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dfabb posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 05:07

Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes assaulted by Lollapalooza security after performance

dev hynes

Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes and his girlfriend, Friends singer Samantha Urbani, were allegedly assaulted by Lollapalooza security staff following Hynes’ performance at the festival on Friday.

Hynes detailed the incident on his Twitter account. He said three security members first confronted Urbani and then “grabbed my neck and threw me to the ground.” They were both injured in the altercation and plan to press charges, according to Hynes.

Coincidentally, Hynes gave a speech on racism and police brutality during his Lollapalooza performance and was wearing a t-shirt that featured the names of such victims, including Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

Lollapalooza has yet to address the incident.

some of dev's tweets about what happenedCollapse )

source w/ more tweets from dev and his gf

this is so fucking horrible. apparently on the lollapalooza fb page, comments and questions about what happened are getting deleted as soon as they go up. i'm glad they weren't seriously injured, at least :/
tracerbullitt posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 04:57

Chris Pratt Says Marvel Checked On His Weight As He Prepared For 'Guardians' Role

It isn’t often we’re treated to a man’s perspective on the pressure to be thin and fit in Hollywood, but Chris Pratt has recently opened up about both. “They would send someone over to my house to measure me every week,” the 35-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy actor recently explained of how movie studios would hound him to shape up by sending people to check in on him regularly.

“It was like I was on The Biggest Loser but there was no camera crew. They would send me prop guns… I would take a picture with it, pose with the gun so they could see how it looked in my hand. Meanwhile, what they’re secretly doing is, ‘How fat is Chris, still?’ And that’s what the photo was. They’re like, ‘Oh, we also need you to try on these gloves. Make sure it’s a full body shot with the glove on.’ Oh, yeah, thanks.”

The man who gained a large amount of weight for his role in Delivery Man went on to share, “I’m sure I can’t relate to what females go through in Hollywood, but I do know what it feels like to eat emotionally. To be sad and make yourself happy with food, and then be almost immediately sad again, and then ashamed. Then, you to try to hide those feelings with more food. I know what that’s like. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s a very real thing. So, I know what it’s like to have body image issues.

“I also know that, if you just work hard and you enlist the help of good coaches, and you are coach-able and willing to work hard, you can actually change that. I offer a course. It’s $4,500. Anyone who has these issues, just get a hold of my people, and we’ll set it up. I’ll walk you through it. I don’t really offer a course.”


morgan90 posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 04:38

Will "Guardians of the Galaxy" break records with a $98 million weekend?

The grosses keep going up and up and up. Disney/Marvel Studios’ pulpy space adventure Guardians Of The Galaxy – anticipated as the "coolest & weirdest blockbuster" starring little-known superheroes with running jokes and 1970s pop songs – is targeting a huge $40M today and a gigantic $98M first domestic weekend from an August theater count record of 4,080.

Costing $170M, Guardians Of The Galaxy is shattering the August record set 7 years ago by the Bourne Ultimatum‘s $69.2M and targeting this summer’s and this year’s $100M weekend sales record set by Transformers 4. It also may bust the 2014 summer slump which has domestic box office grosses down -20%. Thursday late shows started at 7 PM with $11.2M for by far the best pre-opening total of 2014. This beginning of a new edgy franchise topped the $10.2M start for Marvel’s sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier in April which up to now was the year’s biggest and other summer titles like Godzilla ($9.3M), Transformers: Age Of Extinction ($8.75M) and Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($8.7M). Helped by great reviews (91% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes), it was also the most untested and uncertain property yet to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Big online movie ticketseller Fandango reported that Guardians Of The Galaxy was scooping up 93% of all pre-sales going into today. Pic on Thursday also opened strong internationally in the UK, Russia, Brazil, Korea and a selection of smaller markets (Taiwan, Malaysia, Argentina, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and Denmark) for a big $11M cume. The worldwide total is now a big $22.2M going into today. Pic starts in 42 countries – 50% of foreign – this weekend. Domestically, the 354 IMAX screens produced $1.9M (17%) last night for the biggest domestic August pre-show ever and second-best advance Thursday behind only Iron Man 3.


Staying the hell out of the comments because I'm not seeing GoTG until tomorrow
dib0n posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 04:09

Liam Payne and Sophia Smith's Yacht Getaway

CHEEKY pop pin-up Liam Payne gives his girlfriend a playful wedgie as they frolic together on a yacht.

