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Eurovision 2015: Italy is the real winner [Sunday
May 24th, 2015]
[ mood | annoyed ]

"I think Sweden is going to win, I hope it's Italy, as long as it's not Russia."
Well, I knew the top three and while I didn't personally like Russia's song, there were quite a few reasons, why I didn't want Russia to win, the most important being that they would get to host the ESC and it's just not a suitable place for that kind of event. (And personally, considering the fact that a country had to withdraw from the contest BECAUSE OF RUSSIA, I think they should have been banned from entering.) In Sweden's case, I did like the song, but since they had won only a few years ago (and because they were so bloody arrogant), I'd have preferred another country to win. I was okay with Sweden's win, but that changed, when I found out that Italy had won the televoting by a wide margin. I get the point of the juries. Rather than prevent neighbour voting (it really doesn't help), they DO prevent diaspora voting, although why people care so much that their country of origin wins some song contest is beyond me. However, I don't like the idea that a group of people have so much more influence than the rest of the country's population that actually spends money voting for their favourite - only for nothing when it turns out that the music taste of a few individuals differs from the majority.
It hasn't made me angry until now though, because at least it hasn't made a difference concerning the winner. The jury's point was to prevent neighbour and diaspora voting, yet it turns out that the jury was more likely to vote for their neighbours than their people were.. who awarded Italy more points. Take the Nordic countries for example: Overall, their people awarded more points to Italy than the juries and vice versa with Sweden. Yeah... Italy would have received the maximum 12 points from fourteen countries (including Nordic country Iceland whose jury placed fellow Nordic countries Sweden and Norway first and second respectively). Sweden's only 12 points would have been from Australia and neighbours Denmark and Norway. Finland's jury interestingly ranked Latvia first and then Sweden. The people's top 3 were Estonia, Sweden, Italy. Yes.. we've got some neighbours there, but it's not like that was the only factor. NOBODY is unbiased. Even when it's not exactly the "Armenia and Azerbaijan ALWAYS placing each other last no matter what" ridiculousness, there is no such thing as an impartial jury. In the end, just like the general public, they're going to vote for what they personally like. There are s no "objective" criteria. (Although, what do I know? maybe a few do have some critiera. Still hasn't stopped block voting.
Italy doesn't benefit from diaspora votes. It hasn't got a ton of neighbours, yet the jury system meant to give a better chance to countries like these screwed them out of their win. Fucking ironic, but also unjust.
Another fun thing is that the Lithuania's jury placed Russia at the bottom, while the people would have ranked it third. The supposedly impartial jury was the one making a political vote. Yeah...
The fact is that a good song has a wide appeal and putting the juries in the mix distorts that and goes against democracy. Sweden was going to get high points from fellow Nordic countries, because it was good enough. Italy was going to get high points from neighbours, because it was good enough. They also both got points from countries across Europe (and Asia and Australia). Same goes for Russia. However, the most widely liked song ends up third, because a small portion of people happen to not like it. OF COURSE not everyone is going to like Italy or Sweden or Russia, but it's such bullshit that THEIR opinion cancels that of many.
Even if a song I fucking HATE wins the ESC it's still better than my favourite winning thanks to a jury. I can complain about people's shitty taste, I can wonder how my own opinion differs from the majority, but at least I don't have to deal with this autocratic bullshit.

Also.. Finland would have made it to the final, if it weren't for the juries. I think the song is shit and I absolutely understand why it wouldn't appeal to a jury, but they shouldn't be the ones to determine that. I also thought Hungary was shit and that went through thanks to the juries.
I think the really sad thing is that a country, who sang in their own language, got robbed. It really sucks to give a message that you do better singing in English. In 2013 San Marino had a (IMO) great song sung in Italian that failed to make the final. A clearly (IMO) inferior song the following year sung in English made it. (This year nothing was going to help though :D ) It makes me even angrier.
Hopefully, the guys from Italy won't feel bad (they're pretty darn successful anyway) and take some comfort in the fact that the people wanted them to win. :P

Anyway... my favourites were: Estonia, Italy, Sweden, Montenegro (Finland's jury ranked them almost dead last, while the people would have given them points), Israel, Spain, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Australia. Most of them did pretty well. I didn't expect Germany to do well, but 0 points was harsh. I expected Spain to do better as well. (Hmm.. my top 2 got screwed by the jury... Estonia would have also been 5th instead of 7th. Not that bad, because it's not like it was first place, but Finland would have given their 12 points to Estonia, probably easily too. GAH.)

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Reading Challenge 2015 [Wednesday
January 21st, 2015]
[ mood | pensive ]

This is our library(area)'s reading challenge for 2015
It's going to be fun to see, if I can do it. (Darn it, I will)
While one book can easily work for more than one challenge, I'll try to read a different book for each (which means at least 52 books)
Reading challengeCollapse )

I'm basically going to read what I want, keeping some of the challenges in mind and then at some point check which ones have been completed. I know I'm going to have some trouble with a few - #3, #17, #42 (no book is that embarrassing), #45 (no book scares me) and #46.
For #20 I have one, although I don't choose anything based SOLELY on the cover. But this is good enough. :)

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2014 roundup on stuff [Sunday
January 11th, 2015]

Okay.. I got that out and then some other highlights:


Well, my aunt and cousin visited us, so that was nice. :)
I rather not mention the worst. But I've worried a few doctors. (Mental issues)
On random goals I set to accomplish... I did nothing, but I did lose some weight during the summer when I was unable to eat.. Unfortunately that came back. :P

On books, films, tv etcCollapse )
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New Year whatever [Saturday
January 3rd, 2015]
[ mood | anxious ]

Okay, so the New Year was spent going to see the last Hobbit film and sitting down for drinks afterwards. Just how I like it. :)
The film.. well, while enjoyable for its visual qualities and the characters that actually got some development, was cheesy and ridiculous as heck. I was at times either laughing or rolling my eyes at scenes that most likely were not supposed to cause that kind of reaction.
Why is Legolas even in this film an overpowered videogame character? Why are all the orcs besides Azog and Bolg basically just mooks? Even freaking little Bilbo can knock down a few with freaking STONES. Oh and the romance... I did like it in the previous film, but jeez it was just too corny and Tauriel was basically relegated to a damsel in distress love interest. *sigh* At least the film did a better job with Bilbo and Thorin.
Anyway, I do feel like reading the book again, because I remember almost nothing of it (but I do know the films are nearly nothing like it anyway. :D ).

