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Remember the half-brilliant/half-idiotic Fantastic Four storyline "The Masters of Doom"? What they did to Doom, and how he struck back? I just realized that it would have been a great Doctor Who plot (not to mention an innovative way to introduce a new regeneration).

Yes, Comics Are Crazy

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Recced: Fantastic Four #569. Why? 1% of the reason is the way it shows that you should never mess with the Fantastic Four, who are not only powerful but also crazier than you. Specially Reed Richards. I know I'm repeating myself, but that's one seriously stone-cold insane guy.

The other 99% of the reason is Doom. I still think that the idea of Doom having a "Master" is rank idiocy, but Doom's countermove was epic in its straightforward simplicity and Doom-nesque sense of priorities.

Zeroth Rule of the Marvel Multiverse: DOOM IS MORE BADASS THAN YOU.

Elsewhere, Wade is still entertainingly crazy and fun interacting with Spidey, Daredevil, and Frank Castle (Deadpool Suicide Kings #4), both Batwoman and the Question kick ass (Detective Comics #855), Jeremy Irons isn't as badass as an engineer with a huge nanotechnological factory should be (Superman #690), and apparently everyone in the Ignition City-verse swears like Warren Ellis (Ignition City #4).

Last post of the day, I promise

doc savage
Deadpool #9 was almost Deadpool-ish. He's that insane. And that tactically dangerous (too many writers present him as a heavily armed nearly immortal cheerful sociopath, something that he is, but they also forget that he is also very smart). And, yes, that insane.

And from Doctor Doom and The Masters of Evil 03, an intro page that made me snicker. Doom has killed people for far less than what that writer did.

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