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Sofia Vergara: Why Not Pay For Sex? [20 Apr 2014|12:03am]



Sofia Vergara sees no problem with paying for sex.

The actress stars in the new movie Fading Gigolo, which features a male escort played by John Turturro, and discussed the movie’s prostitution themes in a new interview.

She explains, “Fortunately, I’ve never fell into that point of having to pay for sex, but I don’t wanna judge anyone and after seeing the movie, it’s true, some people are lonely and I think life is short and you should do whatever you need to do to make yourself happy and enjoy your life.”

“And if you can afford it, why not?” asks Vergara.


Would you pay for sex?
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jeremy bieber is trash, and drake bell continues to try it [19 Apr 2014|11:51pm]



Justin Bieber’s jailbird father was once charged with assault for allegedly breaking an 18-year-old girl’s jaw after he smashed her in the face with a flying roundhouse kick, MailOnline can reveal today.

Jeremy Bieber was taken to court, accused of the brutal attack on Alicia Wadden – who stood at just 5ft3in and weighed 100 pounds.

more + drake bell's inputCollapse )
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Jessica Chastain Uses Her Vacation to Learn Italian & Shop [19 Apr 2014|11:06pm]


If only learning a language was as easy as a small picture book #ineedcaffine
This is an Instagram post for your dull Easter weekend.Collapse )

ONTD, what do you like to do during your vacation?
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Tell-All Documentary About Hollywood Sex Abuse In the Works [19 Apr 2014|10:50pm]



After Michael Egan came forward this week with details of sex abuse he was a victim of in the late 90s at the hands of X-Men director Bryan Singer, it was revealed that a documentary about this and other stories of the sordid Hollywood sex ring has been in the works for two years.

Amy Berg, the documentarian responsible for Academy award-nominated film Deliver Us From Evil (a film about sex abuse in the Catholic church), has been working on a film regarding sex abuse in Hollywood since 2012.

An unnamed source told The Daily Mail,

"Just this week, I got a message from Disarming Films, a documentary film company working out of Los Angeles.

They said they are making a documentary about a bunch of children molested by somebody in the film industry. I never contacted them back. They wanted videos and pictures of Michael and a few others he knew.

The film company said they were working on numerous children, now adults, now coming forward about this."

When Berg was reached for comment, she was reportedly surprised that Egan had come forward this week after filing a lawsuit against Singer. Egan is apparently working with the filmmaker on the documentary, but no release date has been announced.

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‘X/Y’ premieres at Tribeca [19 Apr 2014|11:46pm]



Actress/producer America Ferrera, director Ryan Piers Williams and actress Melonie Diaz attend the "X/Y" Premiere during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival at BMCC Tribeca PAC on April 19, 2014 in New York City.

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Hilary Duff Runs Errands, Uses an Alias at Starbucks, and Shows Love for Lorde [19 Apr 2014|10:32pm]


More pictures of Hilary running errands and arriving at the gym to work on her fitnessCollapse )

Hilary using her alias at StarbucksCollapse )

Hilary showing love for Lorde & Lorde showing love right backCollapse )

Source 1 2 3 4 5 6

ONTD, do you ever use an alias?
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Miss America defends student suspended for asking her to prom [20 Apr 2014|10:31am]



Miss America has suggested officials at a Pennsylvania high school reconsider their decision to suspend a student for approaching her at a school assembly and asking her to be his prom date, the beauty queen said on Saturday.

The disciplinary action taken by school administrators in York against the 18-year-old senior made national headlines, and generated sympathy for the young man on social media.

"I was flattered by the gesture, although I am unfortunately unable to attend due to my travel schedule," Davuluri said in a statement posted to the pageant's Facebook page. "I later learned of the disciplinary action taken and reached out to the school in hopes that they will reconsider their decision."

+ He remains dateless for promCollapse )
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Watch the Brand New Batman Beyond Short, Featuring Kevin Conroy [19 Apr 2014|10:18pm]



Video won't embed. Go to source to watch it.

We showed you the preview earlier this week, now watch the full version of Darwyn Cooke's Batman Beyond animated short, featuring Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle.

DC's been rolling out all manner of awesome material this month in honor of Batman's 75th anniversary. Can't wait to see what the rest of April holds.

