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Alrighty, where to begin?? This was by far THE coolest thing we've ever done like this. We've gone to expensive (and less expensive) Cons where we had a blast and saw the panels and stood in the lines. And it was cool. But this.....we weren't sure what the setup here would be. Them on a stage, us in the crowd? Tables with chairs? Whichever....it would still be cool right?

Well this was of course, purely mingle party. A room with a bar some chairs and couches, and a bigger room with a screen with some chairs and couches. And there you are, literally elbowing it with Joss and the actors. It was amazing.

When we arrived at the building we asked where the pre-paid line was and as we walked to the entrance, there were Aly and Alexis and Joss greeting Amy Acker. Then we went up the stairs and someone checked our names on the list. As we stood there, Joss was right behind us with the rest behind him. And you just get that tiny....rush in your head. He of course didn't have to wait and they told him. As he passed us Rogue said: "Yeah they'll let you into your own party." and he chuckled at her as he walked by.

So we stood there, seeing rather quickly that indeed, we'd be bumping into the stars all over the place. Your brain needs a moment to process standing 2 feet away from Aly and Alexis at the bar, Amy talking to someone next to you while Joss walks behind you.

At which point some odd british character assaulted us.......

Eh, just kidding;-) SoddingNancyTribe recognized us and introduced himself. First Whedonesquer of the evening. Turned out to be a really nice guy which is always a good thing! Ya know, saves us from pretending not to speak english and things like that;-) We compared notes on that brain-processing thing as we tried not to stare at the likes of Amy and Aly in front of us.

I have to say at this point I was still in the grip of the feeling of wanting to be 'cool' about it all. Suave. Not bothering people with requests for autographs or pictures. You know what? Bugger that! 'Cool' sucks. 'Cool' gets you nothing at a shindig like that. Nobody is 'cool' but the actors and such. And they know we all want to talk for a moment, get that scribble, and the picture. And they do it with pleasure.

Anyway, we all met up with RavenU in the other room where they were running a Kerry docu on the screen. Which no one really looked at because the only sound was the soundtrack of OMWF. Which was preferable anyway. Later on we met Dreamlogic (hya!) as well and I hear there were even more of us.

Anyway, at some point it was time for the conference call. Joss and the other actors all went into a little room for that. (Which meant all of us hungry fans took pictures throught the little windows.) Nathan and Nick joined them.

Joss' conference call will no doubt be on all the boards. The questions varied fro great to 'eh' but Joss was funny and intelligent as ever. Answering the questions about the shows, and almost always finding a way to steer towards the topic of the evening: politics. But ya know, still in a funny way. He always cracks me up. My favorite question was when he was asked how Sunnydale, generally as a town would have voted in this election. Joss said that considering the fact that Sunnydale's population went out of their way to NOT see bad things, to pretend everything was fine even as they got picked off one by one and everything went to hell.....well, who did we THINK they'd vote for?? Brilliant.

What else? Pff head is reeling. The X-Men news of course. No Joss pic it will be. Bummer. Afterwards they all came out of the little room and mingled for the next few hours! Below I'll tell of our experiences there. First, let me tell about how at the end Joss gave his big speech. We were lucky, we were about 6 feet away from him. (Pics still to follow) On our left among the crowd were most of the actors. Joss asked them to join him, they went and stood by him on our right under the screen and he gave his big speech.

Wow. He was on a roll. He was so passionate and fired up. Hey SNT, I saw you record it so get with that transcript! I loved his bit about the difference between a leader and a ruler. Or how a leader needs humility and how Bush does not know the first thing about humilty. And of course, that the president should not be someone who sees the White House a something he gets as a birthday gift from his father.

Oh yeah...

Then they had some goodies to give away. Signed by Joss and all. Funny thing, Nathan Fillion started going through the box while Joss was still talking. Taking out things like a Firefly Box and pulling a face like "Ohh that's mine now!" and putting it in his arms with a resolved smile that suggested he got some loot! Then he took out a CD and yelled "Oh I want THIS!" that got a big laugh. Then the actors started to take stuff from the box to pass out. But since we were on the side I had a feeling our chances were slim. and people moved forward, the actors walked back and forth and things got a little messy. So I stepped in at the end as they took out some big OMWF posters. Me and Aly wound up trying to separate the roled up posters which was funny. We managed, she took some out and left the last one for me, hehe. So I was nice and close to ask her to sign it after she gave the other ones away. About the third time that evening that we 'bothered' her so I told her I was sorry about that, hehe. She laughed and pshawed and said I shouldn't be silly and that it was fine. Of course then I only had a pen. And signing a half rolled up poster while standing up with a pen is not very easy. So someone else was nice enough to lend her marker. So Aly signed. Time for another EEP!

(She rested her hand on mine as she signed. By fandom law I can no longer wash it. Oh well, hygiene is overrated anyway.)

