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Prom! [23 May 2004|02:55pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

I had so much fun!

I kind of expected for it to be "ok" since it's always at school, but the prom committee did a wonderful job. The theme was "Manhattan by Moonlight", or something like that. But the school starting from the commons all the way to the gym was covered in black with white lights and ballons in the ceiling to give it that NYer look.

But anyway, before prom me and Jared went out to eat, of course. We left to eat at the Olive Garden and met up with some friends and ended up eating with all 20 of them. Good times! Except we were forty-five minutes late for prom because we were talking and I accidently left the tickets at home. Woops ....

But when we got to school the first thing I wanted to do was take pictures. So we did that, and then I met up with all of my friends and had a great time until the end.

After the prom we went to this after party up the street. Nobody was there, which was fine because that meant more food for me and Jared. He ate like all of the shrimp (and there had to be at least 150 pieces in the tray), and then a few minutes later he started feeling sick. More people showed up about an hour after we had gotten there, and little food was left lol.

And if anyone was wondering, my prom dress was one-strap, red, and kinda poofy at the bottom. Lots of compliments last night. And I saw no duplicates! And Jared looked great as well. He had a buttonless jacket, black slacks, and a black vest with a long tie. *sigh*

Everything about this prom was just perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Ok I shall stop talking now. Post comments!

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5 more days! [31 Mar 2004|08:56pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

This month has been insane lemme tellya. I've never been so busy in my entire life with track, TIP, school, and everything else. I'm just glad it's over and I have a week of rest.

But anyway .... This Friday I am going to Maryland with my psych class for the whole day, and later that night I have a date with Marquis. Yay! He says he's not looking for a relationship just to hang and maybe see what happens. I swear I have "give me the losers" printed on my forehead. But whatever, it's been a while and I could use a little bit of fun.

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Happy Valentines Day! [14 Feb 2004|06:23pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Ok, so I actually gave up on this holiday years ago b/c I've never actually had a Valentine. But, I am hanging out with a friend later on tonight. It's gonna be a girls night out at the movies. I need to get out of this house, and she needs to do something other than think about her ex boyfriend who recently told her that he wanted to go back to his other ex. *ouch*

Well anyway here are a few quizzes I just took ...

Your country is france

Which country is your country?
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You Are Liz Parker

What Roswell Character Are You?
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Elizabeth"s Pirate fetish
You are...

Elizabeth's pirate fetish. You're a secret, closet
fetish that no one knows about. Except maybe
Jack. Something about rum swigging, ne'er do
well cads gets your goat. It's okay, I'm sure
lots of people feel the EXACT same way. Really.

Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character's Unhealthy Fetish are YOU?
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So, I haven't updated this in a while ... [30 Jan 2004|03:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]

And I don't have a damn thing to say. I'm just bored and decided to post a few quizzes that coffeebeanqueen sent me before the Super Bowl starts in a couple of hours.
Which Sex and the City Player Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty Which SVH Character Are You?</a> I used to looooove svh, I mean I was a huge fan! But I've never heard of an Enid! Anna

What Quirk From THE OC Are You?
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Your Fate by QueenB
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You in 20 years by queencrazybella
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max and kyle
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How well do you know Roswell?
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Would you survive a horror movie? Find out @ She's Crafty
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Bored ... [06 Jan 2004|09:29pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
Explored the pleasures of the flesh
Has yet to see self in mirror
Sex Drive 89.5%
The Pope is envious
Felt someone up once
Gayness 100%
Fucking Sick99.1%
Refreshingly normal
You are 80.82% pure
Average Score: 72.6%
heh ...
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Happy Holidays - Ho, Ho, Ho [04 Jan 2004|01:15am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

My holidays sucked from day 1. I would've posted earlier, but I have been pissed off since then. It's all because of my dad. He and I don't get along and haven't since I was in third grade. That was before he started working fifty million jobs when he didn't need too (longer story that I'm not about to get into). But anyway Christmas was ok (thank God), but after that he and I started bumping heads like always. He yells, I get smart, he attempts to ground me, but it's always unreasonable so it never sticks. But a couple of days ago I think someone at work must have pissed him off and he forgot to check his 'tude at the door. He goes and starts yelling like a madman. I had to leave the room and sleep on that one or I would've said some stuff I regretted the next day.  I thought the holidays were supposed to be a time you had *fun* with family. Two more years and I'll be out, I just wish I could take my mom with me, she's my saving grace.