Okay... and some resolutions...
What I wish for 2015 is to FINALLY finish my darn thesis, which is pretty much stuck in the same situation as it was a year ago. Go me!!
Also.. hope to deal with my mental issues. 10 years of depression and anxiety= not fun.
I do go to a psychiatric clinic for.. stuff. So that's a start. I went off my antidepressants though (because of reasons) and ironically the pills for insomnia and anxiety make me more anxious... so yeah. (But if I take something I take those) At times I have been feeling better and at times.. Not so much. I dealt with some awful crap during the summer that I think pushed me over the edge and I'm prob. not going to recover from it for a while.
I also hope to take better care of myself and my place of living. It's really hard to not live in filth although I don't want to... It's just that when I'm not feeling well, nothing really comes out of anything.
Anyway, here's hoping for a better year! (And preparing to be disappointed again)

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TV STUFF [Saturday
December 6th, 2014]
[ mood | lazy ]

Looks like I need to change my layout. Can't remember how to do that. Too lazy.

Happy Independence Day!

Probably going to stay at home and watch TV and laze around and read or something.
I really need to clean though.

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Just on TV... [Saturday
September 27th, 2014]
[ mood | tired ]

Yeah! My sitcoms: :) Every year a bunch gets cancelled, so I need to check out the new ones. :) Some haven't started yet or come back from their break (Like Parks and Recreation back for the final season (sob), and I expect great things, because the season finale was such a great one and set up a good starting point for the final season.) The Mindy Project started great (probably the final season as well.. :() The Big Bang Theory started a little meh, but got better.. Modern Family was meh (unfortunately), The Goldbergs was also all right. :) Some new ones I checked out: Black-ish (seems interesting enough), A to Z (Hmm... This is the story of two (romantic vs cynical) characters, who end up dating for about 8 months and then... well they break up or get married or one of them dies or something, but I don't like that we already know that. :P They seem mismatched and I don't know whether I really like them or not.. But it could be interesting... )
Other showsCollapse )

Aaand... That's it for a while. :)

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Stuff [Wednesday
September 3rd, 2014]
[ mood | worried ]

Well.. Summer is over and I'm continuing my sad existence, but hoping for something better. :)
Uni. Except I'm still stuck in where I was last year. Thesis 2.0. Yeah. Gosh that's depressing.
Bayern is being overrun by Spaniards. (Well.. I actually like a few.. but I'm not over they fact that they lost Kroos. GAAAAAAAHHHH: WHYYYY) I'm not expecting much from the beginning of the BuLi and it really hasn't been that great. I just hope they get their act together for the CL. (Man City again?? I guess if they're through, they'll also face Arsenal. :D )
My friends and I went to a library book club, which was interesting. :) There were quite a few people there, so I didn't quite manage to say everything I wanted, but it was uplifting, especially during a time I'm just not feeling great at all.
I don't need it, but I took a Spanish course just because. Well.. I like improving a language I somewhat know. My Spanish seems to have been stuck in a rut for two years. Very much like my thesis. :D
I've seen the Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai film only about four times. In my defense, it's really short and I was just so happy to see the novel animated that I wasn't too picky, although it definitely could have been done better. Even the animation was pretty much the same as in the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi anime, and I guess I would have expected more for a film? Anyway, it's decent enough and I'd hope for a continuation eventually, although I don't think it will happen. (Maybe drama CDs?? Another Sekaiichi Hatsukoi season? With four couples? Minus Hatori and Chiaki )

I'm totally not doing anything substantial now and will probably got to town to see a film. Because I'm like that. Hah.

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Guardians of the Galaxy and stuff [Friday
August 8th, 2014]
[ mood | worried ]

Because I've been feeling like crap, have too many tickets to see films and need to see a film without it being awkward, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which I had been looking forward to. I expected to enjoy it, despite being kind of a space themed film (and I'm not a fan of those), and ended up REALLY enjoying it. It had a good combination of humour and drama, probably more humour (and in general was more light-hearted than dark) and I know that when I laugh AND tear up that it must be good. I was already tearing up during the first few MINUTES, but pretty soon I was smiling. :) While the plot was interesting and a lot fun, it wasn't incredibly complex or make me think (like the Dark Knight) and the villain and his motives were pretty generic, but overall, despite being a little formulaic, the film did have a fresh spin to it and was incredibly enjoyable and that's what counts. :).
Out of the comic book films I've seen.. well.. The Dark Knight is by far the best, but this one was seriously somewhere up there as well. I like it more than the Avengers, (I KNOW!) mainly because the characters were a lot more likeable and one got to know them better. On the other hand with the Avengers, we're supposed to know them beforehand (except two of them... who are the least developed even in the Avengers film...). With this film, I really liked all of them and it's hard to pick a favourite.. Maybe I'm boring and go with "Star Lord". XDD (Well, he is the most-developed) Or Groot, who was initially the only decent individual, whereas the others were a bunch of criminal misfits with dark pasts, angst and issues. Groot was just Groot. But yeah, I kind of liked that the characters weren't exactly heroes, but band together to achieve their own ends. Most importantly each of them (okay not Groot) gets character development as they all come together as a team. There's a tough female assassin, a goofy (and lecherous) thief with unique skills and hidden bad-assery, a bounty hunter duo of a simple but effective tree person and an erratic racoon, who is actually the smartest of the bunch.. and the vengeful warrior, who is often out of touch with what's going on. What's not to love? Heck, even some of the supporting characters are memorable enough. There is some romantic tension between two characters, but no actual romance, which was great (I'd be fine with it in the sequel, but here I think it would have been rushed anyway) and would have gone too much against the whole bonding as a team.

