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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sometimes I'll just be sitting on a tram, or fliing at work, doing some boring task and I realise - Fuck I love my life!
There isn't anything particularly special about it... But I'm so happy.
i have come SO far in the past FEW years.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

8:51AM - Best conversation ever!

mum won bingo a few weeks ago


80 dollars or something

Best! How much did she win?

Maybe we should start going to bingo, cecil.

haha true day dawg


Nice way to spend a sunday morning haha.

good thinking agatha

yeah hungover as shit

playing bingo

Please, please, call me aggy

like an aggy pipe?

Haha yeh man. We can bring sweets to suck on


And make lots of noise with the wrappers. Old people do that.

You can borrow nans walker

We can wear wigs


i´ll stick a merkin on my chest

That are dyed slightly blue

as i have pretty much no chest hair


This convo is r00lin

You can refer to everyone as sonny jim or young man


Have them address you as general.

yes and you as matron

We can take half an hour to walk up the two stairs to the bingo hall, cuz me arthritis is playing up.

hahaha and two layers of depends because my prostate is givin me the wobblies


Can we plz grow old together, ryz? It sounds so funny.

Let's have an old person dress up party!

Winner of the Most creative costume wins a year supply of vitamins and depends

hahaha yess pensioner piss up (not the adult nappy kind)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


My mom is an alcoholic.
Of course, she doesn't think that.
Night after night she writes herself off.
My friends all have a giggle and tell me she's funny.
But they don't realise that it happens all the time.
Tonight, Dad shouted for me to come downstairs quickly. Unfortunately i'm used to that.
Once again, Mom had fallen over.
She couldn't - or wouldn't - move.
There were four of us trying to get her inside.
It's a low point when you see a parent so fucked that they can't even function properly.
My dad and my brother had to help get her into bed.
When she was lying there she was just looking at me.
Surely she would have seen the shame in my eyes.
I love my Momma so much but this has got to stop.
There are only a handful of nights that i can recall her NOT being drunk in the past 15 years.
I don't know what to do.
There isn't a great deal we can do, unless she admits she has a problem
But i don't see that happening.
The day after Mom has a fall or hurts herself she denies it was because of alcohol.
I just feel that the wake up call she needs will be something bad but i don't want it to come to that.

Current mood: disappointed

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Had such a fun weekend...
Did sweet F.A on Friday but then on Saturday I hung out with Andrew and Knox and laughed at things.
I freakin love that boy. <3
I found a pair of shoes I rly want... am taking donations for my shoe fund =p
Later on I went bowling with my brother, I totally bowled a double. I was fair impressed cuz normally I fail heaps bad. =D
Sunday was just awesome.
I went to Williamstown and hung with Steph.
We got charcoal chicken and the guy at the shop was a sleaze (his favourite part is the breast)
We were dodgy and drinking.
Then we went and caught a boat.
It was fun, and we saw about a million jellyfish.
What is a group of jellyfish called?
We wandered around the Williamstown Festival and lol-d at bathrobe like pants and the mermaid costume.
I nearly bought a teeny tiny cactus. But then I realised I could spend $3.50 on something better.

Later on we went back to my house and proceeded to drink an entire 4 litre cask of goon.
Hahaha, I didn't realise HOW MUCH we had drunk until I took it outta the box.
Then we wore the box as a crown.

Me and Steph ALWAYS have THE best adventures.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Nothing exciting is rly happening these days but I feel as though I should update.

I have tickets for Presets in May. Best everrrr.
Gonna dance my pants off. Watch out, patrons! =D

This 5 months time I will be in sunny California with Ryz.
So freakin amped for it.
I rly needa save more money.

On the plus side I start working 5 days in a couple of weeks.
More money ftw... On the down side, it means I don't get my long weekends anymore.
I need the cash so I'm not really in a position to complain.

Oh, totes going to Sea World for the day on Good Friday haha.
It's for these Qantas Good Friday charity flights.
Apparently I get 400 points if I hook upz with my friend in the park... I forget how many extra points I get per sea creature that watches. Haha.

Steph is gonna come and lunch with me today. How exciting!

Man, I'm in a world of pain.
It is balls.
Also, I miss my bed.