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Woo Hoo! 2 More days until Winter Break! [17 Dec 2003|08:26pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Ok, so I just finished talking to Trevor (the guy I'm talking to) and he's going to Cali during the holidays! That means we're only going to be able to hang out right when he comes back! And I'm not sure if we even can hang out then. This sucks. The first decent guy I meet in a long time and I can't see him for 2 weeks ... But anywho, here's this quiz I took earlier

</td><td valign="top">Boy, you really broke through the bottom on this one. You are SO not geek. I recommend staying away from conventions, computer stores, colleges, universities, or anywhere else people might display the slightest interest in something other than what's on TV at the present moment. Your mere presence among geeks of any degree is incredibly dangerous to the continued existence of the known universe. Here, I'll say it slow so you can understand: Anti-geek + Geek = Big Boom. Now go read a book, for god's sake.</td></tr>
You are 0% geek

Take the Polygeek Quiz at Thudfactor.com

That is so sad ...
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[13 Dec 2003|12:16am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

This week has been *awesome*!  I'm talking to this guy I met at one of our last track meets. He so hot! We're going to hang for a couple of days over Winter break during the next two weeks!

But anyway here's this survey thing I got from </a></b></a> coffeebeanqueen

Whatever I bolded, I have or am.

01. I have brown(ish) hair
02. I hardly ever watched cartoons when I was little
03. I hate 80's hair
04. I procrastinate.
06. I procrastinate a lot.

07. I saw Jackass in theatres the very first day it came out.
08. My favourite colour is blue
09. I draw all over everything.(even though I can't draw!)
10. At some point I may have actually liked Thomas the Tank Engine.
11. I'm obsessed with a lot of things
12. I have a short attention span
13. i've never waxed
14. I've never broken a bone.
15. I can cook!
16. My parents are still together :)
17. I don't like messaging someone first...I always think I'm bothering them.
18. I don't watch much tv anymore.
19. I hate shopping for clothes.
20. I like getting things in the mail. [as long as they aren't bills]
21. I can't stand dishonest people
22. I like all kinds of music, even some country and some rap.

23. I used to loooove Paul Brandt. <--- Probably did
24. I like doing absolutely nothing.
25. I use MSN.
26. I like stickerrrssss.
27. I love hearing new kinds of (good) music.

28. I have Aim
29. I like AIM much better than MSN.
30. I would love to be able to visit a bunch of LJ friends.

31. Neopest is the devil
32. My fave ice cream flavour is chocolate chip cookie dough
33. I spend more time talking to folks online...By choice.
34. I really need to clean my room.
35. I have one cat.
36. I used to have two hamsters.
37. I used to want a hairless rat.
38. I don't make New Years resolutions.
39. I buy too many cds.
40. My first fave band was No Doubt. Sad, I know.
41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing. Still, i'll like almost anything just because the person took the time to pick it out.

42. I'm a Klippertwhore. (someone save me!)
43. I got sadly hooked on Canadian Idol.
44. I love Billy Klippert. A lot.
45. I wish I had a paid account just so I could have more icons.
46. I don't fit into any stereotypes. <-- I'm sure I do, everyone does, whether they like it or not.
47. I have made webpages before.
48. I've never been to an ihop.
49. I suck at icons.
50. I love making/recieving mix cds/tapes.
51. I rarely throw things away. (can you say packrat?)