Out of the films I've seen this year.. aah.. my fave is either this or The Lego Movie. Tough Call.
(Hah. Both have Chris Pratt as the lead :) Coincidence? Yes. But also for a reason. :) )

Btw. I'm watching Teen Wolf again. I haven't watched the previous (second half of the) season, because I just didn't care, but now that a certain character is gone and there are some new ones, I'm interested again. It's just as bad and nonsensical as always, but heck.. I'm feeling entertained by it again. :)

A friend of mine wanted to start reading manga and I suggested Death Note of course, because that is something to be recommended to anyone. :) Now.. to get some other friends to read it as well. :) Everyone I know, who has read it, has enjoyed it as well.. And it does make people think and provoke some interesting discussions. :) I feel like I need to reread it... since it has been a while since I read it last. :D Although, I still seem to remember quite a bit of it. :D (Of course, when I'm so into something, it's unlikely I'd forget it)

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Book Club [Thursday
August 7th, 2014]
[ mood | restless ]

Book Club!
Finally a few friends and I had our first book club meeting of sorts, during which we actually talked about the book, but way more about everything else (including my crappy love life drama since not everyone was clued in on it... well, that doesn't explain much, but anyway... Gosh, I swear, I don't even know who knows what and this point and I keep repeating myself..) Either way... It's a start. Anyway, because of my drama (I actually didn't cause, but got sucked into), I've been a bit.. anxious and restless, but it has eased considerably and I think stuff like this really helps just take my mind off other stuff.. So one reason for the book club. :) also... Yay books? I should have been way more productive last week though. Not sure where the time went. Again. I'm going to just call it my coping period. My aunt and cousin('s kid) were visiting from England/Wales so that took a bit of my time and was also a great transition into my coping period, since I needed some distraction after issue in my personal life (which is really hard to just let go of, even now... Time helps, I suppose) For example, visting an amusement park and going on rides or to Suomenlinna (an old fortress on an island) and then I guess afterwards just taking it easy? But yeah, I think it's time to start uhm... with the thesis? Actually I have made progress before (because I kept on making promises based on Germany's games in the World Cup. :D Of course now since Germany WON, I have a way bigger task ahead of me. I postponed it though thanks to... issues.).
Anyway, our book was Animal Farm by George Orwell, because it was short enough for people to read (on short notice) and because.. well, it's one of those books that one hears quite bit of, especially as a book that one should read. Although its political message and allegory are apparent, it's not necessarily bound solely to its time and the obvious historical events it depicts, but many parts are applicable to weaknesses, corruptions and unrealistic expectations linked to any sort of revolution and government. It's straightforward and obvious in its message, which is part of what makes it easy to read, but the allegorical execution through animals seems to simplify it even more (perhaps because it was so obvious?)
I'm trudging through 1984 and find it a lot more complicated and (unnecessarily?) analytical in comparison. Or at least, I'm having a hard time getting into it. Animal Farm was enjoyable and amusing as well as a lecture on the dangers of corrupt ideals (or ideals in the hands of the wrong government and imposed on blind and hopeful followers).
And that's what I can say without pretty much spoiling the entire thing. :)
Next up: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood (and we were thinking of checking out a library book club... They'd eventually also have Khaled Hosseini's And the Mountain's Echoed, which was our original choice for the first book, but nothing was happening for months and then we decided relatively quickly. :P )

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World Cup Round Up [Sunday
July 20th, 2014]
[ mood | content ]

GAAAH. Lahm is retiring from the national team and Kroos is going to Madrid. WHyyyyyyyyyyy??????
And yeah, I have enough problems. in my personal life, so I guess this was less devastating compred to them, but stiillll
I get it, Sort of. Kroos doesn't get paid as much as Götze, which is a blasphemy, considering the importance of the players and how long Kroos has played for Bayern. Bleh. Wel, I wish him the best.
Lahm... I mean, he couldn't wait until after the Euros? I mean, yeah, it's special to retire as World Champion, but, but... the only thing missing is the European Championship Gold. Thank goodness he's still playing for Bayern...

Anyway... A random short summary of the past World Cup. YAY.
Yeah, Germany!Collapse )

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World Cup: Final! [Tuesday
July 15th, 2014]
[ mood | awake ]

GERMANY!!!!!!! Yes!!! I've lived to witness this! In 1990 I was too young to remember anyway, so this is aweeesomme! Especially after last time and some crap in the Euros. I've felt for a while that Germany have the potential to be the best, but the trainer's choices have really got on my nerves and I have been convinced that Germany would win, but not with this trainer. Guess he learned, or I'm super wrong or both. But I'll eat my words regarding Löw anyway. He made some good choices this time and hasn't been afraid to change tactics (changing Lahm's position was smart) and he told Götze to go out there and show everyone that he is better than Messi. Firstly, kudos for that encouragement and secondly, he scored that one goal :) Also, I love that a player with the last name Götze scored against a team known for "the Hand of God". (Or a "Messiah" XDD)
First time as unified Germany, first European team to win the World Cup on American soil and to get there they beat the two big South American teams. :) Congrats, Germany!! You deserved it!!
World Champions!!!!!Collapse )

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World Cup: 3rd Place Match [Sunday
July 13th, 2014]
Brazil-The Netherlands
Congrats, the Netherlands!! There were no questions of their superiority in this match, although I suspect that it was tough for the Brazilians to regroup after their horrible defeat. They also went out with another clear loss, which makes their World Cup even worse... Despite being more for the Netherlands I was rooting for Brazil to at least come close... But they hardly had any chances. :( On the other hand, I'm glad that the Dutch seemed at least a little pleased with the Bronze. They did really well, considering the expectations. And Brazil.. They were under a lot of pressure and did horribly against a few teams, but at DID make the semis and they will probably continue to de relatively well and even better (it's hard to do worse than the humiliation in this World Cup) in the future.

