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All across the country and around the world, environmentalists, fishing industry workers, and even children have been berating BP for what many call the worst oil spill in US history.

BP gives an estimate that their cleanup will lead into August, while since the accident, countless gallons of oil have already destroyed so much of our wildlife, seafood, our beaches, and is likely to negatively impact the price of gas in the long run.

While across the world, an oil tanker in the Congo crashes. 220 people dead. How do some of the villagers respond when the crash set fire to their homes?

"Petrol began to leak out but instead of fleeing people came to collect the fuel," Mr Sahizira said."

- BBC News

Now, I might hope the normal reaction to a burning vehicle is to run if you can. But no they did not. The better question to ask is, why did they do it in the first place? Did they live in terrible conditions to begin with? The CIA World Factbook seems to say so, reporting that in 2009, its current government continues to struggle with reducing poverty and has received aid from the World Bank and the IMF because it qualified for it.

In the meantime, there's already a record of 10 worst oil spills in history, which would remind us that, what started in Louisiana, isn't all that bad. But read that sentence again. There's been 10. Why already 10? Why any at all?

To add insult to injury, allegedly, one photojournalist claims BP is using sand to cover the oil in Louisiana.

Here's another video of a beach in Florida. Please note, when I found this one a few hours ago it was at 9,000 or so views. In just a few hours it's jumped 2,000.

We as a global society have become so dependent on oil that we are willing to fight wars over it, the poor are willing to risk their lives to get it. In one way or another, it is killing us all through greed, while our planet suffers.

The question is, why are we still dependent on it for so many conveniences in our daily lives? We have the technology, and the resources. It is our job as a global society to find an alternative and do it quick.

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