There's Nothing to Writing . . .

All You Do is Sit Down at a Typewriter and Open a Vein.

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Nenya of Water
21 February 1980
The Writings of R. E. Bailey
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1984, airships, bob dylan, braces, btvs/ats, carl sagan, cheerful nihilism, christopher hitchens, cravats, dawn summers, dirigibles, ethics, faith lehane, fanfic, fingerless gloves, firefly/serenity, freethought, goggles, humor, idiocracy, illyria, leonard mccoy, morrissey, nirvana, ozymandias, pavel chekov, philosophy, piercings, queen, raoul duke, richard dawkins, rorschach, rush, sketching, slash, spats, star trek, steampunk, supernatural, tattoos, the doors, thomas paine, top hats, v, watch-related fobbery, watches, writing
"Go 'way! 'Batin'!"

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Random, awesome quote I found in the articulate, funny and awesome madame_faust's journal: "If the world wants a monster . . . I will give them a monster. And they will choke on their words with my hands around their throats."--Unknown

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