The 20-year-old One Direction star cheekily tugged at Sophia Smith’s bikini bottoms during a break in the South of France.

It is the clearest sign yet that the former school pals from Wolverhampton, who split in May, have got their relationship back on track.

Last week Liam posted a photo of 20-year-old Sophia on Instagram, with a caption reading: “I must be the luckiest man in the world.”
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snggdsyreus posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 04:08

In Honor of Harry Potter's Birthday, JKR Has Announced...

that the final chapters of GoF are up on Pottermore...

Following today’s release of the final instalment (chapters 21-37), you can now explore Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in its entirety on pottermore.com!

Learn more about owls, the wizarding world’s faithful feathered friends, in another exclusive new entry by J.K. Rowling; see Harry, Ron and Hermione attempt to restrain Hagrid’s six-foot-long Blast-Ended Skrewts; experience Harry’s journey through the vast maze in the third and final task of the Triwizard Tournament and much more…
Excerpt from ‘Illness and Disability’ by J.K. Rowling:

I pondered the issue of illness and disability very early in the creation of Harry’s world. Did wizards catch colds? Could they cure illnesses that baffled Muggles? Were there disabled wizards? What were the limits of wizarding medicine, or could it fix anything?

Have you ever wondered about how witches and wizards deal with illnesses in the wizarding world?  J.K. Rowling answers all of your questions in her exclusive new writing ‘Illness and Disability’, available to discover in the Moment ‘Snape’s Dark Mark’ in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire now!

We enjoy reading your thoughts on each of the Moments, so don't forget to leave a comment directly beneath them on pottermore.com. You can also share your favourite #GobletOfFire discoveries from the new chapters on Facebook and Twitter.

tl;dr--New info on owls, wizarding illnesses, and Luna's mother's name was Pandora


So disappointed... I thought she was hinting that something big would happen on the 31st :(
asuka4eva posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 03:46

A Ranking of Comic-Con's Best Geek Couture

Here in San Diego, the devil wears Divergent. We attended the first ever Comic-Con geek couture fashion show on July 24 — and we were absolutely blown away. Fandom fashion retailer Her Universe called upon the galaxy's most stylish designers, both professional and amateur, to present their original, handmade creations on the runway.

What we saw was not cosplay. Oh no, these gowns could have belonged on the pages of Vogue or at New York Fashion Week. As one of the designers put it: for those who aren't geeks, the clothing would just seem cute and unique, but for those who are geeks and can recognize the reference, the garment has a special twist.

Ultimately, the event was a competition, in which the winner will codesign a fashion collection exclusively for Hot Topic. But in all honesty, the winner was all fangirls, everywhere, who now live in a time where wearing a t-shirt to express fandom isn't the only option. Continue on for a ranking of our favorite geeky gowns from the Her Universe show!

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eaglefan2011 posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 03:30

Pacers' Paul George suffers gruesome injury

LAS VEGAS -- Indiana Pacers star Paul George suffered an apparent severe lower right leg injury Friday night during the Team USA intrasquad showcase game at UNLV's Thomas & Mack Center.

George's leg landed and then buckled at the base of the basket stanchion after he fouled James Harden on a drive to the basket just 27 seconds into the fourth quarter.

Teammates nearby immediately reacted with Harden doubling over as George recoiled on the baseline. Medics, U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski and members of George's family who were at the game rushed to his side.

His right leg was put in an air cast and he was taken to a local hospital after being treated for about 15 minutes on the court.

After he left in an ambulance, the rest of the game -- which pitted players in camp for the U.S. as it looks to trim its roster ahead of the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain that begins Aug. 30 -- was canceled.
tw:it's gruesomeCollapse )

xadyx posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 03:11

Janet Crushes Her Fans' Hopes: “If There Is A New Project You’ll Hear It From My Lips”

If there is a new project, you’ll hear it from my lips.
Hours after her sound engineer teased the release of a brand new album, Janet Jackson has revealed that if anybody’s to announce the launch of a new LP…it’ll be her.

Her message to her fans below…

Sharing the message above on Twitter minutes ago, her words will further tug at the heart strings of fans.

