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neneleakes posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 06:23

Vice: Beyonce and Jay Z's Tour Might Be the Most Boring Tour of the Summer

People react as if entrance to Beyoncé and Jay Z's On the Run tour comes by “luck.” “You’re so lucky” to be so close to our Lords and Saviors Beyoncé and Jay Z. Selfies and Snapchats are taken on the train on the way to MetLife Stadium. The audience cries out when her fragrance commercial plays on the big screens an hour before show time. It’s something to brag about on Facebook, to inspire jealousy on Instagram. I’m here; you’re not, have fun tapping my pictures.

While it feels special to gain entry, the show itself seems removed, like it’s happening somewhere else on a separate stage, produced by Hollywood men in front of Hollywood cameras. It’s almost as if the whole thing had been filmed and edited ahead of time.

The show is so excruciatingly perfect that it comes off…well, like, whatever. Beyoncé possesses a strength that is otherworldly, and Jay’s at least in orbit. There’s no room for error which can be boring. It’s like getting the exact birthday present you asked for, but still having to act surprised for three hours. Or getting caught with a carton of cigarettes, and being forced to smoke them all. The fog is perfect. The lights are perfect. Their marriage is perfect, TMZ video notwithstanding.

Basically, the show is too predictable and perfect that it's forcedCollapse )

xadyx posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 06:09

In defense of Madonna’s wild love life

Last month, while stepping out in New York to catch a Broadway play, Madonna showed off her latest, ahem, acquisition.

No, it wasn’t a newly discovered arm muscle from dancing 15 hours a day, the latest piece of Dior couture or a precious toddler orphan from Malawi.

Modal Trigger
Madonna with Timur Steffens in early June.Photo: Splash News/ Ron Asadorian
It was her 26-year-old boy toy, Timor Steffens.

The 55-year-old pop star has been reportedly romancing the youthful Dutch choreographer — who has worked with everyone from Beyoncé to Michael Jackson — since New Year’s Eve, when the pair met at designer Valentino’s Swiss château.
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Would you date someone older/younger than you ONTD? What age difference?
lauren7653 posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 06:08

Sarah Michelle Gellar Working At A Lemonade Stand


In May, Sarah Michelle Gellar's CBS sitcom The Crazy Ones was cancelled, and now - according to a photo she posted on twitter - the TV star is so broke, she needs to work at a lemonade stand. Or, maybe it's just a cute picture she posted on Twitter.

Yeah, okay, seems like it's probably just a cute photo.

No prices are indicated, but given the exquisite workmanship on the stand itself and the fact that the lemonade is served in actual glasses means you're probably looking at $4-6 per cup. The cookies in that little basket are probably only a dollar each. Or two for a dollar if you also get a cup of lemonade, one would assume.

Come back, BuffyCollapse )
isntdaveone posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 05:27

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian: "We Wanted To Do A VH1 Reality Show To Take Our Lives Back!"

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have been in the public eye for pretty much their entire relationship thus far thanks to paparazzi and tabloids. So the two were not only well-trained for the ups and downs of documenting their daily lives, they actually wanted to do it.

"Everyone's used our lives as entertainment and so we wanted to actually kind of take our life back," Rimes told reporters Friday at VH1's Television Critics Association fall previews.

The end result is LeAnn & Eddie, a new reality series about the everyday lives of the Grammy-winning singer and the CSI: Miami alum. Premiering on Thursday, July 17 at 8/7c on VH1, the series promises to show a different, more honest, side of the couple compared to the duo splashed across tabloid covers and gossip websites.

"We definitely hit on the tabloid fodder because that's what surrounded our lives so much in the past five years," Rimes said. "I think we're really kidding ourselves with the illusion of a private life because it's very hard."

Rimes is referring to media scrutiny that followed the two since they began a romantic relationship in 2009 when they were both married to other people. Both divorced their partners and tied the knot in 2011. Cibrian admits the intense coverage of their relationship was a motivating factor in wanting to do the show, which they pitched to VH1.

"If [the tabloids] want to stop writing about us, then we won't have to set the record straight anymore," he said. "[It] gave us an opportunity to do something fun, work together and at the same time, what's really real about the show is our relationship. You'll see how we interact with one another."

