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Backlog of Foods
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I have more fancy food for your weekend viewing pleasure. Recipes for all of them are available on my blog, Nom Nom *CHOMP* and pinned at

Gluten-Free Caramel Cookie Bars for Passover

Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes

Poldark (1975): part 2 recap
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Ross is deeply disappointed by ELizabeth’s decision to go on with the marriage and he tries to forget her with other women and of course a lot of drinking. I did like the scene with the sex worker, where she seems to be a little bit in love with Ross. She was such a nice lady and so sweet especially when she was advicing Ross to find a woman to love and care, although that would mean she would lose him, because that is the type of man he is! Continue reading...

Coyoty eats a Desi style pizza.
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Desi style pizza
Spicy Indian/South Asian style pizza with various veggies and green chili.  From South Whitney Pizza in Hartford, CT.

Back-Up Plan stills
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NAYA RIVERA Raged to 'Glee' Producers LEA'S OUT OF CONTROL
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Naya Rivera and Lea Michele were at the center of a near mutiny on the set of "Glee" that ended with one of them storming out in anger -- but who left ... depends on who you ask.

Sources close to Naya tell TMZ most of the cast and crew were annoyed on Tuesday by Lea's diva antics -- like making everyone else wait to shoot a scene ... while she stepped away to deal with personal matters.

We're told tensions finally got so bad Naya "had the stones" to go to producers and let them know -- on behalf of everyone -- that Lea was pissing off people.

Our Naya sources say when Lea returned to resume shooting she got wind of Naya's chat with producers -- and left the set in a huff.

Now our Lea sources had a different take -- telling us Lea was totally unaware of any complaints about her ... and Lea and Naya weren't even shooting scenes together. They also say it was Naya who got tossed off the set.

We got several tips claiming Naya was fired -- but Naya sources say that's just not true.


fic: Midnight Snacks
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Title: Midnight Snacks
Author: shesasurvivor
Characters/Pairing: Katniss Everdeen, Finnick Odair; Katniss & Finnick friendship; Odesta; Everlark
Rating: G
Category: Canon compliant; missing scene
Spoilers: Mockingjay
Summary: In the minimal light, I can just make out his shrug. “Maybe I missed the place,” he jokes, because I know there is no way he’d trade in his compartment with his new wife for this awful hospital. He continues. “Want to come?” Katniss and Finnick venture down to 13's kitchen in the middle of the night. Written for sabaceanbabe for her birthday.

Read Here.

Or: AO3 | FFN

concept + design
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 photo SPLStudy_zps3654d7c2.png

This is a study of a recent design project.
See the rest here.

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20 ICONS @ babylonfell

Darren Re-Extends His Hypothetical Album Release Date While Minimizing ♚ Lea's ♚ Hard Work & Success
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Poldark (1975): part 1 recap
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As you probably have already guessed, I am rewatching and recapping  Poldark. This romantic saga follows Ross Poldark (Robin Ellis) as he loses his fiancée, the well-bred beauty, Elizabeth (Jill Townsend), to his cousin Francis (Clive Francis). Ross ends up marrying his servant, the unlikely-looking Demelza (Angharad Rees), but his passion for Elizabeth simmers on for years. Set in late 18th century Cornwall, the plot follows Ross Poldark’s attempts to make his derelict tin mines a success.


Ross Poldark, limping and scarred, returns from the American war toCornwall after a daring escape from a French prison camp....

more HERE @ Fire & Air

Classic Car Graveyard: Thorns/Rust/Ticks (+so many misc photos)
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Winter. I hate winter. I've been hibernating for the majority of this particular winter, but with the weather turning rapidly toward warmer days, I've finally gotten out and done some exploring/photography. Finally.

This particular location has been known to me for some time, but I was never sure where I might actually find it. After gathering a few clues from quite a few Google searches, I decided to go for a drive and see if I couldn't pin down the location more precisely. Needless to say, I found it! But what I also found were deer ticks. In the cars, on my pants, attached to my back. Fortunately I had companions on this adventure, and they were able to find and destroy the little buggers quickly, so with any luck Lyme disease won't be in my future.

Anyways, I've been unable to learn a thing about this car graveyard's history. It seems less a dumping ground and more an old beloved collection left to time's cruel caress.

An Everlasting Exile | Classic Car Graveyard
"An Everlasting Exile"

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Zip link(s) here (free registration required)

5.19 Extended Summary + Song Spoiler
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Chris, apparently, did not lie.

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Source 2

Coyoty eats bacon and onion pizza.
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Bacon and onion pizza
From the Corner Cafe at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT.

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There goes nature being incredibly awesome again. You may think you’re looking at a couple dried leaves, but you aren’t. These astonishing beauties are moths, specifically Uropyia meticulodina, from the family Notodontidae. Found in parts of China and Taiwan, the patterns on their wings mimic dead leaves so convincingly that they are considered to be one of the finest examples of camouflage in the animal kingdom.

Click here to watch brief video footage of Uropyia meticulodina in the wild. You still won’t believe your eyes.

Photos taken by Bettaman and enyagene respectively.

(originally seen here.)

"Tested" Recaps and Reviews
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"Opening Night" Promo
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"Tested" Discussion Post
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Bernard Charoy, 1958
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Glee Boss Ryan Murphy Reveals Game Plan for 'Satisfying' Final Season
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he conference-called half of the media so there are 200 articles (or 4) and i'm just going to link them because of character limits and also laziness

  • tvline
  • e! online
  • the hollywood reporter
  • vulture