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[24 Feb 2006|08:54am]
    A Smoking Gun In The Form of A Mushroom Cloud I find it upsetting that most major news are reporting that only Democrats questioning this port deal. Tom "Deals" Delay even took time from robbing someone to scrutinize Bush and say he was making a mistake. It is not just Democrats. It is not just Republicans. It is anyone with enough common sense to realize that this poses a national security threat.

    Don't get me wrong, I agree this is an idiotic maneuver, but I tend to look at news such as this with a more skeptical eye. So let's take another look at what's going on.

    It is not port authorities, but the US Coast Guard that is responsible for national security. In other words, the incoming is far too overwhelming to ensure security no matter who owns the ports.

    The United Arab Emirates which owns the company that is making the purchase is attempting to recreate itself as a major international shipping and air travel hub. It's the Florida of the Middle East. If we were going to entrust any major assets to the Middle East, the UAE is probably as good as it is going to get. They have a massive vested interest in not pissing anybody off.

    When you turn on your TV, open your paper, double click your browser, you are getting consensus reality. I always think "How am I expected to react to this?" Then, I take what I know, scrutinize what I've just learned and develop my own opinion.

    And since you read through all that for my opinion, here it is in its simplest form.

    Bush forgot about 9/11.

Sorry that wasn't very cohesive. My mind doesn't flow as it used to.

[21 Feb 2006|07:42pm]
What about my sacrament? When will I be able to live free of ignorant persecution for my sacrament?

[31 Jan 2006|07:43am]
    Why is the melting pot of the world also the most intolerant? There is a question that is constantly flowing in the back of my mind, that I haven't the slightest notion of how to answer. "How can we start to be a more tolerant, loving world?" I'm not saying "love everyone," just allow people to do what they will as long as they aren't harming anyone else. Sure there should be laws and rules, but the time and money spent on the erradication of plants is mind-boggling asinine.

    But how do we start?

    Fuck it. Go back to letting them tell you what is best for you.

[21 Jan 2006|04:17pm]
    The steeple is falling. Spire in the sky, quite some distance away, I wonder where it settles. Do the patrons know someday it will be rubble? Would they even care?

    &all different hues.
    All so beautiful.

    I appreciate this window so much more now that I'm the one sitting in it. If only I could share it with you.

[17 Jan 2006|07:13am]
    Painting dollar signs on coffins. I cannot begin to tell how deplorable I find this.

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