A poem not mine about women I love

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With the ending more literally apropos than the rest of the lines, but the whole thing being also about them, this is for browncoatrebel in her birthday, browngirl during her recovery (and as thanks for her card), tigerbright for her general awesomeness (and, also, beautiful card), and for any and all of you, of whom legends will doubtlessly talk, but will not be able to explain.

Emily Dickinson, by Linda Pastan

We think of her hidden in a white dress
among the folded linens and sachets
of well kept cupboards, or just out of sight
sending jellies and notes with no address
to all the wondering Amherst neighbors.
Eccentric as New England weather
the stiff wind of her mind, stinging or gentle,
blew two half imagined lovers off.
Yet legend won't explain the sheer sanity
of vision, the serious mischief
of language, the economy of pain.


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Got your card, rubynye! There's no html entity to describe the amount of ♥ I feel right now. Thanks so much.


doc savage
I've got a gorgeous card from rubynye.

There. I said it. *g*


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A most Happy Birthday mosellegreen, future Queen of the American States.


Things of Awesome

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It's (or will be, depending on your time zone) arch_schatten's birthday!

As reported by fannish maven not_sally, rumor has Dollhouse will be renewed. Wow.
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rubynye and tigerbright, that's who!

doc savage
Fandom: Cool Shit: Fandom. Fuck This Noise: Fans outing fans. Does anybody have details?

Air #6: Cool Shit: Amelia Earhart. Hyperpraxis. (Actually, it looks similar to some of the tech in Planetary.) Lost countries. Fuck This Noise: Aztecs? Really?

Faces Of Evil Deathstroke #1: Cool Shit: Nobody fucks with the Wilsons except the Wilsons. Fuck This Noise: They are making Slade crazier with every arc. I wonder if it could be back-explained as a side effect of his healing factor?

Trinity #34: Cool Shit: I'll get back to you on that one. Fuck This Noise: DC's idea that the best way to read their often-awful storylines is by turning them into religious tales. No, they aren't that significant. But that's ok.
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Just so this isn't an empty post: I didn't like the Quantum of Solace opening, but I loved the song. I think it has very Craig!Bond lyrics. It describes a rough world of damaged and damaging people, something more savage than other incarnations of Bond.

Which is why I didn't like QoS that much: the villain and his plot were Brosnian. This is a much more damaged, but also more emotional (and hence more dangerous to everybody involved) Bond. Even if it begins not being personal for him, it has to be personal for the bad guy. They have to have a relationship for this to work - Craig!Bond doesn't play chess (which is a villain's game), but neither does (or should) he play blackjack, which is a nihilist's game. He plays poker as a contact sport, and then breaks your head against a bathroom wall.

Out of context awesome I want to remember

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From this post at halcyon_shift's journal:

Lithy: What? WHAT? I'm thinking outside the box. *HANDS* The box! Outside it!
Doccy: No more Burn Notice for you

2009 is already looking up

doc savage
A very happy birthday for browngirl, one of the most beautiful and beauty-inducing people in the worlds (plural very much intended).


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