Then as I turned around I stood face to face with Alexis and Nathan. So what're you gonna do. I asked if they would sign it, got the 'of course's and realized I once again only had my crappy pen. (The lady had taken her marker back) So again, I was stuttering stumbling apologies about that when Nathan said: "Hang on!" And went to GET a marker to sign my poster.

Okay. How cool is that....

He walked to the back where they had some in boxes and came back, handed it to Alexis, and instantly took the poster from me, turned around and put it on his own back for Alexis to sign. Alexis laughed and signed, then turned around and Nathan signed the poster on his back. That was just really a cool moment there....hehe. I just stood there laughing and trying to make 'thank you' sound original...

So what else? Uhm, let me sum up:

Joss: We met the Joss! Great guy. Takes such time with everyone. Even at the end of the thing he assured people that had been waiting to see him that he would stick around afterwards and would talk to everyone. Funny thing, when we talked to him it was fairly short after the phonecall, and therefore early on but his voice sounded a littlre hoarse and overused already. Poor guy. He signed for us and I said I had a feeling his X-3 news was that he wouldn't do it. He said he had really thought about it but that it was sort of someone else's baby by now. He (as Rogue already said) told us Kai and he were having a second baby themselves. Rogue asked if he knew what it was and he said it was a girl. We congratulated him and thanked him and all that good stuff. We met the Joss....And of course, picture with him!

Alyson: Eep! Squee! Finally met Aly. And as I said, we hit her up several times. I got my pic with her. (yezzz!) later she signed our flyer and then later on she signed our poster. Damn she's so cute. And tiny. And radiant. Smile, eyes... Watching her and Alexis together is so cute. I don't follow actors' relationships at all but if they ever break up that's kinda gonna break my heart.

Alexis: Well, we met him before at the Oakland con so we knew he was nice, cool and so friendly in that soft-spoken way. And he still was, so no surprises there, hehe. We both got a pic with him each and he signed our flyer and our poster. (Dang, another one we hit up several times) Only think I hate is how I look like a mass of irregular protein next to him on a picture. Ah well.

J. August.: Nice guy and quite tall. Easy to find, hehe. He signed our thing too but we missed out on a pic. Dang.

Amy: Missed out too but I already got my pic taken with her a short while ago so I won't complain. She was beautiful and at 8 months' pregnant still slim and gorgeous with a tiny tummy, hehe.

Nathan(& Nick): Hah! I love thess guys, especially Nathan. He was sitting with Nick Brendon on a couch and people sort of went by them to talk and have a pic taken. Rogue sat down between them and asked if they could do a silly pic, (Nathan instantly said: "I'm in!") and she asked if they could goof on the Caleb/Xander eye poke thing. And they did! That's probably our favorite picture. It's so funny. (Well you guys have seen it.)
Then it was my turn (and I look like goddang goofy of course) and Nick joked: "So this is all for Kerry huh?" and (desperate to say something resembling something witty or cool) I looked back and forth between them and said: "Huh I thought this was pro-Bush!?" and Nathan just burst out laughing. (Which was gratifiying. Ya know, as opposed to crickets chirping)

Adam and Amber: Okay SNT and RavenU were surprised we didn't know, but...well, we just didn't know that they were a couple. (Tara and Warren? Irony anyone?) Amber we met before at the Comicon (was great!) which was a good thing because Adam Bush was a little stand offish. We asked to get our picture taken with them. Danny Strong was standing there too, (we's just taken a pic with just him) and he nudged Adam, "Come on, a pic with all three of us." And Adam said to him "Yeah... we're just standing here, okay?" And....no pic. Oookay....Danny looked kinda apologetic at us. Maybe we caught Adam at a wrong moment or something. Hey SNT you should tell your Adam anecdote, that was funny!

Danny Strong: He's so nice. And maaan....tiny!! I took Rogue's pic with him and she could just pick him up! Later when they were giving the goodies away Joss said only to throw the 'small and soft stuff' (like shirts) into the crowd, then someone said, "Should we throw Danny Strong?" which got a huge 'Yeaahhh' and a lotta catcalls, heheh.

Oh and Tom Lenk was funny! He still looked kinda awkward like at other cons, so we hadn't really approached him, but when he had to give goodies he held up some Buffy characters busts, grinned and said: "Okay, who knows my birthday??" to the crowd of reaching arms. People went "Uhhh" until someone yelled something like "I don't know but I love you anyway!" at which he laughed and said "Okay" and tossed her the bust. Nice move of that lady.

Okay that should do so far. If I remember more I'll post it later. Just gotta say this was one of the coolest days of our lives, hehehe. Now that was MINGLING!

We're still so giddy it's not even funny.

(PS Oh one more thing! Alyson said that Emma Caulfield is voting for Kerry!!)

Go here for the first batch of our pics of the the event.
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