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Well, that didn't help

seal on letter
Well, I went to the first session of the unit I was thinking of dropping, and of course it turned out to be pretty interesting, and the group I'm supposed to be doing presentations with is decent. And I have a seed of an idea for an essay too.

My tutor has got me scared though cos she was talking about a risk of failing if I take this module, since it's a 5000 word essay, and the option I was thinking of dropping it for has a smaller assignment which is assessed by a peer group before being redrafted and submitted (not sure how that's going to work at all, but there we are!).

Since I'm currently doing the standard 3 modules, PLUS Latin (which is double the amount of work of a standard module), PLUS auditing this other course, I was really hoping I could lose one, but if I stick with the arrangement as it is, I'll feel I need to continue the auditing as it seems useful.
I'm struggling with all the reading at the moment, and I haven't even thought about reading for essays yet.

My other option is to drop the theory course (I loathe theory) but again it's supposed to be useful and teaching you how to think about history and methods of research etc. I am very aware that the 3rd years in today's lecture were comfortable with the language in a way I'm not.

Argh. Don't know what do to.

1st week

So the first week is nearly over (just my second Latin lesson to get through this afternoon).

And I'm feeling increasingly demoralised. I've been out of academia for a long time and I'm aware I've probably been looking back on it through rose-tinted glasses, and now I've hit reality. There's too much theory, tons of jargon, and I'm not really sure I can handle it. Two of my courses, the practical ones, Latin and Research Skills for Medievalists (which is basically palaeography etc) will be mostly fine, but the other two are rather esoteric. I have the option of dropping one of them to take the slightly more practical Researching and Writing History unit, but that one involves peer reviewing each other's writing, writing based on our research topics (ie dissertations) and I not only don't have a specific idea about that yet, but also don't love the idea of my fellow students pulling my ideas to pieces. I'm sitting in on it already though, so sort of feel that if I'm there I may as well be there for credit.

I have a meeting with my tutor tomorrow (more about my 'overloaded' schedule this term but hey) so I'll probably bring some of this up with her then.

Start of Uni

seal on letter
Well, I'm registered! I have my shiny new student card, and sat once more in a lecture theatre (albeit only for a talk on admin and such). I have my formal introduction to the course this afternoon, along with a library tour and... *sigh* a party. Oh joy, a room full of strangers.

I have also logged into the online portal (it's all changed since my day, blather blather) and seen that my first lecture (on Monday!) comes with a whole load of preparation reading (and video watching) attached, and the unit will thereafter consist of group presentations. Argh! Public speaking, help!

Yeah, I know, it'll be good for me. Thankfully after the first week, each group will present once every 3 sessions, so that'll cut down on the pressure, hopefully. I'm still hoping that not all of the modules will be conducted like this. It's probably a futile hope though.


I spoke too soon!

dig it
I do have work! I just called one of the managers to ask for a reference, and she said she was just about to call me and offer me work - 2 months from Monday!

Another day off!

archaeology rain
A day off today! This is my third week back at work, and I haven't worked a full week yet - yay for Danish public holidays! Admittedly, after the one in early June there'll be no more til Christmas, but then I only have a contract til the end of June anyway - this is the best time of year to have a short-term contract in Denmark!.

The weather is the downside - much like in England, public holidays seem to attract the rain. We had glorious sunshine and 21 degrees on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday it tipped it down and we had a downpour this morning too. I've been out sieving large samples for finds retrieval since last week, because our site has been postponed again (fingers crossed that means a contract extension!), so at least being out in the rain wasn't too muddy.

Still haven't found a flat, mostly due to the fact we're only looking for something short term, so we're very glad we have this room - in a Polish-run 'hotel' that rents rooms by the month - seems like it's set up for immigrant workers, which is great. It's a bit more expensive than we'd ideally like to be paying, but hey ho.

Going to the pub quiz this evening, but I mustn't have more than a couple of pints, I'm driving the hire-car tomorrow morning!

Back in Denmark!

copenhagen gundestrup
After a whirlwind reunion in Bristol on Saturday - thanks to mjlaw for putting us up and taking us to the airport!; we flew into Copenhagen on Sunday night, got ourselves sorted with our hotel, and pretty much went straight back out to the pub. Really nice to be welcomed back, but after two nights in a row of drinking, yesterday morning wasn't pretty!

Finally got the thing with our old landlord sorted out. Four months of emailing got us nowhere; one phone call resulted in him paying us back within half an hour. I put it down to being in the country again, and not 'safely' out of the way.

Back to work tomorrow - although I'll be in the office for the first few days since our site has been delayed and we have a couple of public holidays too, so I'm off on Friday and again next Wednesday! Probably won't be digging til the week after next.

Pushing books

books fond
Anyone who reads fantasy, and hasn't read Robin McKinley already, be ashamed of yourself, and immediately go out and rectify this. With a copy of this, preferably. It's a gorgeous new edition, and despite the fact I already own a copy I would be seriously tempted to replace it, if I had any money. When I get a job... *sigh*

Also read Sunshine. It's a nice antidote to all those trashy vampire novels out there.


Nov. 6th, 2010

We did have fireworks last night, although it was raining quite a bit which quite literally put a dampener on proceedings. I've just noticed that it was Diwali yesterday too, so a belated happy fireworks day / Diwali to everyone.



Dec. 6th, 2009

On the twelfth day of Christmas, _illumina_ sent to me...
Twelve mountains drumming
Eleven preraphaelites singing
Ten cemeteries a-cooking
Nine bones collecting
Eight trees a-reading
Seven castles a-recycling
Six gravestones a-learning
Five bo-o-o-ook shops
Four soap recipes
Three green issues
Two middle ages
...and a tenhi in a fantasy.
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