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It's not only US Tax Day

It's also Gay Polymath Day!

They are far from rare in both fandoms and friendlists, so feel free to congratulate your favorite one(s), whether fictional or just weird.
Fact 1: I suck at basic design.

Fact 2: I think CafePress needs "Are you a friend of Kirk?" and "Friend of Spock" t-shirts.

*significant silence*


Satisfying a very strong need in all of us

Short version: Henceforth, if you want to discreetly find out if somebody is fannish or not, just ask her if she's "a friend of Kirk." If she answers, "no, I'm a friend of Spock," contact! (This test has probably a low rate of false positives and a high rate of false negatives, at least until we spread it wide enough.)

Long version: at pun's original post.

(via alejandradd)



Just submitted a deletion request for "my article" (bot-generated from Fanfiction.net) on FanHistory. Like the stupid idiot that I am, my FanFiction.net account had my real name... (note to self: change my real name). I'm not averse to letting people know I'm fannish, gods know, but I'd like to have some sort of control over that.

That said, the thermodynamics of information are strongly time-asymmetric, so... Well. That's life in the 21st century for you.

PS: Looking for my old fics, I encountered old fics by Smitty, A.j.'s fantastic archive, Bob the Hamster... Good times!


The question is whether rl is

karenhealey has come up with a very smart term to describe the characteristic of certain fictional universes -e.g., certain long-running comic universes- of being intrinsically inconsistent (she uses Connor's skin color as a very apropos example): they are polyveric.

I think this is an important milestone in the development -and, hopefully, formalization- of Canon Logic.


Hoisted (for future reference/a rainy day/very mythical 'free time') from a comment to a comment by browngirl on this fantastic post by brown_betty on "rude person" stories (go read it): Kirk and Spock could be for theoretical meta-fannishness what Alice and Bob are for cryptography.

I'm just amused by the idea of somebody writing a textbook on theoretical meta-fannishness: OTk combinatorics [0], the Sexuality Undecidability Principle [1], Canonical Logic [2], the study of Mary-Sue singularities [3], etc. The "application" chapters, of course, would refer to a lot of fandoms, but I think K/S would be a nice "canonical" (heh) canon to work with.

Seriously, I would buy this.

[0] The formal study of k-people ships, for k >= 2.
[1] "It's impossible to make well-founded negative assertions about a character's sexuality based on his canonical relationships." For some fandoms[4], this principle makes slash possible. For others[5], it makes het possible.
[2] I'm almost sure there is no non-trivial model[6] of Canonical Logic that can be represented using first-order logic.
[3] For the canonical non-canonical example, cf the Marrissa Stories.
[4] E.g., James Bond.
[5] E.g., Sherlock Holmes.
[6] Anything attempting to describe a Crisis, event, crossover, or any two Silver Age stories counts as (heavily) non-trivial[7].
[7] Hawkman is, of course, considered a pathological case.
ETA: I know it's just the servers acting wonky, but it's fun to imagine that right now there's a bunch of exorcists (or Laundry operatives) fighting for their lives against the possessed LJ servers...



Diario Clarín (Argentina's largest newspaper) has just published a note about fanfiction (link in Spanish). It's disquieting; nobody will pay *that much* attention to it, but it's nonetheless a local threshold of sorts, one I wasn't particularly looking forward to.



From Wired: Meet Leland Chee, the Star Wars Franchise Continuity Cop. He found a way to get paid to maintain a database of SW continuity data; that's pretty impressive as fannish lifestyles go (even if he's rather wary of fans and fandom (*boo*)).

On the other hand, if he really wants a challenge, he should try doing the same for DC or Marvel :).


Love meme at medie's! I'm feeling kind of too shy to open a thread there, but be sure to go and spread your love around. For one reason or another, everybody sort of needs it right now.


Fandom Appreciation

Dear Fandom,

You make the shiny shinier, the unknown enticing, enjoying, sharing and creating parts of the same movement. You have taught me, encouraged me, laughed, ranted, and squeeded with me, and made me richer by your own laughs, rants and squees. You have kept me sane more than once.

I'm very lucky to have found you.



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