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lozbabie posted to ohnotheydidnt July 12 2014, 13:30

Ian Thorpe comes out as gay


AFTER years of personal struggle, Olympic hero Ian Thorpe has bravely revealed he is gay.
The 31-year-old confirms his sexuality for the first time tonight in an exclusive interview on Channel 10, telling all to veteran British interviewer Sir Michael Parkinson.
It’s understood the interview, which Parkinson has described as one of the best he has ever conducted, includes a full admission from Thorpe that he is gay despite having dated women in the past.
In the emotional sit-down shot last month, Thorpe also details the years of depression he has battled while denying his sexuality from the world.

Source: This is a link to an example website

As someone who grew up in the same area as him (and cousins who went to school with him) I say 'no shit'
aquaecolore posted to ohnotheydidnt July 12 2014, 13:09

Radiohead to begin 'rehearsing and recording' new album in September

Radiohead will begin rehearsing and recording again in September, guitarist Jonny Greenwood has confirmed.

The band are currently pursuing solo projects and enjoying a break from official band duty following the end of touring their last album, 'The King Of Limbs.'

Speaking on Mary Anne Hobbes' BBC 6Music show earlier today (July 12), Greenwood was asked what Radiohead are up to at the moment and said, "We're going to start up in September, playing, rehearsing and recording and see how it's sounding."

These comments correlate with what Greenwood said about the band regrouping this summer to discuss their next album in different interview earlier this year. Speaking then he said that the "slow moving animal" will gain life in the coming months.

Earlier this year, Jonny's brother Colin Greenwood said that Radiohead's plans for a new album were "up in the air" as members of the band focus on side projects.

Quizzed on current activity in the Radiohead camp, Greenwood said: "It's all up in the air at the minute. Thom's just come back from touring Atoms For Peace and he's having some quiet time. I'm sorry to be vague but we're all just taking it easy at the moment. Just enjoying being at home and hanging out really. But at the same time, the vibe is very much Oxford and all good! It's like that."

bemythugtonight posted to ohnotheydidnt July 12 2014, 13:08

Zendaya Megapost

Jason Derulo & Zendaya will appear at the TCA
Teen Choice AwardsCollapse )

Zendaya To Appear on 'L.A. Hair' This Week
Fresh Faced PicturesCollapse )

From Shake It Up to Starlet: See How Zendaya Has Grown Up
yassCollapse )

Zendaya Performs "Replay" and John Legend's "All of Me!"
Video behind the cutCollapse )

New photoshoot for whatever
GORGEOUSCollapse )

Latest Insta pics
dat so crayCollapse )
i hope y'all have a beautiful saturday =3
and of course this post is dedicated to all of us 7 stans and the cody simpson stan <3 bless y'all
katebishops posted to ohnotheydidnt July 12 2014, 13:08

Attack on Titan season 2 gets release date!!


Well, here's the good news for Attack On Titan fans! Season 2 will be aired on July 26 2014.

read mireCollapse )
images (3)
Attack on Titan star Levi graces cover of Japanese women’s magazine
Well, the public has already come forward and said that Attack on Titan‘s abrasive, but secretly caring Levi is one the most dateable anime characters of all time (the public also said they love boobs… a lot), so it’s no surprise that Levi is getting the star treatment even outside of anime circles.
On June 27, Levi graced the cover of the popular women’s magazine, FRaU, for the magazine’s book and manga special edition that included a manga awards page – several of which, no doubt, Levi is now the proud owner of.
Artist and Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama drew the cover especially for the issue, which features Levi reclining in a fancy office chair, with a manga and a pair of classy loafers; a look the youthful hero probably doesn’t get to sport too often in the world of Attack on Titan.
Inside, the issue featured a long interview with Isayama where he talked about, uh… anime things. I don’t know, okay? I was too embarrassed to pick up a copy at the convenience store.
The special issue obviously indicates that women and girls are reading and enjoying Attack on Titan as much as the guys are, alluding to the possibility that the runaway hit manga and anime’s secret to success is broad appeal, despite the series’ ultra-violence and dystopian setting.
The 12-page feature and the rest of the magazine – if you’re into male J-Pop idols and girls fashion advice – can be yours at newsstands and convenience stores for 690 yen (US$6.80).

the full cover

smallandneedy posted to baby_names July 12 2014, 09:21

No subject

Saw a strange sibset the other day. Parents seemed to be ethnic Norwegian judging from their very normal Norwegian names.

Their sons however: Kimilian and Davian.