And soon is the final.. I didn't believe Germany would be there, but now that they are, along with the team I dislike (well, really.. just Messi), I want them to win SO badly!! Besides, they really are the best as a team, but anything can happen.. Argentina's defence is good, and Mascherano is awesome. Messi is also a big threat long with the rest of the offence, but I still think the defence is harder to overcome. I'm hoping for the best. :)
Oh, and Messi will prob. get the Golden Ball, regardless.. so I'm rooting for the Golden Shoe for Müller and Golden Glove for Neuer. :) But most importantly: For Germany to win!!!!
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World Cup: semi finals [Saturday
July 12th, 2014]
Okay.. so I didn't get my dream final yet again! And yet again the other half went through to face the other half of my predicted final. XDD (Also.. now is the rematch between.. well with Germany and Argentina it's already the third rematch in a final, so there's that... besides being knocked out last time by Germany whereas Brazil were knocked out by the Netherlands)
The first semi was freaking crazy and the goals scored then made up for no goals in the second semi. But how wrong was I?? despite my BRA-ARG prediction I still though the Dutch would have a better chance than the Germans. Well... their game was even while the German's... was not.
semi finalsCollapse )
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Word Cup: Quarter Finals [Tuesday
July 8th, 2014]
[ mood | worried ]

So... the final four are a lot more predictable than what came before...
Interestingly it's two of last time semi finalists as well as the two teams they (last time)eliminated to get to that point.. although this time not facing each other.. but a rematch is possible as well as a clash of rivals, which is what I'm hoping for, but Europe for the final!!

Quarter finalsCollapse )

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First knock out round [Friday
July 4th, 2014]
[ mood | worried ]

So the group winners and favourites are through. But gosh were these matchups a lot more even than I thought. I mean.. five out of eight games went to extra time and two penalty shoot outs... Even when in some games it looked like there might possibly be an upset... the underdogs didn't quite make it or have luck on their side. But seriously, well fought Algeria and Switzerland!! It's also a pity for Mexico, the US and Chile, who despite being underdogs in their games had perhaps a more realistic chance to win...
Also, as a person who liked goalkeepers, it was great to see so many awesome saves and matches were the goalkeepers proved to have a massive effect and keep their team alive a little longer...

gamesCollapse )

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World Cup: Group stage done [Saturday
June 28th, 2014]
In the end at least six Europeans countries made it to the knock out rounds, so that's not all that bad. Some of course had a fairly easy group and some.. didn't. Bosnia probably would have been through if Dzeko's goal hadn't been disallowed (SMH)
Honestly though, I don't feel that tournament has been all that surprising. Group D yes, with Costa Rica topping their group and Italy not making it. Same with Greece's qualifying. USA... Maybe not so much. Ater Portugal's hammering, their chances looked good, although that wouldn't have been my prediction. They've played well though, so they deserve it. After Germany's (intense!) game against Ghana I was rooting for them (Ghana), but then they started their infighting and other crap and I lost my respect for them. Sad. They did have potential. The US-Germany game was a little meh.. I really hoped they wouldn't just jog around, fully well knowing that a draw would be enough, and I guess.. it wasn't completely like that? There was a little effort? It was a bit lacklustre though from Germany, but I thought the US played at least tactically well. :)
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World Cup [Friday
June 20th, 2014]
Also: Happy Midsummer!! (Not that I care for it. I'll be staying at home)
Well... Since it's been already a week since the beginning of the World Cup, I guess I can break my silence. Obviously, I have been watching most of the matches (at least sort of) while trying to get my crap together and do some (very little) work.
some thoughtsCollapse )
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Eurovision 2014 [Sunday
May 11th, 2014]
If I manage to post something... then about this? So: Congratulations, Austria!!!
For the first time in 7 years I didn't predict the winner (my guess was Sweden, who ended up third). I figured that Austria would do well, but would fail to get points from most conservative voters. Anyway, I was rooting for them, because I just really wanted Austria to win. I guess it's a little political on my part, because I like what the win represents. Austria received points from almost all the countries (and pretty high points from Western countries, even some Eastern countries), so it's really great that people were able to look past appearances and vote for the song. Yay for tolerance. I had a hard time picking a number one favourite. Mostly, I felt the songs were just nice and okay with also quite a bit of meh and crap among them. My top 10 were: Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Austria, Belarus, Russia and San Marino. (I also like Latvia who didn't make it out of the semi, darn it) There's an order there somewhere, but it keeps on changing. :) I think I'm currently more for Hungary, because the song speaks to me and overall (melody, lyrics etc. considered) I think it's the best. But it doesn't always go that way. :) I tend to not care so much about the lyrics or the message. As long as the song sounds good, that's enough. :) For example Ukraine's song lyrics-wise is not the best, but it's just so catchy. :) I'm also pleased that Finland was 11th. :) Not that shabby considering our previous results (besides 2006 of course :) ). Almost Top 10! :)
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Stuff that has happened [Tuesday
January 14th, 2014]
[ mood | awake ]

So... it's suddenly really cold and there is snow, which I guess is sort of nice. I'm back to uni after spending the half of my "holiday" sick and I'm STILL not better. It wasn't that hellish to wake up after sleeping only 3 hours (for some reason getting up at 3 pm on a Saturday, so I could make it to the library on time, was worse), but I did feel tired during the day and even managed to fall asleep around five am, which is actually progress.

cut for lengthCollapse )
This is quite a randomly miscellaneous post. :)

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2013 review [Tuesday
January 7th, 2014]
[ mood | worried ]

Yes. I'm posting this late/early in the morning, because my rhythm is completely messed up. (For me, it's evening now) My New Year continued even more spectacularly when I got sick and I wasn't ever better yet (still am not) when I woke up nauseated, knowing what the day had in store for me. So... I have done nothing. (Maybe soon I can...)

