Special Note to Buenos Aires SGA Fen

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One of the guys who sells tickets at the Teatro General San Martín looks *totally* like a thin John Sheppard with grayish hair. I'm just saying.



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1. Hugs and chocolates to everybody in HP fandom. It does sound like a traumatic reveal, and I hope things will heal up OK.

2. If my entire flist turns out to be sockpuppets for somebody, can I marry/sell myself as an slave to/pledge to follow in world conquest said somebody? Because she/he would have to have an IQ of 200something, the porn skills of a Bene Gesserit and an in-brain link to Wikipedia to be all of you at the same time.

... Smallville!Lex, it's you, isn't it?


Detective Comics #820

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1. Crane: Own3d.
2. Timmy: Jump from that car, and *keep* running. Trust me on that.


The state of me

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In lieu of, you know, actual content.

* Almost done convincing my college that, despite all evidence, I am going to graduate one of these years please don't kick me out thanks.
* Work still toeing the line between chaos and utter catastrophe. Go me. Still no idea of where most of my income will be coming from next year. Isn't "Free Agent Nation" swell?
* Among the books I'm reading right now (god forbid I should do one thing at a time): The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. The *FLAILING*. The utter flailing. I haven't read but 2.68% of the book (according to my trusty Weasel Reader), yet I'm already utterly fascinated with the guy and his textual voice. People who know more than me (everybody, but perhaps derryderrydown specifically) might inform me otherwise, but right now I have the impression that this is an *honest* book above everything else. I'm hooked.

Fannishly: Between squees? Still love everybody I loved, but it feels like nothing much is happening right now (great job, DC! [/sarcasm]), and while I watch and read in a lot of other fandoms, I don't have much of a writing itch right now.

A challenge or three right now would be just swell. Any ideas? (Alternatively: I'll write whatever anybody tells me to in the comments, I'm in that sort of mood *g*)


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