52. I write a lot at school.
53. I never win stuff. Ever
54. I panic a lot about things.
55. I can be antisocial
56. I can be very shy
57. I like slash.
58. I wear glasses.
59. I like when my friends write me letters, it makes me feel special.
60. I'm paranoid <--- Only on the net (too many Lifetime movies)
61. Even though I wear glasses, I also have contacts.
62. I love food.
63. I can't dance.

64. My little sister isn't very nice to me but I never do anything about it
65. I still drink juice boxes.
66. I like to give gifts

67. I have to have at least a sheet covering me at night, even if it’s really hot.
68. I wear little jewelry
69. I like Coke better than Pepsi.
70. I have never learned how to dive.
71. I have written fan fiction
72. I like being alone but I like people around too.
73. I'm online a lot.
74. I want to travel more.

75. I bite my nails.
76. I've never seen my favourite band in concert.
77. I haven't talked to my best friend for a loong time.
78. I rarely use the phone.
79. I hate calling places.
80. I hate snow.
81. I have too many bus stories to tell in one sitting.
82. I'm so pale! (Just wait til I go to California!)
83. I don't smoke weed.
84. i don't have a university degree
85. I don't like people who are narrow-minded

86. I like making sushi.
87. I don't like writing exams. Ever.
88. I know nothing about C++ programming.
89. There is probably something else I should be doing rather than this.
90. I type with my fingers on the right keys.
91. I love pumpkin pie.
92. I have a sister.
93. I love taking pictures.
94. Some of the closest people to me are people who I initially met online
95. I download songs I see on my friends pages.
96. Timbits make me giggle now.
97. I am a wimp and have no tolerance for pain.
98. I have a love/hate relationship with my city.
99. I have had a pet fish.
100. I enjoyed filling out this thing.

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[05 Dec 2003|07:16pm]

Which Buff Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Who's Your Inner Buffy Bad-Girl? Find out @ She's Crafty

Which O.C. Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Whoa ...
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[04 Dec 2003|05:44pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]


Today sucked! I was sick today and I missed my first day of school in like two years! You probably think I'm weird for not being happy about this, but it sucks when I have to make up work for six different classes after missing just one day of school! Oh, and my TIP teacher all of a sudden decides she wants to give us two projects back to back due the week before exams! Thank God it's only 10 more days until winter break.

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Am I supposed to hurt there? [01 Dec 2003|08:12pm]
[ mood | sore ]

So, today at practice I was greeted with the presence of my old middle school coach. I love the man, really, he knew what he was talking about, but he has this thing about working you to death. I swear, today I almost passed out. He makes us run stadiums up& down, and left to right. TWICE!!! Oh, but that's not even the worst part. I dread the day we have to run the mile back wards. My legs are gonna kill in the morning.

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blah ... [30 Nov 2003|03:43pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Some results from a couple of quizzes I finished taking ...

Bondage movie! You're into BSDM (Bondage &
Discipline, Dominance & Submission) and chances
are, you're fond of whips, chains, harnesses,
and tight leather outfits. You like to mix a
little pain with a LOT of pleasure, baby!

What kind of porno would you star in?
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What kind of porno would you star in? By Quizilla

No way! Ok, that is so not right! -blush-

You should be dating a Scorpio.
23 October - 21 November
Your mate is passionately caring, dynamic and
sensual. Though he or she can be self-
destructive, ruthless or overbearing, the
scorpion's sex life involves releasing his/her
most pent-up passions.

What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?
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GARAGE GURL - Flirt inna Skirt!
A GARAGE-GURL. Youre into loud music, hot guys and
wild fashions. Youre most at ease when youve
got all your mates around you and you like to
party. Boys are a game and youre always on the
ball because you make sure youre always number
Your virtues: Confidence, fun nature, sociability.
Your flaws: Loudness, jealous tendency, need for

What kind of girl are you?
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Bring It On!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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