Thinking of Tim and Cass today

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Not sure why.

(Although I am gradually switching off my antidepressants as part of an experiment with my therapist(s), and the last time I was fully off-meds, Robin was a short overenthusiastic nerd who stalked Dick Grayson, and Batgirl was this slight wisp of a girl who hadn't been taught to read and could beat the crap out of Batman hand to hand. It feels too simplistic to say "cause and effect", but in any case I don't mind. I still love those two lethally overcompetent dorks to death.)


damian, 666
* Batman #689 is love. Mind you, I'm still waiting for Bruce to show up in a few months or a year, but Dick is doing a great job. In a couple of panels Dick (cowl-less) was drawn a bit like early!Batman Bruce, which I think was a nice touch.

* If you like CS, this interview about the Google File System is quite interesting. If you like (mathematical) physics, this article is very cool; bits about graphene, but also quite enlightening about QM in general.

* A historical moment: I archived my old handmade RSS reader (which I have been working on for, gods of the depth, more than ten years), and switched to Google Reader. RSS reading is no longer a competitive advantage anyway. Time to move on.


Dammit, brain!

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Moleskine notebooks don't make you more creative. Moleskine notebooks are stupidly expensive notebooks. Moleskine notebooks are just a way to say 'well, yes, I am a writer.' I don't need a Moleskine notebook.

I want a Moleskine notebook.


damian, 666
To kill a King, you have to love his name enough to want it. You have to love the King so much you'd strike him down to be nearest him, which is Identity.

To love a King you have to love him as he loves himself, beyond his face and his name and his body. You have to, when you hear Death's casual stride, prevent the death of a King with the assassination of an old man. So when the call comes for the King his response is strong (Yours) and his blood his ready (Yours) and his crown is steady on his head. Yours.


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