For,Jackson found herself at the centre of digital media blitz yesterday when her engineer’s announcement saw much of her fan base rejoice at the news, only to see it thrown into disrepute with this short but sweet response.


isntdaveone posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 03:11


Shemar Moore On His Return To Y&R!

Shemar Moore says he always wanted to return to The Young and the Restless, the CBS soap that launched him onto Criminal Minds, where he’s played FBI agent Derek Morgan for nine years.

And now he’s getting that chance. Moore, who starred on Y&R for eight years (over two separate stints), will return to the daytime fold for the first time since 2005, reprising his role as Malcolm Winters for two Y&R episodes airing Sept. 10 and 11.

Plot details are scant — Moore says he hasn't seen a script yet — but it's known Malcolm Winters will return home to “make amends” with family, including his brother.

“I just knew at some point when I thought it made sense I would love to go back if they would have me … to act in the show and play with my old family,” Moore told me. “I’m not leaving Criminal Minds but I’m getting a chance to go back to where it all started. When they asked me to go back [to Y&R] it was a no-brainer,”.

“I have a feeling when I get there it will feel just like yesterday and I’ll give Kristoff a big old hug and jump right back into [Malcolm’s] shoes. The fans haven’t forgotten about me and it’s nice to see the excitement is still there,” he says, alluding to the social media buzz that followed the announcement of Moore’s Y&R return.

“And I hope it’s not the only time I can do this. I hope they write [the episodes] in a way that maybe this is something I can do from time to time. A lot of people get successful and it’s like their soap days never happened. I’ll never be that guy. I’ve always said I wouldn’t be where I am today without Y&R and Malcolm Winters, and without [late show creator] Bill Bell taking a chance on me.”

Despite his long workday on Criminal Minds, Moore says he “peeks in on” Y&R from time to time. “I haven’t kept up, but …. many times I’ll come into the makeup room and they’re watching Y&R, so I’ll sit there and go, ‘Oh, there’s [former Y&R co-stars] Peter Bergman. There’s Eric Braeden.’ It doesn’t feel like 10 years has gone by.”

+ Teresa Castillo Returns To GH! + The Bold & The Beautiful Goes Live! + Why Alison Sweeney Quit DAYS! + More News! + Flashback Friday! + Previews For Next Week!Collapse )
sunsettwist posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 03:11

This Is What Tris Will Look Like In “Insurgent”

not this

When Insurgent hits theaters in March 2015, viewers won’t be seeing the long-haired Tris (Shailene Woodley) they came to know in 2014’s Divergent, the first film in the trilogy based on Veronica Roth’s novels. Instead, the character will be rocking the blonde pixie cut Woodley sported at 2014’s San Diego Comic-Con.

This is what you’ll be seeingCollapse )

thrillisgone_89 posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 02:21

Meghan Trainor On 'All About That Bass': It's About 'Loving Your Body … And Your Booty' (Q&A)

Meghan Trainor's debut hit "All About That Bass" is more than a pop song with an infectious beat. Its message of self-acceptance is also helping it soar. "I'm here to tell you that every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!," Trainor sings in "Bass," which mixes its moral with a satisfyingly complex tropical and retro-R&B/Motown blend.

The recipe is clearly working: "Bass" ranks at No. 54 on the Aug. 2 Billboard Hot 100, up from its No. 84 debut the week before, fueled by a 63 percent rise to 64,000 downloads sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It also enters the Aug. 9 Pop Songs airplay chart at No. 37.

Further proof of (and an extra catalyst for) its popularity: "Obsessed with Meghan Trainor's 'all about that bass'!!!!," Colbie Caillat Tweeted on July 19. "(That booty booty, that booty booty) ;)"

+++++Collapse )
cageyb posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 02:10

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda (HQ Radio Edit)

After setting the internet on fire with the song’s artwork, Nicki Minaj debuts her new single “Anaconda.” Sampling Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” the Polow Da Don and Da Internz-produced single stays close to the original, where the Queen Barbz gets as explicit as her cover art on the bouncy record.

