair. "Hmmm ..." I thought to myself. "That shouldn't there."

So I took it to the dirty washing bag in the bathroom. I noticed it was quite full. That, of course, wouldn't work. "Ho hum," I said. "I think it's time I washed some clothes."  

And I did. I scooped up all the clothes into my arms and then took them into the laundry. I unceremoniously lumped them into the washing machine and pushed start. I thought about them no more.

Untilllllll today. Mother dearest appears to have hung out the clothes and kindly brought them in and then folded them for me. I find them in my wardrobe.

My bra is purple.

The first thought that occured to me was that I appeared to have picked up one of my friend's bras. Hmmm ... but who has Rachel had to stay recently? A purple bra may not be the most remarkable thing to you, but the bra was pure white a week ago. I do some further rummaging, and in that same pile is my black trenchcoat.

Hmmmm. It all falls into place.

Interestingly enough, my school blouses (which too happen to be the LOVELY colour of white) remain white. So I don't know how that works out.

The bra is this HIDEOUS lavender colour, I feel like an old lady, but everytime I take of my shirt I laugh anyway. (boy howdy did that last part come out all weird, hahaha)

Only I, honestly.

To cut a long story short: do not have me live in your home. Unless you want your clothes dyed.


Chandra!! [May 20, 2006]
[ mood | excited ]

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Chandra!

I hope you have a fabulous day, because you are one of the most deserving people for it.

I had actually recorded a short video with a message on it for you earlier today, but unfortunately it's not uploading to my computer! I will give it to you when I can, okay?

Love! xox


[May 09, 2006]
[ mood | worried ]

Just quickly, sorry ...

Chandra, I love you THIS much and I'm concerned for you!

I'm always here if you need to talk ...

Take care of yourself, love. *big huggle*


(and that goes for the rest of you guys too, okay? :P)


[May 06, 2006]
Yeah, so screwed up layout. I'll fix it in a bit ...

EDIT -- fixed! Huzzah! Credit @ freelayouts <3


Update! [May 05, 2006]
[ mood | energetic ]

Okay so I was thinking what Sam said and I have decided I need to update more often! Except I have nothing to update about!

I just went on the most fabulous run then. Seriously. Running is usually such a bitch for me, it something that I do because I know I SHOULD be doing it. But it was fabulous. I would have kept running if it weren't so DARK. *shakes fist at the winter days*

Will asked me today in Lit if he could come with me on my morning runs (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Which is interesting. He said he had heard all about my running from Jennifer (his mum) and has decided that he ought to go with me. I dunno ... running is almost like an escape for me; it's a time to think and to listen to music (on my new iShuffle -- Sofie I did a you (was it you?!) and named it! --- "Victoria"), or, more specifically, MuggleCast..

But I said yes. No doubt he will leave me behind, haha!

So first week back at school! It was alright, I suppose! Winter uniform = blazer = crap. Ah well.

Hmmm ... the play I mentioned awhile ago, "Away" is on in two weeks. Eeeep! I think I will try and do a ball ... i.e. get Eleanor to film a part of the performance so I can show you girls what I was like!

And I got interviewed and had a photo with the newspaper today. I went on an Amanda Young Eco-Health Young Leaders Summit during the first week of the holidays. The paper had read about it in the newsletter, and wanted to do an article on me. Should be interesting as to how it turns out. Heh.

Sofie, I had a dream I was in Denmark yesterday. No, I did not see you with your sexy new haircut but instead I saw giant posters of Mary and Fred plastered everywhere, lmao. I tried to buy a bottle of water in a supermarket, but then I remembered I couldn't use Australian dollars. The guy at the checkout was VERY hot, though. Are all guys like that? Maybe it's a sign. And then I went down to the card section of the supermarket (I dunno ... do yours have them? My local Coles does, anyway) and was VERY impressed about the range there was on offer. I clearly remember thinking, "Now why can't we Aussies have cards and decorative items like that?"

New missing person -- Chandra. Wherefore art thou, my love?


If Men Could Menstruate [April 28, 2006]
[ mood | hopeful ]

If Men Could MenstruateCollapse )


I have nothing to say. [April 24, 2006]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Um, so just thought I would update for no reason at all!

School holidays at the moment, in the second week. We got back 1st of May.

I honestly have nothing to say! Except ... where is Sam?


the fray [April 09, 2006]
[ mood | amused ]

Oh my God I am obsessed with The Fray. ChanDRA! *yells* xD

In other news, EWFN isn't working for me, and hasn't been the past two days. Am I the only one? It's making me saaaaaad!


Love [March 01, 2006]
[ mood | loved ]

I was going to post this as a comment, but then I though, eh. Why not a whooooole entry.

Just like to say that I love each and every one of you girls so much! It is amazing how you have all been for me (and each other) these past few months, and I appreciate it so much.

I get this big :D whenever I read any one of your comments/posts, so thankyou for lightening up my day!

It's amazing how we can all be so supportive of each other, but have never met face to face. Heck, some of us are on opposite sides of the world.

Argh, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! *tackles everyone*


Death [February 28, 2006]
My Grandpa died yesterday afternoon.

I'm home alone as I type this; Mum and Dad are in Perth getting his things, Jon's at work, and El's at a friends house.

I must be a callous bitch, because I don't feel sad. Just a strange sort of ... detachment, I suppose.

Ed's even flying back for the funeral, which will be next week sometime.

Oh, well. He's been sick this past week, and these things happen eh.



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