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Sunday Secrets [18 Apr 2014|06:27pm]

8.savasana       2.newfamily3.onback.imnotpretendinganymore4.asthmafrontback5.rape6.peace7.PTSD10.gay9.lawschool


Charlotte, North Carolina, April 22nd, marks the premier of “PostSecret: The Show” >> Tickets & Information.



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Orphan Black Season 2, Episode 2 Promo [19 Apr 2014|11:00pm]




thoughts on tonight!?
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Next on Archer Vice: Arrivals/Departures (Season Finale) [19 Apr 2014|10:56pm]



Archer helps Lana with the delivery of her baby, while Krieger tries to prevent the delivery of a deadly weapon.

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'Captain America 2' brings in $9.57 million on Friday [19 Apr 2014|10:32pm]



Apparently, it’s hard to keep a good soldier (and movie!) down: Captain America: The Winter Soldier brought in an estimated $9.57 million for Disney/Marvel on Friday night, keeping it in the top spot for its third week in release. The movie — directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and starring Chris Evans as the ever-likeable Steve Rogers — has been well-received by critics and audiences (it has an A Cinemascore) and is on pace to cross the magic $200 million mark this weekend.

Another holdover from a previous weekend, Rio 2 — which sees those chatty blue macaws (voiced by Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg) leave the city for a trip to the Amazon — took in $9.2 million. The holiday weekend may help fluff this film’s feathers.

Get that third weekend at #1!Collapse )

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Classic Secrets [18 Apr 2014|02:38am]

always giftbreaks connection desires destroy doorstep forgets  golf home isall misshim pinky powerless scared thumbsup upset


PostSecret Live! comes to Northern Iowa


There’s still time to get your secrets in the new book. Copy the postcard above and mail yours. Pre-order today from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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Aaron Carter tweets pic on location of his music video for "The Perfect Storm" [19 Apr 2014|08:19pm]




praying he's shirtless for these beach scenes!
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Selena Gomez spends time with some children of Los Angeles! [19 Apr 2014|09:14pm]


We always knew Selena Gomez had a heart of gold. And today she continued to prove it. This afternoon, Selena visited the Heart of Los Angeles, also known as HOLA, to spend some time with the kids involved in the organization.
HOLA is an organization that provides youth that live in cities full of crime and poverty the chance to build a better foundation for their future. They offer programs in education, art and athletics, hoping to lead these kids down a better path. Selena was able to come spend some time interacting with the kids. She shared some photos on Instagram from her day, and thanked HOLA for allowing her to stop by.
What an angel! More pics inside!Collapse )

Sources: 01. 02.
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Chris†ina Maria Aguilera is working on a new album! #herlotuscouldmeananything [19 Apr 2014|07:33pm]




Easter miracle!

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Honest Game Trailers: Assassin's Creed 4 [19 Apr 2014|07:36pm]



What game(s) are you playing right now, ONTD? I'm gonna start Final Fantasy VII for the first time before bed. I haven't played anything since Pokemon and that was like 3 months ago.
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Willam Belli's Parody of 'Selfie' - 'HolePic' [19 Apr 2014|08:42pm]



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Guess who I met last night?! [19 Apr 2014|09:06pm]


Last night I attended a Dwayne Gretzky concert in Toronto with my friends from Michigan.  I was there for three reasons, chilling with my friends, rocking out to 90's tunes, and offering the band members free tickets to my Toronto Fringe show.  Once we got there, we noticed a familiar face in front of us in line!  So I SHAMELESSLY had to ask for a picture with him!

HE'S ALIVECollapse )
Source: Moi!
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Bioshock Movie Still Not Dead [19 Apr 2014|06:06pm]



Sony Registers BIOSHOCK Movie Domains

Could a live-action Bioshock movie be in the works again?

Kotaku reports that Sony Pictures has registered three curious domain names:, and At this time, there is no content available on these pages.

Even if a Sony-produced BioShock films is only in the early stages of being developed it seems logical that the studio would want to lock down potentially lucrative domain names.

Universal was the last studio to try and adapt BioShock to film in 2008 with Gore Verbinski at the helm and a script written by John Logan. It eventually fell apart as BioShock creator Ken Levine stepped in and pulled the plug for good in 2010. Levine felt as though replacement director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was not a good match for BioShock, nor was Levine willing to make other compromises just to see his game come to life on the big screen.