Set to hit iTunes on August 4, Nicki’s new single serves as a follow-up to “Pills N Potions,” both set to appear on Minaj’s third solo LP The Pink Print due later this year. Get playful with Nicki on “Anaconda” below.

listen at the SOURCE

Edit: and here: http://shoulderblades.tumblr.com/post/93549812599/dopegaga-nicki-minaj-anaconda-momther
This is a high quality official version different from the low quality leak from earlier
filmfreakfranco posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 02:10

Univision ranked No. 1 network among key demo in July sweeps

For the second year in a row, Spanish-language television network Univision nabbed the No. 1 spot in prime time among 18-to-49-year-old viewers during the July sweeps.

Univision Communications said its flagship Univision network outpaced its English-language competitors during the prime-time hours among the demographic group most important to advertisers.

Univision Chief Executive Randy Falco said maintaining the No. 1 position for two consecutive July sweeps "validates our strong position in the industry amidst increased competition."

The company also said its station in Los Angeles ranked as No. 1 most watched station in the country during prime time and throughout the day among the key demographic. Its New York station ranked second.

In years past, the major broadcast networks largely hung a "Gone Fishing" sign during the summer months, content to run repeat episodes of their scripted dramas and comedies. But last year, CBS found great success running scripted originals during the summer with "Under the Dome," and this year added more originals.

Still, Univision proved to be more popular with viewers under the age of 50. source

Show's the importance the Latin@ community is starting to play in America, SAY!
isntdaveone posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 00:56

10 Years Ago, Lauren Conrad And Her Laguna Beach Pals Predicted Where They’d Be In 10 Years!!!!!!!!!

With successful fashion lines in full swing, a number of books under her belt and what’s sure to be a knockout wedding on the way, it’s safe to say 28-year-old Lauren Conrad is living the good life. But did she see it all happening for herself when she was a wide-eyed 18?

While screening some old school Laguna Beach clips straight from 2004, we stumbled upon a segment in which recent high school graduates LC, Lo Bosworth and their pals Christina Schuller and Morgan Olsen relax poolside and bask in the glow of their teenage freedom.

Soon, conversation becomes a question of where the ladies see each other winding up in 10 years (that’s 2014, if you’re keeping score).

Some predictions are realistic (“You’ll be married and living back here,” Christina envisions of Morgan), others are dreamy (“You’ll see Lo at the reunion waltzing in with her bling fur,” Lauren anticipates), but what do the ladies foresee happening for Lauren?

Watch the segment below, tune in to select episodes of Laguna Beach today and tomorrow from 9 a.m. until noon and tag your corresponding tweets with #LagunaLooks!

*vid at source if this gets blocked*

source: MTV

did youse all's personal predictions from high school is come true?
cyberghostface posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 00:56

Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood get chased by a biker gang in their film 'Into the Forest'

Actresses Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood found themselves in a spot of bother on Wednesday when they were surrounded by a gang of menacing-looking bikers.

But thankfully they were just filming a scene for their upcoming sci-fi, Into The Forest, which Ellen is producing.

The duo, who have become firm friends since working on the project together, got into character looking anxious as they sat in a Jeep Cherokee on-set in Squamish, Canada.

Ellen, 27, looked pensive in the front passenger seat, biting on a fingernail and giving cursory glances out the window now and again at the leather-clad and tattooed gang.

She wore an olive green military-style shirt with blue jeans and pinned her brunette locks up away from her face.

Evan meanwhile rode in the back of the vehicle with a look of alert concern, her bobbed blonde hair neatly styled in centre parting.

Into The Forest is an adaptation of Jean Hegland's novel of the same name. It follows two sisters (played by Ellen and Evan) who live in a remote ancient forest trying to survive after the collapse of society. Patricia Rozema is directing.

More under the cut...Collapse )

mysticlady3 posted to ohnotheydidnt August 2 2014, 00:55

Orlando Bloom Ecstatically Dances to Pharrell's 'Happy' Post-Justin Bieber Fight

Orlando Bloom is so over that Justin Bieber fight.

Judging from this video taken of Bloom, 37, dancing to Pharrell's hit song Happy in Spain on July 31, 2014, the Lord of the Rings star has clearly put his brawl with the Biebs in Ibiza, Spain on Wednesday behind him.

Bloom is seen in a white t-shirt and orange shorts in the video taken Thursday, having lunch on the beach with friends.

Video after the cut...Collapse )

Source: http://www.etonline.com/news/149194_orlando_bloom_dances_to_pharrell_happy_post_justin_bieber_fight/

The definition of white boy dancing. If the video doesn't embed then just click on the link to see it.

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