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a softer world, algebra, baking, being a kid, birthdays, boondock saints, boys, bright eyes, butterflies, cheesecake, chelsea ordner, collages, coloured pens, conor oberst, cooking, dancing, david tennant, death cab for cutie, doctor who, drinking, family guy, fancy shirts, france, french, friends, fruits basket, german unification, getting mail, grey's anatomy, harry potter, holy fools, hot tubbing, johnny depp, jon stewart, juiceboxes, katherine garvey, lee pace, listening to music, love you forever, marat, marlboro reds, math, meghan smith, mismatched socks, mommy, my brother, my family, ned/chuck, new clothes, nightwalks, nikki wray, nostalgia, ouran highschool host club, pictures, pie, popsicles, pride and prejudice, pushing daisies, rainstorms, reading romance novels, robespierre, rose tyler, shlove, shoebox, shopping, singing very off-key, sleeping, sleepovers, sorting things, spare change, studying history, talking, tenth doctor, the franco-prussian war, tohru/kyo, travel, visiting relatives, walking, watching dvds, writing, writing letters, xkcd, youtube