I checked our official name statistics and these are the only kids with these names in Norway. I'm thinking made up, but I have no idea. WDYT?
blush_freak posted to mac_cosmetics July 12 2014, 06:28


Superb msf (usage dosent matter usage as my sis in law is looking for one)
makeup forever empty flash palette
viseart empty cases (12 or 24 empty ones)

As cheap as possible please! Will paypal!
whitefox posted to ohnotheydidnt July 12 2014, 05:49

Justin Religiously Watches Selena's Every Move

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are desperate to make each other insanely jealous ... at least that's how it looks after they both flaunted their dinner dates with new people.
The first shot came from Selena on Wednesday night when she hit Tao in NYC with 26-year-old model Tanz Watson ... who wasted no time posting a sexy pic of Selena pressed up against him.

Then the Biebs responded last night with his own Instagram of himself and model Yovanna Ventura at dinner in LA with the caption, "dinner for 2 ;)."
Sources close to the exes tell us Justin religiously watches Selena's every move on social media -- so this is no coincidence.
As for who's winning the war -- well, Beliebers have already coined the term, Jovanna for Justin and his new chick.
+1Collapse )

Mess!! Do you stalk any of your exes on social media?
tracerbullitt posted to ohnotheydidnt July 12 2014, 05:49

'Guardians of the Galaxy' On Track For $60+ Million Domestic Opening Weekend

Disney's next Marvel superhero movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” is tracking for an opening in the $60 million range, according to pre-release data that came online Thursday. That's a strong early projection for the film, which will introduce a new set of lesser-known Marvel Comics characters when it opens nationwide on Aug. 1.

James Gunn directs the action-adventure epic about a band of extraterrestrial misfits on the run after stealing a coveted orb, and co-wrote with Nicole Perlman. “Guardians” stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Lee Pace, Djimon Hounsou, Benicio Del Toro, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close and Karen Gillan. Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel and Josh Brolin will voice characters.

Marvel movies have been front and center this summer, including “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” which debuted in April. But “Guardians” is based on a comic-book series less well known those properties, and most moviegoers will be unfamiliar with characters like Star Lord (Pratt), Rocket Raccoon (Cooper), Thanos (Brolin) and Groot (Diesel).

It's big bet for Disney, with a production budget of $170 million. But the payoff will be considerable if the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is able to launch another franchise. It will open against “Get On Up,” the James Brown biopic starring Chadwick Boseman (“42”).

Meanwhile, BoxOffice.com projects it will open at $68 million and gross $187 million domesticallyCollapse )

Bonus: 27 (5) Actors Who Were Reportedly Almost Cast in GotGCollapse )

1 2 and 3, for the rest of the bonus stuff

Another of Marvel's Chrises coming to slay

isntdaveone posted to ohnotheydidnt July 12 2014, 05:48

In Denial? Phaedra Not Really Thinking About Apollo's Sentence, Throwing Herself Into Work!!!!

When Apollo Nida was sentenced to eight years in prison earlier this week, fans were left with many questions: When will he actually enter jail? How much restitution will he have to pay? And most importantly, where was his wife, Phaedra Parks? Parks seems to have abandoned her man at his time of need — but now Kandi Burruss has come forward with an explanation.

“She’s basically working,” Burruss said in a new interview with Hollywoodlife.com. “That’s how I deal with things too; when I have a lot going on, I just put more into work. I know that she’s promoting her book and doing her book tour,” Burruss said of Parks’ Secrets of the Southern Belle, which was released in November.

But is Nida buying the excuse? Asked by local news reporters why his wife was a no-show at the Atlanta sentencing, he said, “I don’t know. We have other issues. She had to go ahead and take care of our children.”

Nida previously insisted he hoped his wife would stand by him if he were incarcerated.

“I think Phaedra, in a perfect world, should be supportive as a wife should be,” he said. “But if she chooses to derail from the plan, that’s what she chooses to do.”

Now, she hasn’t been seen with her husband since April 4, with Nida telling Radar the couple were “working on” their relationship.

+ Is Kandi Pregnant By Todd? + Teresa Dodges Questions About Prison! + Vicki Is A Grandma Again!Collapse )
theblackwidow posted to ohnotheydidnt July 12 2014, 04:40

Snowpiercer, VOD, and the future of film distribution


June 27, a bold new sci-fi film opened in theaters. Critics raved. Fanboys exulted. Word-of-mouth was overwhelmingly positive. No, it wasn’t “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

Upon its release, South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s “Snowpiercer” appeared to have the trappings of a summertime theatrical hit. It had a grabby premise (haves and have-nots battling it out on a train hurtling through a post-apocalyptic landscape). It had wall-to-wall action (sword fights, fistfights, gunfights). It had a major star (Chris Evans of the “Captain America" and "Avengers" franchises) and a compelling, daring actress (Tilda Swinton).

