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T is for Ted

Still silly. Will make no sense if you haven't read K is for Kon first.

Picture a weird forest full of people running and yelling.Collapse )

K is for Kon

Warning: This will look a lot crackier than it really is, unless you've read Superman: Where Is Thy Sting?.

He was sure it hadn"t been like this for Superman.Collapse )

J is for Jim Gordon

PG13. Reason #13,822,339 to love the DCU: it's canon that Jim Gordon comes back from the opera by train - and mass transit in Gotham is exactly what you'd expect it to be.

He"s not going home as much as *being* at home.Collapse )

G is for Green Lantern

PG13. Toonverse again. Sort of AU, but clearly one of the ways in which the JL season arc could have gone.

Some habits are hard to break. Specially the ones that make you feel proud.Collapse )

F is for Flash

PG13. Toonverse Flash, so I kind of cheated. Absolutely plot-free.

Radio hosts call it "the quiet"Collapse )

D is for Doctor Leslie Thompkins

DC has helpfully retconned at least *that* horrible, stupid, OOC nightmare, so this is PG13, but not AU.

She has seen bloodied girls before.Collapse )

C is for Cadmus

PG13. Set in a vague timeframe when Cadmus was active and relatively secret, and of course their employees, including the scientists, had to eat at the organization's cafeteria.

We all know how bad company food usually is.Collapse )

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