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aerosmith, american idol, animated movies, arrested development, art appreciation, autumn, baking, bargain hunting, bizarre humor, black and white photos, books, boston, british accents, broadway musicals, child care, classic rock, coffee, dark chocolate, digital photography, disney, drawing, family, fanart, fandom discussion, feminism, fun with friends, gay and lesbian rights, george carlin, green day, hampton beach, harry potter, italian food, itunes, john krasinski, johnny depp, kelly clarkson, late nights, laughter, lewis black, liberal, live theatre, long conversations, long walks, movies, music, new england, new york city, nightmare before christmas, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, rainy nights, reading, rent, rocky horror picture show, scented candles, scrubs, sociology, soundtracks, stand-up comedy, star wars, stop-motion animation, sweeney todd, the colbert report, the daily show, the office, tim burton movies, v for vendetta, web comics, wicked, youtube.com
I think everyone needs a little home on the internet to ramble about their lives and interests and this happens to be mine.