There was just one bump in the road to potential box office glory: “Snowpiercer” opened in only eight theaters. Yes, eight. That's 4,225 fewer than “Transformers" debuted in the very same day.

Well, if you've been frustrated — or perhaps just bewildered — that you haven't yet been able to see one of the most acclaimed films of the summer (Rotten Tomatoes' score: 94%), it’s about to get a whole lot easier. Just two weeks after hitting theaters, “Snowpiercer” will be available as of Friday on VOD, much earlier than a theatrically released film normally would be.

InterestingCollapse )


Best movie I've seen all year and Chris Evans SLAYED
the_ocean_club posted to ohnotheydidnt July 12 2014, 04:40

Iggy Azalea diss track goes viral

When you’re a leggy, blonde rapper who dates a Black ball player and appear to be an overnight media darling, the target on your back could be pretty humongous. Like, say…the size of Australia.

The more success Iggy Azalea brings about for herself, the more controversy and drama she will likely engage in as well. At press time, there is a photoshopped Facebook shot of her with Drake, T.I. and B.o.B with her social media handle using the n-word making its rounds throughout the Internet. And many took her response to the Nicki Minaj/BET situation as a diss and ran it with it like cold pigskin on a Sunday afternoon.

Now she is the victim to a verbal thrashing (and subsequent on-screen death) at the hands of Madd Mary, a California MC whose bone she had to pick with Iggy just ends up becoming a stabbing weapon.

Read more...Collapse )

teresalynn1980 posted to mac_cosmetics July 12 2014, 04:36

New Sale! MAC Lipsticks and MSFs! Some Smashbox , Urban Decay, Too Faced and more!

Last ISO/Sale a week ago
ISO Diana Ross items (Miss Ross, Blushes, Powders. Even empty items please)

Prices Include Shipping in US (if you are international, please PM me for shipping quote)
Please pay invoices within 2 hours unless we have made other arrangements ahead of you being sent the invoice

Feel free to make REASONABLE offers :)
YAY MAKEUP!Collapse )
ajb92504 posted to cooking July 12 2014, 04:25

on-the-go/easily reheated meals?

Our daughter has swimming lessons in the evenings starting next Monday that will go for 2 weeks. Class time is an hour after I get off work, and we live 20 miles away, so running home for supper is not feasible. We will have access to a fridge and microwave at DH's workplace, where we will likely hang out for that hour to eat.
What are some options for meals for those 2 weeks? The things I thought of are sandwiches, and making a batch of hotdish that can be reheated... what else? I have a feeling those options will get boring quickly. I'll have to do most of the cooking on the weekends because we won't get home until around 8:30 each night.
No dietary restrictions, other than I'm watching calorie intake for weight loss, so mostly healthy options are a plus. Also I don't care for fish/seafood (although DH and DD like it.) Budget-friendly is good too.
violet_crumble9 posted to ohnotheydidnt July 12 2014, 04:16

'Better Call Saul': New photos, details from 'Breaking Bad' spin-off

The producers of Better Call Saul are answering some questions about the hotly anticipated Breaking Bad spin-off prequel, and AMC is releasing some new photos. Writer-producers Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould took questions from reporters at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Beverly Hills on Friday.  Here’s what we learned:

1. The series regulars and their confirmed character names joining star Bob Odenkirk: Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad) as “fixer” Mike Erhmantraut, Michael McKean (This is Spinal Tap) as Chuck, Rhea Seehorn (Franklin & Bash) as Kim, Patrick Fabian (Grey’s Anatomy) as Hamlin and Michael Mando (Orphan Black) as Nacho.

I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it.Collapse )
littlejumper01 posted to 50bookchallenge July 12 2014, 04:16

Book #2-6 Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series

Title: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Author: Rick Riordan
Genre: Young Adult/Juvenile Reader, Fantasy
percyjacksonbazbox I actually started the year off reading this series. I have gone a very long time with out reading a book, and then I got at Barnes & Noble, so of course I was exposed to books every day. With this series, I had heard so much about it and my sister had read the first book. I borrowed it from her and read it fairly quickly. It is fast-paced, funny and entertaining. I proceed to go to work the next day and bought the rest of the series and the next series Heroes of Olympus. I read through those just as quickly. The last book however, The Last Olympian, I read in a single day. The action was more intense, the stacks were higher, I could not put it down. It was a good ending to a good series. For those who are fans of Harry Potter, I would highly recommend this book.

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