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Laura's Journal


6 March
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& I'm a kool kat.
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Hey, I'm Laura. I was born on March 6, 1991, which makes me fourteen. Don't judge me by my age, thanks. I love to sing, draw, dance (choreograph), take pictures (photography), write stories, poems & songs... yeah so I'm really artistic. I also like to attempt to play my acoustic guitar, but I have absolutely no clue how to do chords & all that stuff. I'm really lazy. I go on the computer alot. I'm extremely self-conscious. I don't take critisizm well. I'm a major dork. I'm a really nice person once you get to know me. I don't judge or label anyone. I can get upset over the stupidest things. I like to act weird. I've never had a boyfriend. I'm outgoing around people I know well and shy around people I don't know. I'm in love with Relient K. I'm a good girl; I rarely cuss or anything like that; I was just raised that way. My mom has high standards. I always think things happen to me that never happen to anyone else. I like to make graphics in my spare time. I think Mandy Moore is a great person. I love making new friends. Maybe you're a potential one? ♥
Relient K ♥
The Starting Line
Jimmy Eat World
The All-American Rejects
Panic! At The Disco
Last Winter
Fall Out Boy
The Graham Colton Band
Beneath These Words
Midnight Aria
Three Days Grace
Sum 41
Taking Back Sunday
Hawk Nelson
System Of A Down
Story Of The Year
Thousand Foot Krutch
The Juliana Theory
30 Seconds To Mars
Frou Frou
The Classic Crime
The Academy Is...
The Eagles
The Cult
Phil Collins
Don Henley
Avril Lavigne
Michelle Branch
Jason Mraz
John Mayer
Kelly Clarkson
Aly & AJ ;]

Techno is rad too..
singing; dancing; writing; photography; watching plays; language arts; livejournal; myspace; dorks; people that don't care what others think; pacsun; hollister (although I don't have a single piece of clothing from the store; I'm on a tight budget); being unique; 80's music; going to the beach when it's not a really hot day and not actually going in the water; walking on boardwalks during winter; theme parks; rollercoasters; disney; friendly people; music; being weird; malls; going on the computer; MTV; VH1; Fuse; AIM; getting email; recieving handwritten letters; that new car smell; making fun of corny commercials (my specialty is morgan, colling and gilbert... now known as morgan & morgan); boys with lip rings; having fun; carbohydrates; playing in snow; purevolume.com; discovering new bands hardly anyone knows about; pretty lj userinfos; good hair days;
Pain; needles; going to the doctors; math; being bored; hot weather; alot of attention; smoking; the smell of cigarette smoke; people that curse excessively; critisizm (non-constructive); when people call me 'hun' or 'babe'; people that act like someone they're not just so others think they're 'cool'; people that don't have anything about them in their LJ userinfo; most healthy foods; speaking in front of alot of people; labeling; judging; when people make a huge deal about "posers"; when people step on your feet and don't apologize; escalators (my grandma fell down one & ever since I've feared those things); fake people; bitchy and snobby people; PeOpLe ThAt TyPe LiKe DiS; drugs; moving; bad hair days; girls that get jealous too easily; feeling ugly; the way I compare the way I look to the way other girls look (and I'm always uglier);

So my LJ friends are pretty much cooler than yours:
Click here.

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That's yourheartsbeat (BRENNA) and she's cooler than you.

From pinkmemories (JULIANNE) who I adore. <3

I was thinking, overthinking. Cause there's just to many scenarios, to analyze, look in my eyes, cause you're my dream please come true. ♥


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