The other day I went to DFO with my Momma and I only spent $18.
I bought the cutest pair of Pierre Fontaine peep toes.
Only $10. Go me.

Anyway. I am bored. I might get back to culling all these old files.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Friday, February 20, 2009


Apparently I haven't updated in a while.

I am SO excited for tomorrow.
Steph's partyyyy!
I'ma get smishy with my lover and husbanddd!

Oh, and it's like 6 months til I go away.
That's rad.

And I wasn't totally disappointed on Valentines day either!
I hung out with this guy, he bought me a cheeseburger.
Haha, maybe not, but we're supposed to be hanging tonight.
My favourite thing about him is that he doesn't finish sentences with "666".

Anyway, I've done my duty now.
I should prob get back to workkkk.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I do not like heatwaves.
I do not like trams/ovens.
I do not like train-fails.
I do not like Connex.
I do not like being sweaty.
I do not like not being able to go swimming.

This blows.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I got a tattoo on my leg on the weekend.
Its cool... But now I can't like shave it for a while.
That's gonna be sexy.
Anyone wanna touch?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Some men are pretty stupid.
*punches one*

Monday, December 15, 2008

11:08AM - Row, there's only seven more miles to go!

Oh man, I have just had such an EPIC weekend!
On Friday night I stayed in and had a quiet one.
I just chilled out and watched Madagasgar and now I can't wait til the second one comes out! =)

On Saturday I had my Dad's work Christmas party at Luna Park, so Mom, Dad, D-rags, Jess and I went.
The weather was heaps shite but we still had fun, and we went on rides and ate good food and had wine and stuff.
I won bubbles too! They were heaps fun for me.
After a while, Fab was pretty bored so he just rocked up at Luna Park and we all went on the carousel.
After a while we left and we went to Galactic Circus (But first I bought new thongs cuz my shoes were giving me a blister and they were SOAKED through... I now have over 40 pairs of shoes! Hehe)
We played some b-ball there. After that we got the train home, pretty much.
And once we got home we totally ordered Chinese. SOOOOO good.
We also played with the present I got my brother for his birthday - a lilo with a picture of a guy on it, lying on his stomach but with a hole in the butt for teh secks. Yeh, I got it from a sex shop for the lulz.
SO D-rags blew it up and was sliding down the stairs on it haha.
And we were putting it in front of the toilet door so when people came out they were like wtf.
=p small minds...
After that, Fab and I went and chilled in the spa for a bit.
That was cool.

ANyway, on Sunday I went off to Nevereverland with Cuz, Ian, Andrew, Ryz and Luke.
It was a heaps nice day, despite what the weather man said, and I was pleased. I got my first sunburn of the summer! Haha.
I had such a fun day. FOr the first half we were just sitting and chilling and drinking. When it got later and Cut Copy played we all got up and danced like crazies!
They opened with my favourite song of theirs - Nobosy Lost, Nobody Found, and it was AMAZING!
Future was epic as was Hearts On Fire and Lights And Music. Oh oh! And Feel The Love!
Next we saw Klaxons and they were just AMAZING. I was stoked they played Two Receivers and Isle Of Her! ANd they opened with Atlantis to Interzone. SOOOOO GOOD.
After Klaxons and Bang Gang DJs were THE PRESETS.
They were simply epic. I have so much love.
It was funny cuz most of the crowd only knew stuff off Apocalypso so I could only see a few people singing along to stuff off Beams. And they totally weren't into Aeons, which is such and amazing instumental song.
But we all had a great time dancing and singing along!

Oh, and I saw a guy get tackled. HAHA.
And all these people were jumping over the fence and stuff.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Oh man, I was sooooo stressed out yesterday when my travel agent told me that I had to pay for my airfares for America THIS weekend instead of NEXT weekend.
It was heaps last minute, and while I can afford it (just) I was irritated it was left this late.
It means that I can't even afford to go out for my best mates birthday!

But I was thinking today, that once these flights are paid for, I've only gotta pay less than $3K off!
Yayyyyy! And I can SO do that easy!
After that I just needa save spending money.

I so can't wait.
Now that the flights are booked it makes it even more real!
So we're flying out on like the 14th or 15th of August next year

Monday, November 24, 2008


Oh haiii!