Anyway.. since it's not THAT late yet, here's my recap on year 2013 concerning everything that matters. :P

2013 review or somethingCollapse )

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New Year [Wednesday
January 1st, 2014]
[ mood | awake ]

So... this year started crappily. Or maybe not, because I was not feeling that bad after midnight, hanging out with a few friends. I'm not convinced that our Spanish New Year's tradition worked perfectly, but it couldn't have been worse than last year (and this time we had cava, even if the bottle was opened after midnight) and last year wasn't nearly as bad as the year before, so I'm going to believe in these Spanish traditions! We also went to see the second Hobbit film (also a tradition now!), which I liked probably more than the first one and didn't mind the extra stuff or extra romance (although I usually HATE added romance in films). I don't know.. I think it worked.
Despite going to bed a lot earlier than normal just after 3 am, convinced that I will finally wake up early, I ended up waking up/getting up later than normal at freaking 5 pm. Nice way to spend the first day of the year: sleeping. Obviously, after that I didn't feel like doing anything, so I continued being the slob I am. The New Year for me can start tomorrow and I will make changes in my life. (Yeah, right)
Part of the problem is that this apartment is just so cold that I don't even want to get out of bed. I mean.. it's not cold, and if I move around (eg. cleaning) I'm okay, but I want it to be... warmer?
Anyway: Plans (which always work)
-Arrange this apartment into a representable condition
-Buy a new pot, since the bottom seems burned beyond repair (I managed to burn stuff twice in one week. Go me!)
-Get some darn rubbish bins. (It's a little hard without them)
-Cutlery and other important stuff for... food.
-A new TV (Okay, I never had one, but I want one now)
-Thesis? (Hahahahahahahah. No seriously. It's been nearly two years already and I should really stop changing my topic, because it's not getting me anywhere)
-Read the overdue books. (Idiot)
-Start exercising again
-Less time on the internet? (At least try...)
-Get a job? Living by myself requires that.
-Pay the bills on time. (Oh.. drat....)
-Uhm... try answering messages
-Writing stuff a little more often
-Try to improve my language skills
-Doctor and dentist appointments
-Watch TV and films (this is the only plan/resolution I'm confident about and the reason it's here is, because it has a positive effect on... everything, especially my state of mind and test results.)
-And obviously: LOSE WEIGHT (at least last year I didn't put on any weight. Actually, I think I DID lose some weight, but very little. Yup, it's thanks to the Spanish New Year's tradition(s).)

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And I'm watching [Wednesday
December 4th, 2013]
Aaah... I have been so busy doing nothing (well, not "nothing", but so much useless stuff that hasn't actually helped me at all), so... I haven't posted (not that anyone cares). Oh well, I will still keep it going, because.. I don't know. Fun? Whatever, studying sucks and I don't even do it (well, I try), my thesis is crap, because the main work keeps on changing and I don't even know where I'm going with my crap.
At least I just finished my Spanish paper, which took hours. Or more like a whole day.
However, at least I felt more accomplished after that, so... yay?

Okay this is late, but on the shows I'm following currently

I marathoned through this, when I was supposed to study (but I aced the test for some inexplicable reason, so it was worth it). It's entertaining, I guess, but most of the characters are really unlikeable. (And they keep on getting worse), and the likable characters associate with the unlikable much too much, which is a shame.

The Goldbergs
Back to the eighties? Yay. :) The characters and the family dynamics are interesting at least. :)

The Big Bang Theory
Same old.

This is quite terrible, but I think I'm still curious. There are some aspects and characters I still enjoy Thank goodness no more Brittany!, even if I hardly get to see any of them. The third episode was so gut wrenching, though.

How I met your mother
So the whole season is about the wedding. Well sort of, and I actually like it. :) I mean... yay weddings? Especially when it's a couple I like. :) (Maybe I wouldn't enjoy it as much otherwise.)
And at least this season will finally fit the title of the series.

The Mentalist
I caught up with this thanks to marathoning this summer. :) The big reveal was really underwhelming and then it seems like the storyline that has been so prevalent for over five seasons just came to an abrupt end and was followed by a time skip, which was another level of disappointing. (Especially, since I was really excited about it..) I guess it's time to try and enjoy The Mentalist 2.0 now.

Modern Family
Same old. (Mostly.)

Super Fun Night
I liked the first two episodes. Despite being kind of bad, I really enjoyed it. Then the third episodes was depressing, which is really NOT what I look for in a comedy. Also it went the annoying predicatble root with a romantic pairings, so blergh.

Survivor Blood vs. Water
I love the concept for this (27th!) season. Having a loved one and pre-existing (close!) relationship in the game brings a new level into it. I wish they had gone with the original blood vs. water concept of having a tribe with family members vs. significant others, because the loved ones could have interacted a bit more with each other instead of being on opposite tribes.

Trophy Wife
Another take on a "modern family"? I enjoy it, especially the interactions between the wife and ex-wives.

Verbotene Liebe
Let's pretend I didn't just add this here. I actually generally am on and off with it, but it's been "on" for a while, although I skip a bit as well.

Then of course: Football. :) (Yay for my much better computer), yeah and some British panel shows... (because, yay more comedy. :) )
Um.. that's pretty much it, I think. Mainly comedies of course. And some of them/most of them will probably be cancelled. Back in the game was already cancelled, and I really enjoyed that one.

