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keeping it vaguely imaginary...
27 January 2014 @ 21:34
For today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!



Pop pop pop!
keeping it vaguely imaginary...
23 January 2014 @ 21:34
Have had the plague, so not felt up to interwebbing for the last few days. Feeling on the mend somewhat now, and have made these...

keeping it vaguely imaginary...
13 January 2014 @ 19:29
Focus on life week 2  
Week Two: A Silhouette

A photograph with a subject(s) captured in a shadowy outline with little or no detail against a bright background.

Thanks to Stargazing Live this week my eyes have been turned back upto the heavens, sadly I live too far south to see the Northern Lights (one day though) and there's too much light pollution to see all but the brighest stars, but at least I can see the moon.

[caption id="attachment_629" align="aligncenter" width="225"]the moonlight through the tree in our front garden. I love how deep a blue the sky is. the moonlight through the tree in our front garden. I love how deep a blue the sky is.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_630" align="aligncenter" width="300"]And these are the trees behind our house. And these are the trees behind our house.[/caption]
keeping it vaguely imaginary...
10 January 2014 @ 21:37
10th January
A meme in a meme

I was given the letter o

Something I hate - (participating in) organised team sports
Something I love - (black) olives
Somewhere I've been - Oakengates
Somewhere I want to go - Orlando, Florida
Someone I know - Otto from nursery
Best film - Oliver!

If you comment I'll give you a letter.
keeping it vaguely imaginary...
09 January 2014 @ 21:28
Ex-Cheddar is full of cold, so we've had a pretty uneventful day. However she's discovered the recent My Little Pony film on Netflix, so we had to watch it. I wasn't impressed. Turning ponies into people just to sell toys makes me sad. Especially as she now wants one (all skinny and long legged). Damn you Hasbro!
keeping it vaguely imaginary...
08 January 2014 @ 20:55
Let's talk meme  
8th January

I love Stargazing Live. If I could I'd give them a hefty 1/3 of my licence fee (the rest being split between Who and Sherlock).

And this series they are looking at one of my favourite things you can see in the sky. The aurora. Sadly, living in the Midlands, the chances of me seeing one is very, very small. Especially when it's blooming well chucking it down on the night we're most likely to see one. Gah!

Mind you, there's so much light pollution that the chances of me seeing one is probably quite small, even if it was clear.

I've decided that for my 40th I want to go to Norway or Iceland to see it myself. (Need to get a pasport first, mind, and save up a lot of money. And buy some thicker coats).
keeping it vaguely imaginary...
06 January 2014 @ 19:54
Let's Talk meme  
6th January
Back to work

I went back to work today for the first time since 20th December and I've discovered that I really like not being at work. Oh for a lottery win!

Came back to a load of emails too. Pah. Spent the day organising my in trays so I know exactly what I need to do and what I've got outstanding. Well it's better than leaving it to pile up.

Definitely have a busy few weeks ahead of me.
keeping it vaguely imaginary...
05 January 2014 @ 21:02
Let's Talk meme: Focus on Life: week 1  
Week 1's prompt was the minimalist photograph and here's my interpretation:


One of my daughter's crayons. This little blue crayon has in the last day created rocket ships, tractors and mysterious alien planets, it's made the sea for a pirate ship to sail across and a beautiful blue dress.

It's amazing how something so simple can create so much.
keeping it vaguely imaginary...
04 January 2014 @ 22:22
Let's Talk Meme  
January 4th
My thoughts on Sherlock - The Empty Hearse (as requested by abby_i

Yes, I was looking forward to Sherlock even more than Doctor Who this Christmas. It's been two years, I'd almost forgotten what they looked like. ;)

Spoilers!Collapse )

In Conclusion
tl;dr Don't leave us for so long next time.

Really looking forward to Sunday's episode.

If you want to give me a topic for the let's talk meme just leave a comment with your topic and chosen day, there's still plenty to choose from.
keeping it vaguely imaginary...
04 January 2014 @ 08:06
Let's talk meme  
January 3rd
Children's TV

Having a small person means I get to watch children's tv and not feel wierd doing it. Ex-Cheddar doesn't watch masses of telly, just a bit in the morning and a bit in the evening before storytime but it has opened my eyes to how it's changed since I was a kid.

In maybe the last fortnight we've moved from Disney Junior and Cbeebies to Cartoon Network and Boomerang. To be honest I'm missing Abney and Teal and Mr Bloom's Nursery.

Ex-Cheddar's favourite programme at the moment is tied between My Little Pony and Adventure Time.

(Full disclosure, I've loved MLP since I was ex-Cheddar's age, although wathcing the original episodes now I can see how awful they were - just twenty minute toy adverts) I have been pleasantly surprised with how good Friendship is Magic actually is. It's actually helped me to explain some of the more nebulous concepts of friendship and sharing (blah blah blah look how do you think fluttershy felt when blah blah blah) and the songs really are quite catchy. I think this is the first programme she's really fangirled over (although her first love will always be Mickey).

Adventure Time is just a bit weird and the fact the dog talks with Bender's voice just adds to the surrealism. She seems to like it though. It's got fart jokes, that's always going to be a winner with her. Plus Finn wears a hat like her polar bear hat, so in her eyes he's nearly as cool as she is.

Personally, I think children's tv is much cooler than it was when I was a kid. I was trying to explain to her today how when I was a kid telly was on from 3.30 to 5.35 then it was "Neighbours". We'd run home from school to watch our favourite programmes, and the greatest thing in the school holidays was our programmes in a morning (like "Why don't you?"). She couldn't get her head around it, especially the fact you tube is only about as old as she is and I couldn't just go and watch MLP whenever I felt like it.

Her mind was blown!

It just goes to show how much telly has changed, not just in the last 20 years but in the last 4 or 5. I wonder what it will be like 20 years or so down the line when she's introducing her kid(s) to the programme she loved as a child. Will they think that Adventure Time is really old-fashioned and twee?