Man, I have just had such an ace weekend!
A few friends went up to Blairgowrie!
We stayed at my workmates Momma's holiday house there.
It was a really nice place, and close to the beach too.
Shame the weather was crap.
But we still had mad fun.
We got sooooo fkn drunk on the Friday night.
So much so that I was hungover as hell on Saturday.
I was sick about 7 times and I was nicknamed 'Chucky'.
It was a fair call.
We chilled and drank a lot and played Buzz and table tennis and coits.
And Slapjack... which we renamed 'Cunty'.
Srsly, such a good weekend!
I mean, aside from all the vomm.

It was such a shame my Monday morning was ruined by damn trains.
I left my house this morning at 7.10am.
I normally get to the city at 8.10 and to work by 8.30-8.45, depending on what tram I get and if I wait around for one with seats (so I can be lazy *grins*)
Today I got to work at 9.30.
So I didn't get the time to go get my cappuccino.
And I have to make up the time.
Pretty unimpressed.

But whoa, it's nearly 11.30.

Anyway, I am gonna stop rambling.

Current mood: tired

Friday, November 21, 2008


I don't know if I have ever heard any worse songs than:
Single Lady
If I Were A Boy

Both by Beyonce.

My Lord! How is it possible that they suck that MUCH!


One of our Process Servers at work fucked up, so I had to call them and sort it out.
I was on the phone for the better part of 10 minutes.
And the WHOLE TIME I was on the phone to them, the phone was beeping cuz another call was waiting.
When I finally got off my first call I answered the other one, only to find no one there.
That was fkn annoying.
Not impressed ey.

On the plus side, I am going to Blairgowrie for the weekend.
Going up with Cuzzles and a few frenz.
We're gonna get heaps messy n chill.
Such a shame the weather isn't going to be nice.
Oh well.

Now I just have to wait for this day to be over.

Current mood: content

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's funny when people show their true colours.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Y'know, one of the worst things about my Mom being drunk all the time is that she shares way too much.

I was fucked up enough before, thanks, Mom!

Current mood: freaked out

Friday, November 14, 2008


It takes a bit to piss me off.

So it's pretty impressive that i'm so irritated.
Nice one...

Or not.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

9:47AM - Naaaw!

So yesterday, I was sitting on the train, I have no new books to read lately so I just sit there are listen to tunes and stare at nothing...
But I saw these two puppies, cute little white fluffy things, and their leashes were like tied together and the owner was not holding it..
So one dog was standing and looking at some people walking past and then the other dog started running back to its owner, causing the other dog to just fall over.
Hahah, it was so funny and cute.
I just laughed out loud, and I'm pretty sure the train folk thought I was a crazy lady.

In other news, life is good.
Keeping busy with work at the moment.
Trying to save money cuz me and Ryz are going over to America next August.
Can't wait.
Got heaps of stuff coming up on the weekends too!
I am seeing Something With Numbers this Friday!
And then next weekend I am going to Blairgowrie for a little trip away =)
Oh oh, and I am totally looking forward to Decemberrrr!
Going to Nevereverland!

Anyway, I better get back to work.
I just thought everyone should know about those dogs, cuz it made ME smile.


Current mood: content

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


When did life become this rad?
I'm such a fan.

So many fun things coming up soon man.
It just kinda sucks cuz I needa save nearly $3000 by December.
I was lucky to get nearly a grand back in tax...
That's going straight towards my flights to America!
I'm so excited for it.
Ryan and I are going to book it on Saturday.
But the flights need to be paid asap otherwise we don't get some discount.

It totally sucks that my family really likes to procreate at the beginning of the year.
It's my Mom's birthday tomorrow, and my sisters on Friday.
Plus, I've just had my 21st which was expensive for me.
And two of my nephews birthday's.
I have to spend money on them and Christmas (I'm trying to get it out of the way now) and other stuff.

But I'm still having fun.
I just can't spend much of my monies.

Oh man, heaps excited.
Going away to Blairgowrie for a weekend in November.
It should be wicked funnnnn!
And Steph is coming.
That is ftw!

I don't think there was much point to this entry but whatevs.
I'm tryna avoid working.
I didn't say that aloud.

Current mood: cheerful

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