Um yeah.. Now I should do some reading, because I kind of need to return a whole bunch of books to the library. (I have decided not to borrow any more books for a while, unless of course I'm requesting them... which is pretty much the same thing anyway.... What is wrong with me???)
Of course I also have a test next week, and I've missed lessons, just because (I have so few lessons, did I really need to skip?), so I should of course study... AT least I little. If I don't get at least an okay mark, my average is going to suck. (Motivation??) My plan was to read German books (it's a literature course, after all), but that was before I realised how many other books I have to read.. Yeah... everything else before school apparently
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Fiiilllms [Saturday
September 21st, 2013]
[ mood | tired ]

Well.. the films weren't that bad. :) I mean, in the end it probably didn't matter that I had probably seen the best film of the year the previous week. Besides, I had low expectations anyway.
I actually liked Los Amantes Pasajeros (I'm so excited!, and yes it's the song. XDD) It was just a fun, cracky film about a bunch of weird people and their issues, which provides comedy, but not much depth. There was scene I was not really comfortable with and dislike the double standard that comes with it (switch the roles and it can't be used as comedy), but otherwise I had a fun time watching it and it's nice to check one's brains at the door once in a while. :)

City of Bones has pretty much been a flop and received terrible reviews, and I didn't expect it to be a masterpiece either. It wasn't that bad. It was funny, sometimes unintentionally so, and it wasn't boring, but... it wasn't really that good either. As an adaptation I just don't think it worked. I KNOW that some stuff must be changed, but I felt that some of the changes were unnecessary, and I missed a lot of characterisation and relationships. E.g. the sibling trio aren't portrayed as close as I liked (no mention of Jace's being adopted or of parabatai ). I did like Simon&Clary though, I thought that was even better than in the book, but overall Clary is actually a lot nicer in the film than in the books, anyway and I liked Simon heaps more as well, but maybe that's because I already liked him based on the following books? :) I also missed one awesome Simon related scene consisting of a bow and arrows, and I don't remember Alec having them either. :( The film itself spoils a plot point only revealed in the third book (but to me it was obvious anyway) and something that happens in the second, so.. I'd suggest to read the whole first trilogy, if one even intends to read the book first. On the actors: I thought it was ridiculous that the actors playing the "teenagers" weren't much younger than the ones playing the "parents/parental figures". Simon was spot on though, both in looks and character, Magnus in looks (but his character was just missing the flamboyance and charisma. Then again, he was a around way too little), Valentine in neither (and looked like he should have been in another film). The rest were fine enough for me not to complain. XDD
The second film is one hold, but... I guess I hope they make it. It's not going to do much better, regardless of a better script (and gosh do they need to improve from the first!), and I'd prefer no film to a bad one. I'd like to have seen the first trilogy, because it really is one story and CoB is actually probably my least favourite. Actually, I think it would have worked better as a TV series: 1 season for each trilogy though, because it wouldn't last longer. Also, one can afford to be more open minded concerning any possible gay content compared to films (US films that is. XPP)
Surprisingly, although I was quite late to see it, the theatre was full and not of only teenage girls either, but older women and males. :) The girl next to me shrieked and laughed at pretty much everything so loudly at times, that I was startled (at her startled shriek at something that startled her). It was amusing, but also a little unnerving. I mean.. yes some parts were unintentionally funny, but not every darn thing. XDD In general, I think people there enjoyed it? XDD I mean, I did as well and thought it was visually great despite the script and other hang ups.

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Rush [Monday
September 16th, 2013]
[ mood | rushed ]

OMG, I hope I have the words to express how amazing this film was! Firstly, while Rush is a great and appropriate title for this film, it's also quite used, so to clarify: The Formula 1 film that was just released. :)

I was quite keen to see this film, free ticket (and drink) or not, but I didn't have high expectations (other than knowing that Hans Zimmer's music would probably create an awesome atmosphere), so I was positively surprised by how much I ended up loving it. And I mean really, really loving it. :)
I'm not a fan of Formula 1. I used to be as a kid, but certain aspects that I ignored or might not have acknowledged back then did start to bug be, so I eventually stopped watching it. Just because it's Formula 1 though, it doesn't mean that one needs to have any knowledge of it to like it, or even like competitive sports. (But I think that would help). It's much more about human drama and the central part of it is the rivalry (sometimes friendly sometimes not) between the drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda and their opposite and conflicting personalities reflected not only in their public appearances and relationships but obviously on the race track as well. I wasn't around yet to experience the season or know anything about it (although I did know who Niki Lauda was...even if James Hunt was unfamiliar), so while I assume that certain aspects have been exaggerated/tweaked for dramatic effect (And there was some actual, real drama to draw from) I liked how the characters and events were portrayed. Both characters were sympathetic (relatively speaking), both tools at times and both got their moments to shine. I was more partial towards Niki Lauda, but probably I would have been anyway, and I actually felt that he might have outshone James Hunt a bit in the film... maybe it's my bias though. I thought Daniel Brühl was just awesome. :) (And I thought he did well with accent, which I was initially a little worried about) Kudos to Chris Hemsworth as well. Both were needed for the relationship on screen to work and get the rival chemistry right. :) I also thought that the script was great, the racing sequences were amazing (I loved the drivers' POV shots), it was thrilling and dramatic, touching and moving, at times quite funny (different personalities do allow some comedy, after all) and enticing from beginning to end. For me it was not just an entertaining film, but actually a really GOOD film as well. :)
Amusingly, although I wasn't "spoiled" it was still obvious how the 1976 season would end. Not that it didn't make it exciting. I think I would still experience those emotions even during a second viewing.