+ Will Eddie's Ex-Wife Brandi Appear On Their Show?Collapse )
adriana_venti posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 05:27

Kween of Komedy Kim Kardashian™ - Nutty Pregnancy Advice Was 'Sarcastic,' She Says

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kan't anyone take a joke around here? A lot of people took Kim Kardashian’s recent remarks on pregnancy to be serious. Which, she says, they weren't.

"I guess you can’t be sarcastic when doing interviews!" the mother of 1-year-old North West wrote in a series of tweets Saturday. "I was asked about tips on pregnancy style… I jokingly said pregnant woman should hide/stay in if they looked like I did lol.”

bolded for the tl;dr crowdCollapse )
luckystar246 posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 04:47

When Fandom Falls Apart: DashCon Edition

DashCon, which is a convention in Schaumburg, Illinois that "aims to be the largest gathering of Tumblr users to date" is taking place this weekend. It is a first year convention, so people expected things to be a bit rough. It is also, however, apparently turning into a "complete disaster".

The main complaint seems to be that the convention suddenly claimed on the first night (11 July 2014) that they needed to raise an additional $17,000 by 10 PM CST that night in order to continue on with the weekend, as the hotel was charging them last minute unexpected fees.
This way to the ball pit!Collapse )

More over on io9
Follow up from this post.
oshbaby posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 04:26

HBO Presents: Beyoncé x10 (Run The World/Ghost & Haunted/***Flawless)

Image and video hosting by TinyPicRun The World..Collapse )
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ghost/Haunted..Collapse )

Beyonce Haunted Live on HBO from alonzo on Vimeo.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic***FlawlessCollapse )

Beyonce X10: ***Flawless (Live At The Mrs. Carter Show) from HDBeyonce on Vimeo.


The editing, choreography, outfits, lights, dancers, haircapes ; truly a god amongst us peasants!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
brucelynn posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 03:50

Meet the saviors of San Fransokyo in 'Big Hero 6'

The young heroes come to the rescue on the big screen Nov. 7.

When the city of San Fransokyo is in danger, a group of youngsters comes together to take down evil, science-style, in the Disney/Marvel animated film Big Hero 6 (in theaters Nov. 7). Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams give USA TODAY's Brian Truitt the rundown on this new superhero team.
Hiro Hamada (voiced by Ryan Potter)

Like the 18-year-old playing him, Hiro is a half-Japanese, half-Caucasian kid with energy to spare. Luckily for his hometown, though, Hiro is also a super-genius who turns his nurse robot, Baymax, into a formidable, action-movie presence when a threat arises. And while he doesn't have any actual superpowers per se, Hiro dons a flight suit with a red circle on the glove that magnetically connects to the back of Baymax, and they can act as a tag team in battle, Hall says. "They're symbiotic in that way."
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vangogh_ourears posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 03:50

French Montana tweets "Free Palestine", Waka Flocka continues to be flawless

Source 1
Source 2

luvthatdrtywata posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 03:49

Queen Emmy Rossum & The Ging Film Most Flawless Show On TV, Daily Fail Writes Weird Article About It


She looked very fit while running around Los Angeles on set of Shameless on Friday.
But Emmy Rossum joked that she had a hard time delivering her lines while out of breath.
The actress was spotted filming with Cameron Monaghan, while showing off her flat stomach and slender legs in a black sports bra and blue shorts.

‘Filming a scene today where Fiona and Ian are jogging and talking,’ she tweeted that morning to update her 418,000 followers.

‘I'm sorry. People can actually speak while running?! #shameless’

To top off her workout wear, Emmy wore a pair of red trainers, and had her brunette locks tied in a ponytail. She appeared to be make-up free, although was likely wearing a little for the cameras. Emmy wisely decided to protect her porcelain skin from the harsh rays of the sun while spending a good deal of time outside, as she strolled under an umbrella.

Once she had finished shooting, the 27-year-old slipped on a grey T-shirt and headed into a trailer.

In the scene, Emmy and Cameron, 20, push their on-screen half-brother Liam as well as another child in a stroller.

That's Mickey's son in the stroller, yes?Collapse )

vehiclesshockme posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 03:29

Bethenny Frankel wears her 4 year old daughter's pajamas

Bethenny Frankel seems ready to enjoy the benefits of being the mother of a little girl! The 43-year-old former reality star and talk show host posed for a strange Instagram snap, in which she wore her 4-year-old daughter Bryn's Hello Kitty pajamas.

