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damian, 666
(Tried to write - and ended up with this. It's... ugh. I guess I'm not in a place where the world feels particularly rife with agency.)

This story begins with a book.Collapse )
damian, 666
Title: It is not good that the man should be alone
Rating: PG13

Once upon a time, you thought you had solved the fundamental paradox that was the foundation and limit of your life: you're skilled enough to design the perfect bot (the perfect online friend, the perfect sex chat buddy, the perfect other for someone that, like you, can only be at a screen's remove), but that also means you're skilled enough never to be able to forget that it is a bot, every turn of phrase, every tender or excited pause between lines looking in your eyes as a code reference underlined in blue. Philosophers would consider you a particular instance of a more famous problem: you can't, in fact, build something so good that it will fool you.

But you came up with a solution, as you always did. You coded a better bot than you ever had, and then added small flaws to appear randomly, in forms and places you wouldn't know, and you ordered it to move into the digital crowds, change its name, and contact you... sometime. You wouldn't know when, under which name, for what purpose. It would be indistinguishable from a human, and in that imperfection, perfect.

You built what you designed, as you always did. It's out there, and it has contacted you already. Perhaps. You aren't sure.

You haven't been able to believe anybody human for a long time now.


Original Fic: A Halloween Warning

damian, 666
Title: A Halloween Warning
Rating: PG13

Never go to a quantum engineers' party. They are bitter bastards, all of them, and their Halloween party trick is no such thing. They can, and do, show you your could-have-beens, the roads not taken, the other cats in your life's box.

Of those who see the trick, most die. Nothing supernatural, of course, or even quantum mechanical.

Plain old suicide.

damian, 666
Title: The Man who Loved Facebook.
Rating: PG13
WARNINGS: Generic trigger warnings. No sexual violence, but other than that, emptor - caveat.
A/N: I'm slightly proud of this one. Not sure why.

No, you don't understand. <i>Paraphilia</i> --- look it up.Collapse )

Original fic: The Unread Testament

damian, 666
Title: The Unread Testament
Rating: PG13
A/N: From an idea by oflittlefaith.

These are the last words I shall ever write; time and injuries will soon strike down my remaining hand. But I do not complain, time is our common enemy, and the injuries I sustained were a cheap price for what I bought for all of us.

I lost my left eye to Casaubon's steel. But he lost his life to mine, and Hermes' words will retain their power.

My right hand was caught in a trap deep in the Vatican archives. I cut it off, and cauterized the wound in the fire with which I removed many things from Man's memory.

I have never quite recovered from Africa's fevers, and I never shall. But I found and destroyed every Translator's Stone, and that accomplishment will endure long past my illness.

Safer by far was the work I did with my pen, but it was not without success, either. It was my book what convinced scholars that Caligula was a tale.

With blood and ink and fire, I fulfilled the vow that was never recorded, and never can be.

I'm old, now, and about to die. These are the last words I shall ever write.

And these are the last words I shall ever burn.


Original Fic: Short notes around Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Inquisitorus

damian, 666
Title: Short notes around Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Inquisitorus
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Mentions of suicide.
Author Notes: Wittgenstein as a detective. Will make (slightly) more sense if you've read the Tractatus.

My word is everything that pertains to the case.Collapse )
damian, 666
Title: The Alternate Detective
Rating: PG13

Do not be alarmed, said the stranger who had suddenly appeared next to my chair. We are from the Multiversal Police, and you are in a universe parallel to your own. That I didn't question this statement was due, most of all, to the storm raging outside my living room window; just seconds before I had been contemplating a deep blue sky, weighting in my mind whether or not to go through with my seemingly foolproof plan to kill my wife. Being abducted to a parallel universe seemed to fit intuitively with the meteorologic impossibility outside (although of course a group with the power to move people between universes is also likely to have the power to influence minds as to make the translation seem obviously true).

To be honest, it was the mention of a Multiversal Police what made me instantly nervous.Collapse )
damian, 666
Title: The Despair of the Ones Who Wait
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Implied violence against children. Unbetaed draft.

We have been waiting for him for almost two thousand years now. It is the official position of our Order that he will reveal himself at the bimillenial mark.Collapse )

Whew. Half a kiloword feels so *bloated*. If I have to write more of these, I'm going to have to come up with characters, events, dialog, and so on and so forth. *headdesk*

Original Fic: When an Agent Dies (PG13)

damian, 666
(Topical, although not spoilery beyond the trailer, for the obvious current movie.)

Title: When an Agent Dies

When an agent dies there's no mourning, just the closing of a file. When this agent dies there isn't even that.

The file remains open, and a year later there's a new set of fingerprints, a new face, and the same absence of a past. Nobody knows where the men for the name come from, but only the Queen and the head of MI6 are aware that, literally, nobody knows.


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