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Remember the half-brilliant/half-idiotic Fantastic Four storyline "The Masters of Doom"? What they did to Doom, and how he struck back? I just realized that it would have been a great Doctor Who plot (not to mention an innovative way to introduce a new regeneration).

Fic: On the Other Side (Doctor Who, PG13)

doc savage
Title: On the Other Side
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: We're all stories in the end.

It's the third day, and the Doctor's corpse is starting to smell.Collapse )
doc savage
Doctor Who (still) definitely works better as fairy tale rather than science-fiction. It's more about morality and feelings and narrative puns than it's about the logical consequences of extraordinary assumptions.

I keep thinking about a Hannibal AU where Hannibal is actually a time-stranded (or hiding) Time Lord (e.g., the Master in one of his more self-restrained regenerations, or ideally somebody else). Think about it: human looks, slightly superhuman physiology (for example, his senses), the accumulated skills and insights of centuries, and the cold distance of being from literally another species. A psychopathic Time Lord playing with humans while keeping all future technology turned off to avoid detection, thoroughly epicurean to try to approximate as much as possible the heights of music/food/art he was probably used to, momentarily amused by particularly clever or interesting human minds and setting up multi-level games of manipulation with people to try to distract himself, but never seeing them as more than playthings.

I think it makes sense, but while it'd add a bit to Doctor Who (for all of their cleverness and experience, we see more of Time Lord technology than we do of Time Lord *minds*, and that's a pity), it'd probably diminish Hannibal.

Eleven is the Doctor I imprinted on, but...

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A good thing about the next regeneration is that I no longer will be actually older than the Doctor. (Well, the actor. (Although some days...))


In non-romantic news

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There were two or three moments in The Name of the Doctor in which I squealed at the screen in sheer delight at the visuals and the concept behind them. And the very ending of the episode! Ye gods. Doctor Who always falls apart for me when I look at it as if it were science fiction or fantasy conceived tightly enough to just be science-fiction-for-a-different-universe (e.g., Discworld): too much plot-convenient handwaving. That said, at an emotional, ludic, sometimes nightmarish level, when it works, it works really well, and as the episode finished I literally felt a knot on my chest.

I do wonder, though, to what degree Doctor Who is turning out to be about middle age-hood (of course, it could be, and probably mostly is, my own age coloring my perception), but it seems as if, funnily enough for a show about a nearly immortal character with total body regeneration, Doctor Who is exploring the concept of vital finitude/the life-arc, in a way that few other shows do, and in a so far less unrealistically positive way. (Ten is not "my Doctor", but his I don't want to go is among my favorite and truest lines I have ever heard on TV).

And Elementary! Moriarty! Can you imagine Te writing *this* Moriarty, from the inside-out?

Fic: Hidden (PG13? 18?, Doctor Who AU)

damian, 666
Title: Hidden
Rating: PG18
Fandom: Doctor Who, hopefully as A as an AU can get.
Author notes: Takes place in the universe of Closed Timelike Curve, but you can read them in wibbly-wobbly order.
Extra author notes: Apparently, I still can creep myself out.
WARNINGS: Gave me nightmares, literally. Implicit violence and worse.

I told you, he says.Collapse )
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Title: Closed Timelike Curve
Rating: PG13 as far as explicit things go.
Fandom: Doctor Who, as AU as you need it to be.
Spoilers: Only if I'm right, and let's pray I'm not.

He doesn't remember everything, but I don't need to. I'm always and everywhere. I see, I'm seeing, I will see everything he does not, and I love him too much to set him 'right'.Collapse )

The Bells of Saint John

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Maybe it's the hiatus, but is it me, or has the Doctor gotten a tad creepier, ways-with-Companions-wise? We know/"know" that his intentions are "honorable" (he doesn't hurt innocents other than by getting them way over their head and often very much dead)(hello, Bruce!), but from every external POV, his behavior raises so many "dangerous stalker" alarms any of the Criminal Minds gang would aim a gun and call for backup ninety seconds after seeing him (there's an interesting fic about unreliable narrators waiting to happen; I mean, what if what we see in canon is the "but I'm the good guy!" crazypants self-serving delusional version of what he *really* does?).

ETA: I mean, he has a time machine. Who'd know? Who'd be able to contradict his version? It's easier to convince yourself if everybody else is convinced, and history tells what you want it to.

What if the Silence was *right*? What if they can't speak because the Doctor did something to them, way back in the past and inside his locked-in memories, that made it impossible for them to tell what they know? What if the answer to the Question at the Fall of the Eleventh, who the Doctor is, turns out to be the bad guy?

If you knew that, if you knew what that kind of forced self-knowledge would to to the Doctor — break him down for good, turn him into a self-conscious, unleashed monster — then you'd do everything you can to kill him before it gets to that.


Oh, god.

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The trailers for The Angels Take Manhattan... My heart.

Only spoilery if you haven't seen anything this seasonCollapse )


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