Anyway... since the film has just been released it's hard to say whether it's a success, but at least the first reviews have been quite positive. :) Yay for that!! I checked the budget and thought it was surprisingly low, so I suppose in that case it might not be a flop. Not in Europe anyway, since F1 is quite big. :) I was a little surprised that the theatre wasn't packed here, but I guess we would have needed a Finnish driver to draw more of an audience?? I don't know. :) It would also be great if more females went to see it and wouldn't be turned off by the fact that it's about cars (because it really isn't.)
Uhm.. otherwise.. I guess I'm still sort of affected, but at the moment I do feel like this can be one of my (all-time) favourite films. It's certainly the best I've seen this year. :)

I'm going to see City of Bones tomorrow (yay, finally) and probably will be dragged to see a Almodóvar film on the same day, depending on whether I'm asleep or not... They're probably going to be so bad in comparison. Well.. low expectations? (Well.. I would have had low expectations anyway. XDD)

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This is a late post [Friday
September 6th, 2013]
[ mood | worried ]

I would have posted earlier, but I was too drunk/hung over, and have not been feeling great afterwards. I'm not sure whether it was the effects of the alcohol, or just... other stuff. Again: Done with alcohol for a while. I can't say "never", because it probably won't be never, but I just really can't for a while. At least there won't be many Bayern Super Cups. XDD
Yay super cupCollapse )
Also: Yay, Ribéry for winning the UEFA player of the year award!! (And yeah, it's a win for Bayern, but also the player. IMO a player has to not only be good, but also be a big part of a team's performance and success even when it's tough. )
Other news: Finland will be playing against Spain on today!!! It's going to be scary...

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Ho-hum [Wednesday
August 7th, 2013]
[ mood | anxious ]

First some angsting out of the way.
angstCollapse )

In general, I've decided to just... be relaxed. Okay sure, I have this pesky Master's thesis I should be writing, I'm at summer uni (taking courses I don't need), my room is in a mess, my personal issues are... still there, there are these new issues and obviously my useless and meaningless life will eventually end probably too soon, BUT if I waste time stressing and worrying, nothing will be done, so... I'm just going to take it easy... I'm not going to think what I have to do, I'm just going to... do stuff, do what I can and we'll see how it progresses. I have almost a year time to do my Master's (and even if I don't manage it, I'll probably get a half a year extra in addition to the year extra I already have... yeah, I kind of should have graduated aaages ago. The uni prefers graduates to failures, after all. :)) The other stuff: not important or out of my control. Okay, exercising... what I can at least. I need to phone the doctor, but hmm... that's uncomfortable, and I'll do it when I'm ready. (It doesn't affect my daily life, just some exercises and movements) Maybe I should go to a psychiatrist, but... yeah, I'll think about that later and I know I should see a gynaecologist eventually, but... as long as I'm under thirty? *excuses* My vaccinations?? I think I will eventually just get a routine health check-up and a lot of stuff will be dealt then. :)

Other stuff: I signed up for goodreads, but I'm not sure I want to keep it up. I might write some reviews eventually, but it's a pain remembering what books I've read in my life... I don't know if it's worth it. I also tried to set up a blog on Blogspot, but I really need the "cut" function and just can't seem to make it work. In general, I just suck at computers... and anything. I can't even use LJ properly. I think I should change my layout, because it doesn't seem to work properly, but obviously, I don't know ho. AH well.. I'll see.. *no stressing*

Btw. I'm looking forward to reading the Divergent series/trilogy.: I reserved the first book from the library and have the second (the third is not out yet), but if I don't get it soon, I might have to read the second first. I love this kind of "sorting". Normally it's really hard to place myself in any specific "box". For example with Harry Potter. :) Although even in universe, it didn't seem to matter, given that Harry and Hermione were in Gryffindor. :) Anyway, with Divergent I was actually sure that I'd be "Candor", so of course this is the result I get... and after thinking, it's actually accurate. XDD ( Afterwards, I did a few other fun quizzes with varying results... so yeah,)

one quiz and anotherCollapse )

Also: Yay Ribéry for making the Top3 for UEFA player of the year. The other two are the "standard" CRon and Messi, which alone is why they shouldn't win. Yes, they're fantastic, but it seems like it comes down a lot more to achieved status than merit in the past year and darn it, someone from the treble winning squad should win!! Yup, it's hard to pick an outstanding player from Bayern because they were ALL outstanding and shone together and thus in this TEAM SPORT they all (IMO) deserve it above the supertalented superstars, who btw. didn't manage to quite bring it against the superteams in the CL. (Not that CRon was bad and Messi wasn't quite fit anyway, but he was AWFUL)
Besides, Messi will get the golden ball again later anyway, because people lack imagination. *still mad that Sneijder was robbed in 2010*. Eeeh.. I can do some more angry boxing later.
On Bayern: I like the rotation even if it has been a little amusingly random at times, but it does seem that certain players will have to move on. :( Also... maybe I'm paranoid, but they're reminding my a bit of Barcelona. (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) I continue to be wary... It's unlikely Bayern will dominate the way they did last season and I will remember that awesome squad and their awesome style and their awesome spirit and keep it close to my heart in case well... things won't go as well this season. I hope they do and the team doesn't have to be overwhelming... Just competent and harmonious, despite the amount of pressure and expectations...

