I suck at making icons (and it shows), but I really needed a Motoko Aramaki icon.

In case you don't know her: Imagine a full-body cyborg who's a world-class badass, but also a consummate professional, a cutting-edge info-warrior, and a respectable big-picture tactician when it comes to navigating the byzantine and deadly politics involved in her job.

That's Motoko Kusanagi, The Major.

Motoko Aramaki is what you get when you cross her with a self-evolving AI that gives her access to cognitive, technological, and informational resources few other entities in the planet can match.

(In DC/Marvel terms, Motoko Aramaki is what you get when you give the Black Widow a body designed by Tony Stark, and then you make her a super-charged Oracle.)

The Major >> everybody else. Together.

I just began watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG (and, of course, plan to rewatch the first season), although at the murderously slow pace that is all my job and competing obsessions allow me. I've only seen one ep so far, and yet it has been enough to make me remember why I love Ghost in the Shell. Basically, there are few teams in the multiverse that are as kickass as Section 9 (which, to be topical, would eat Division for breakfast). That's even before you take into account the Major, who's not only the best there is in the field, but also has the big-picture awareness that sets her apart from most leaders of similar teams (she's kind of like Star-Lord in that sense), and Aramaki, who is... well, he's Aramaki. He'll get you dead if that needs to happen, but never for a stupid reason.

Speaking of eating people for breakfast, and if you'll allow me the moment of femslash barely-subtext appreciation, the way in which the (female) Prime Minister looked at the Major during her interview with Aramaki was positively *smoldering*. I kind of melted, and I wasn't even in the same universe.

(By the way, a trillion bonus points for the Tachikoma. The Tachikoma love Batou like Batou loves the Major...)

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