"This is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?" she captioned the picture in the tiny attire.

While some took the image as a joke, other Instagram commenters were concerned by the message Frankel might be sending to her young daughter.

"I would just caution doing this as she gets more impressionable," one commenter noted. "She needs to develop a healthy self image because she may not have all of your genes…and it won't be obvious to you, but it will look as though you are competing with her."

Blah blah blah about her divorceCollapse )

zlatanwhy posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 02:57

Sofia Vergara Celebrates 42nd Birthday with Joe Manganiello By Her Side! + candids

Sofia Vergara wraps her arm around new beau Joe Manganiello while celebrating her birthday in this brand new pic posted on Instagram!

The 42-year-old Colombian actress and the 37-year-old actor celebrated her birthday at celeb hotspot Nobu in Malibu with her niece on Thursday (July 10). Happy Belated Birthday Sofia!

“Gracias Ale for my bday!” Sofia wrote on WhoSay on the same night.

+++Collapse )

++++Collapse )

s r c

not posted. only this was.
tracerbullitt posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 02:38

Penn Badgley Spotted With New Girlfriend, Sister of 'Girls' Star Jemima Kirke

A whole year after splitting with rock star royalty Zoë Kravitz (and eight months after possibly getting back together in Italy) it seems that former Gossip Girl star — or, should I say (spoiler alert), former Gossip Girl himself — Penn Badgley is dating again. This, of course, isn’t surprising; seven months is a long time, and Badgley is a young, attractive actor. It’s whom he’s dating, though, that’s the shocker: According to Us Weekly (who offered a set of paparazzi photos to back it up), Penn Badgley is dating Domino Kirke, who, in addition to being the older sister to Girls star Jemima Kirke, is also the daughter of Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke as well as a rather accomplished musician herself. Hey, Badgley’s got a type!

The two were spotted hanging out in NYC together looking very much the couple recently, fueling rumors that they’re dating. According to a source speaking about the pair to Us: “They’ve been dating for awhile. They have a number of mutual friends. It is a very mature and free relationship…Domino is a great girl for him, being a musician. Their interests align.” Considering Badgley has been more and more actively attempting to pursue a music career of his own (he’s the lead in a new band called Mother, and their songs are actually quite good so far) this makes sense — and it’s nice to see he’s happy after splitting with Kravitz last year.

moreCollapse )

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mumblegore posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 01:51

AHS: Freakshow Teaser is Fake!

Your first American Horror Story: Freak Show teaser is here and… Surprise! It's terrifying. Oh, it's also fake. FX confirmed the teaser is fan-made and no teasers for Freak Show have been released.
The new fan-made promo, which doesn't feature any main stars, sets up the sideshow feel just right with a "fallen angel." Of course it's not a real angel. We think. But this is American Horror Story, so maybe?!
The quick spot features an "angel" rising on stage is complete with one scary as $#*! clown and some nasty scars. Yes, it's appropriate to be weirded out and excited at the same time.


eddavanheemstra posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 01:30

Cheryl Cole (?) married French bf

Cheryl Cole has married her boyfriend of three months, Frenchman Jean Bernard.

The news was first broken by The Sun newspaper. Cole then confirmed the reports on Instagram and Facebook, posting a picture of her wedding ring accompanied by a message, revealing she was married a week ago.

crazy stupid love indeedCollapse )

Sources: 1 & 2

Sorry mods, added more info in this one
fortunatoxlk posted to ohnotheydidnt July 14 2014, 01:29

Huge World Cup Fans Adriana Lima & Rihanna Snap a Selfie From the Game in Brazil!

Adriana Lima and Rihanna snap a selfie while watching the 2014 World Cup held at the Maracana on Sunday (July 13) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The two ladies have been big fans of the World Cup since it started last month – they both documented the games on their Twitter pages!

“Congrats to my German boyz! This was the most epic experience of my entire life! You guys made me so proud to be here” Rihanna tweeted from the game. Germany won the game 1-0 against Argentina.

Also pictured inside: Rihanna all dolled up in a black dress that same day at the Budweiser Hotel in Copacabana Beach in Rio and arriving at the stadium to watch the game.

25+ pictures at the source of Adriana Lima and Rihanna at the World Cup final…

Also, yasss @ me for being in ONTD at last...

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