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I'm posting again [Friday
July 19th, 2013]
[ mood | anxious ]

Who knows for how long it lasts this time, but at least I'm always coming back to this when I don't feel that awful. Summer is underway and obviously so is my depression, but I think I'm doing a little better now and at least I'm feeling better than during the last few summers/years. Besides, I don't want to complain, so I'll let that be.
-I have a new computer! It's been half a year since the old one became kind of broke, so yay! (Another reason why my posting on LJ has been scarce.) I guess I technically have five computers now (well one belongs to my Dad). Two need to go, which would leave me with this one, my minilaptop and a laptop, which has been my backup comp (as long as it works, I don't want to get rid of it, even if it is old)
-Why do I keep on seeing posts/stuff in Russian every time I go on LJ? WTH? How do I get rid of it?
-I'd like to start another blog/site for other stuff like reviews and whatnot (nothing personal), since I can obviously keep up so well with this one, but I lack the skills to do that and don't even know what the best options would be. I keep on getting frustrated with... everything.
-This journal could do with a makeover as well. How come I never learned how to make layouts and whatnot? I suck
-Master's thesis.... Well... Yeah.
-Bayern... Welcome, Thiago! (Obviously someone from Barcelona had to move to Bayern. XP) Once again the midfield is looking... kind of overcrowded. There are just so many good players and I'd really hate to see anyone NOT start, but hopefully the rotation will work and keep the players satisfied enough. With the World Cup coming up, players will be vying for those precious minutes. I hope it all works out for the best. Guardiola has been experimenting quite a bit, but I don't want to draw any conclusions from a bunch of training matches. He did say that he wouldn't make many changes, but again... I'm wary. In other news: out of the final 10 players nominated for the UEFA player of the year award 4 from Bayern! And yay for Gareth Bale as well.
- I thought I'd mention the craptastic Teen Wolf... but perhaps I'll leave it to another time/entry. Otherwise, since I don't have uni (weell, not much of it and then of course the thesis...) I have been marathoning through some TV shows. Hey, I'm able to passively watch TV! That's something!

And I think lastly, I'll still mention, although it has been almost a week since he died, R.I.P. Cory Monteith. As sad and horrible is untimely death is, he managed to accomplish something and touched a lot of people. He will be remembered.

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THE TREBLE!!! [Sunday
June 2nd, 2013]
[ mood | chipper ]

As expected, Bayern won the German cup, thus being the first German club to win the treble!!! (Something not even the amazing golden generation of the seventies managed to do) Such a fantastic end to a fantastic season. This team has truly been amazing and although perhaps this game didn't go as well as expected, it was still enough. (Luckily! Stuttgart really had me worried. And kudos to them for the challenge!) They have played some really beautiful, fast-paced, attacking football, but most importantly (IMO) they've played as a team, with individually skillful and great players (some who have developed a lot as well) without anyone shining above the rest and with most of the squad having a significant role (I liked the rotation, although of course there was a more specific starting eleven). Their drive, spirit and ambition have been apparent and the setbacks in the previous years, especially last season, have just made them stronger. After winning the triple second place, it must be amazing to turn the silver into gold the following year! Actually, I think they're the only team ever to win the treble after finishing triple second in the previous season. It's hard to achieve so much, let alone stay so consistently on such a high level. Overall their performances have shown that currently they're the best club in the world. :) (People have been saying that for a while this season and the CL win sort of solidified it, but I needed the treble to actually state it. :) ) Who knows what will happen next season Guardiola better not come and ruin the amazing squad with his tikitaka FCB, which THIS team already destroyed, or with a style centering around one super star/Götze, in a team sport previously played by an amazing TEAM. GAH. Don't won't to think about it!!! , but I'm going to relish this amazingness for a while/this summer. Heynckes really went out with a bang and can retire pretty darn happily. (He should too, but of course this might give him a boost) It is/would be an amazing way to end his coaching career. (Well, there are the super cups and the club world cup, but they're not end of the season events) Congrats to him and this whole amazing Bayern team! Super Bayern, Super Bayern, hey, hey!!!

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The redemption of Wembley : CL champions!!! [Sunday
May 26th, 2013]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Finally!!! After losing in their own stadium in Munich to a team from London, it's only fitting for Bayern to win the following year in London. (Although it would have been more so, if their opponents had been from London as well. :) Of course, I very much enjoyed an all-German CL final at Wembley. :) ) It was also fitting how last year's screw-up, very nearly this year's screw-up, scored the winning goal. :) (And assisted another) Despite everything, Robben was awesome and I could really see his drive to win (and definitely felt for his tears of joy). He is criticized for a reason, but it's easy to forget when he does come through for the team. He has been quite (unexpectedly) different this season, and yeah, he's such a character, that I'll miss him, if he leaves after this season (speaking of which, Guardiola will have it tough, having to coach the CL champions. Well... There's still the treble... Though I'm really hoping for Bayern to win it this year.) A bit annoyed with Dante's screw-up, buuut...at least it made the game exciting? Not that it wasn't already. :) It was quite nerve-wracking for me. I had to get up, because at times I couldn't sit still, and there was a lot of jumping and collapsing and cheering and cursing on my part, and some shushing from my Dad, because of the neighbours. .:) He was pretty neutral (yay Germans!) whereas my Mum was for Bayern. :) (and amused by my reactions). Dortmund played really well and at the beginning of each half ( especially the first) was the stronger team, whereas Bayern looked like they were preparing to lose another final. (It started feeling a little like déjà vu with the wasted opportunities, a penalty (not for Bayern so it was obviously a goal), nervousness and Robben vs. Goalkeeper. (Both Weidenfeller and Neuer were great too) ) Then I started feeling a little more at ease, but overall the game was quite fast-paced, exciting and eventful even without the nervous tension. ;) I'd think that even from the perspective of a neutral fan it was quite an entertaining game. (My not that fanatic parents enjoyed it.:) ) I predicted that it would be even, 1-2 was my prediction for the end result, and at least this time I was right. :) I think both teams definitely deserved to be in the final (to me they indeed were the best teams in the CL) and although I normally would really like a Dortmund win (especially since chances like this don't come that often to them, and it will be less likely with the leaving of key players), Bayern have been so phenomenal this season and with their great performances both in the final and throughout the CL season, not to mention the setbacks in the previous seasons (losing the final as favourites in their own stadium), definitely deserved this (not being biased or anything, okay maybe a bit). This has been coming for a while, and now it is here. :)

PS: Looking forward to playing against Chelsea again. :) (Redemption part 2? Maybe? ;) )

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BuLi Champions League final at Wembley!! [Thursday
May 2nd, 2013]
[ mood | sick ]

Yay BuLiCollapse )

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