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05:19pm 24/01/2005
mood: stressed
It has happened, real-life schoolwork has caught up with me :( I have to start at a trainee-placement monday and I still haven't found one (I hear from one tomorrow whether I'm accepted or not, crosses fingers) and we found out today that we have to re-do a lot of schoolwork. I'm quite stressing out here!! So that's also the reason that I haven't updated my lJ in awhile. Have a little patience, I hope I'm up and running soon!!!

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Roll on 2005 (& sewing machine fear)...   
04:17pm 02/01/2005
mood: creative
First of all, I would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2005. May you reach all your goals you have set for yourself.... (well, I know at least I have a few, including the old "quit smoking"one....)

Since I can't find a nice handbag anywhere, I decided to make one self. So I skipped to the market friday, got some pink and burgundy flannel and interface (the flannel is way to flimsy on it self) and some sewing machine oil. A few hours ago, my mom and I decided to clean and oil up the old critter and it's running smooth now. But, I must say, I'm still a bit afraid of it. mainly, because the minute I touch the thing, it starts malfunctioning. I also had some many times of sewing-frustration that I was ready to throw it out of the window. Let's hope it will at least live till my handbag is ready.....

Little to-do list for my live journal:
- post pictures of scarf and little felt wallet.....

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bounce bounce   
06:20pm 30/12/2004
mood: bouncy
Look what I found!!

The sampler

I will definitely subscribe to this when I have the money for it. I also love surfing around the web for independent crafty sites, they always inspire me. That said, I had a great time checking out all the links of the sites that had sent in samplers the last months.....

Oh oh, I already feel the crafty/inspired/creative juices flowing!!

Note: I still need to find a new bag. I want something that is not too big and a bit more lady-like then the ones I have now. But most of the bags that I saw in Amsterdam today were too lady-like and awful. I think I shall have to craft one myself then, but my sewing machine needs to be fixed first....

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Feeling a bit worn out....   
11:26pm 29/12/2004
mood: still stuffed from christmas..
I hope everyone had merry holidays. Mine were fine, but very busy and left our household with a flu that has taken hold already of two members and tries to get a hold of me too. Good thing I already got my multivitamins today....

On a brighter side, I got "lost in a good book" by Jasper Fforde from my parents and it is absolutely delightful, I finished it in 3 days. I also finished my new scarf and hope to put up pictures of it tomorrow. And it's very toasty....

And I'm going to Lemony Snicket's "a series of unfortunate events" saturday!!! :)

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Everyone a...   
12:38pm 25/12/2004
mood: pleased
...Merry Christmas!!

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Visions of sugarplums....   
01:50am 23/12/2004
mood: cold
Found this little thing here, while surfing the net:

Visions of sugarplums...

Note 1: No studying for 2 weeks!! Yay!!!

Note 2: I really want to do the inca trail in Peru once.

Note 3: favorite word of the moment: dustbunny. No, I don't know exactly what it means, but I like it....

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A series of unfortunate events...   
09:50pm 21/12/2004
  I'm so looking forward to this movie!! I have part one and two of the book series here with me and I just love it. Although they are very simple and easy to read through, I just love the writing style and the irony of them. A little example:

"to my darling beatrice

my love for you lives forever

you, however, did not"

I love the diction and think they are great in that to read them to children. Although, due to the "cheerfulness" of the stories, that might not be good for children just before bedtime...;)

To the people who celebrate Yule: merry Yule!! A dear friend of mine send me a lovely hobbit diary as a present. Just as I was thinking yesterday: "hmm, I should start a proper written diary"....

ETA: Harry Potter and the half-blood prince will be out on july 16th 2005! Yay!!!

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my sudden love for pink....   
04:47pm 19/12/2004
mood: flirty
Pink...at first I couldn't stand, especially the soft hues of it. Last winter, I would be clad almost everyday in only black with the occasional purple longsleeve. During the summer, the first flirty red/pink layered skirt made it's entrance, followed closely by a top/knicker ensemble in blue with pink...
Now, I'm rarely seen in only black. My wardrobe consists mostly now of colours like gray, burgundy, red, pumpkin orange, purple and...(as you can guess)...pink. Today, I bought a pink flowered sleeping set, something that I would not want to be found dead inlast winter. You could also find me drooling over a soft pink tanktop today, something that I hated last winter. I never have one favourite color, it can varie per season or even twice a season. It will always be a color that can be found in the "warmer color section", but still....
I can also just drool over a color description, a color description like "raspberry" or plum just makes me want to have it. It does not matter that I already have the item in the same color, I just have to restrain myself not to buy it, a real no-no for my wallet....

But for now, I just celebrate my love for that o so lovely girly flirty soft color....

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they're ready!!!   
10:56pm 16/12/2004
mood: satisfied
...A lonely star...

...all schnuggley together...

~* All my lovelies together!!! *~

Yay, they are done!! Since I love felt (it's cheap, does not fray and comes in a huge array of gorgeous colors), I decided to make little star ornaments of felt for everyone as christmas cards this year. Just attach a little card for them and voila!! Instant cards and ornaments!!

Note: yes, I have a screwed up camera. Pics come out fuzzy or not at all, as I also had a lovely one of a star hanging in the christmas tree....

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still have to spice this thing up....   
06:21pm 14/12/2004
mood: full
I know, it still looks a bit boring here, but I will spice it up as soon as I know how to.

So for now, a little tid bit of list of all kind of things:

Currently reading: "The Eyre affair" by Jasper Fforde.

Current knitting project: a ribbed scarf with stripes in the colors dusky pink and dusky purple. I just bought more yarn today and the colors look so lovely together!! It reminds me of strawberry icecream with blueberry sauce...(ETA: actually, quite like the colors of my LJ now!!)

- a whole plethora of headkerchiefs.....

- swappackage for winterswapfaerie of the bpal forum.
- christmas cards...

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10:47pm 12/12/2004
mood: chipper
Yay!! I have live journal!!What you can expect here? All kinds of little bits and bobs about me and my life and the things I do...

But for now.....welcome!!!

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