Last year, Levine mentioned that he will attempt to write a BioShock screenplay after he completed BioShock Infinite (as well as a Logan's Run screenplay). Perhaps, he did.

should've suspected this would happen after Irrational disbanded
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Former Rap Superstar Chingy Details How A Transsexual Sabotaged His Career [19 Apr 2014|07:56pm]


After dropping off of the map for a few years, St. Louis rapper Chingy has resurfaced and he’s setting the record straight.

Back in 2010, a transsexual named Sidney Starr, who was looking for 15 minutes of fame, took to the media to say that she and Chingy had a secret homie-lover-friends undercover relationship, which set the hip hop world ablaze. Two years later, Sidney resurfaced to say that not only did she lie about her relationship with Chingy, but that he didn’t even know she was a transsexual when they met at a show in Chicago. Unfortunately, by then, the damage was done and Chingy’s career had already taken a hit.

Chingy talks about losing his record deal under the cutCollapse )
Sidney Starr reached out to Necole Bitchie and Responded to the story:
@necolebitchie Hey Girl Im a good person who was young that made a mistake! And this situation is making me look like a MONSTER! And I’m not

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B. Scott to Appeal Ruling Finding BET Didn't Discriminate [19 Apr 2014|07:50pm]



A Los Angeles judge ruled Thursday that BET did not unlawfully discriminate against transgender media personality B. Scott when the network ordered him to change his attire in the middle of the preshow for the 2013 BET Awards, for which Scott had been hired as a style stage correspondent.

L.A. Superior Court judge Yvette Palazuelos determined that BET's rights to control its creative expression through managing the attire of on-screen talent was protected by the First Amendment, and ultimately trumped the discomfort and discrimination Scott alleged he suffered as a result of being forced to change into more traditionally masculine attire.

"It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression," Scott said Thursday evening in a statement posted to his popular blog. "And that such discriminatory acts are protected under the first amendment. … Standing up for your rights and the rights of others can be a lengthy, uphill war. When one battle is lost, another is waged and yet we must press forward."

Read MoreCollapse )

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Austin Mahone Debuts 'Till I Find You' Off New 'Secret' EP W/ Lyrics [19 Apr 2014|07:41pm]



The 18-year-old musician just debuted new track “Till I Find You” on YouTube for all his fans, which was one of the songs you instantly got when you pre-ordered his album off of iTunes!

Other tracks on the album include lead single “MMM Yeah”, “Next to You”, “Secret”, “Can’t Fight this Love”, “All I Ever Need”, plus bonus tracks “The One I’ve Waited For” and “Shadow”.

Austin will also be heading out on tour in support of the new record, starting in July! Grab all the tour dates over on YouTube!

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The Winter Soldier, Falcon, and Crossbones Hang Out [19 Apr 2014|07:47pm]



Don Bowie, Frank Grillo, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie attend Big Chef Bowie Celebrates Anthony Mackie As Falcon In 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' at NoBar BKNY in New York City.

moreCollapse )

even more eye candyCollapse )

bonusCollapse )

source 2

who do you think would win in a fight?

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Must See Movies at the Latino Queer Arts & Film Festival [19 Apr 2014|03:51pm]



What started off as a one night showcase of experimental film at LA Film School in 2013, led to this year’s first Latina/o Queer Arts and Film Festival that was held from April 10-13 in Los Angeles. Filmmaker and founder Jonathan Menendez wants to use LQAFF as a platform for those voices we don’t hear in the mainstream. Naturally, the roster of talent included eclectic visual artists, fearless performers, and films old and new. A gallery opening kicked off the festival, followed by the opening night with transVISIBLE The Bamby Salcedo Story and an after-party with live music.

So get cute and check out the full schedule going down at The Village.

Kiss Me
Director: Jules Nurrish

KISS ME TRAILER from Jules Nurrish on Vimeo.

This short film, starring the budding actor Raúl Castillo (HBO’s Looking) tells the story of boxer Kid Vargas, and what begins to unravel once he kills a man in the ring. The trailer has Johnny Cash “Hurt” playing and it’s all very broody. Don’t mind!

I don't mind. Esta fuerte, mijo!

more young naked bodies under the cut (just scroll down they're at the bottom)Collapse )

Most of these movies are hard to find, but you can watch Raúl Castillo pound flesh in Kiss Me on itunes.

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