Fic: On this unworthy scaffold to bring forth

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Title: On this unworthy scaffold to bring forth
Author: __marcelo
Fandom: DC Comics/V for Vendetta
Rating: PG13.
Pairings: None.
Notes: For ithurtsmybrain: 147. Cassandra Cain (Batgirl)/V (V for Vendetta). Cassandra/V. V/Cassandra. You understand, I just *had* to write something.

It took an special sort of man to realize that even the most despicable tyranny that had ever oppressed fair England could -would, once it felt threatened- raise heroes.Collapse )


doc savage
Scribbled down quickly, as I have tons of things to do before taking a bus home to visit the folks.

Random, disjointed thoughts on VCollapse )

Today: Geekgasm

doc savage
V for Vendetta: It was as problematic and interesting as the original comic; the changes took away things and added other things. Note 1 of surely many: I still think most revolutions are bad ideas. Note 2 of surely many: The casting was absolutely *superb*. If anything, everybody looked truer to the characters than the comics themselves.

Teen Titans 34: *hahahahaahahahahahahhahaha* I CAN NO LONGER PUT "I DON'T OWN DC" IN MY FIC DISCLAIMERS, CAN I?

"V for Vendetta" movie drabble of sorts.

doc savage
The movie is out. Let the bad "V" fic begin. *sigh*

Having yet to see the movie (I live in Argentina and want to see this one on the big screen, so it'll take a while), the spoilers are.... well, it's a movie based on an Alan Moore comic. I think it's a miracle that they got it as well as they did, as partially (according to what I gather from reviews) as that was (PS: What about a Zenith movie?).

Anyway. A short drabble, with vague second-hand spoilers.

Dreams and lies.Collapse )

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