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9 April
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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You think you know me;; Hey everyone!! My name would be Amy, and I live in Canada. I am Italian, Maltese & Jamaican. I'm cool, and I get homeschooled. My birthday is April 9th, so that makes me an Aries for you slow ones. Which also means I'm stubborn, and arrogant. =) I'm 5'6" iish, but when I'm rockin' the heels, I'm 5'9". My favorite colors are pink & baby blue. Sushi is my favorite food. I have my nose, tongue, and ears pierced at the moment, and a tattoo of Tinkerbell on my lower back. I like wrestling. You gotta think like a nigga, so you don't get hurt like a bitch.

Labels I rock;; Baby Phat.; Phat Farm.; 725.; Digital.; Dior.; Gap.; Rocawear.; Sean John.; Prada.; DKNY.; D&G.; Guess?; Old Navy.; Von Dutch.; No Angel.; Ecko.; Streetwear Society.; Exco.; Bongo.; Tommy Hilfiger.; Fcuk.; Shady Limited.; G-Unit.; Burberry.; Point Zero.; Candies.; Victoria Secret.; Fetish.; J.Lo.; Lady Enyce.; Ecko Red.; etc.

Mi Amore;; Shoes.; Handbags.; Tattoos.; Rap.; Eyeliner.; Sushi.; Boston Accents.; Joel Madden.; Shopping.; Blue eyes.; Iced Tea.; Starbucks.; Usher.; Passions.; Days of our lives.; John Cena.;Roses.; Toronto.; Dark Hair/Light Eyes.; Thugs.; Italy.; New York Accents.; Fast/Expensive cars.; Gangsta's.; Money

'eff that noise;; Posers.; Clowns.; Liars.; Whiners.; Whores.; 'Punks'.; Racists.; Stupid Douchebags that tYp3 lYkK d1Sz.; People who think they can judge me.; School.; Shallow Idiots.; Stalkers.; Dial-up internet.; Fakes.; Lita.; Females.; Backstabbers.; Close-Minded People.; Shit Talkers.

In the CD Player;; Evanescence.; Tupac.; Lil' Kim.; 50 Cent.; Eminem.; Lloyd Banks.; Nelly.; Pharrell.; Snoop Dogg.; Britney Spears.; Christina Aguilera.; Justin Timberlake.; Usher.; LL Cool J.; Good Charlotte.; Shawna.; JoJo.; Terror Squad.; Thalia.; Kanye West.; Jagged Edge.; Shyne.; Ashanti.; Backstreet Boys.; Biggie.; Alchemist.; Young Gunz.; Tony Yayo.; Jay-Z.; Nas.; Ludacris.; Xzibit.; Alicia Keys.; Ma$e.; Beyonce.; Lil' Flip.; Hilary Duff.; Avril Lavigne.; Marilyn Manson.; Fabolous.; Cam'ron.; Avant.; etc.

The Credits;; My layout and Friends Only banner were made by me. As was one of my icons. Anything not made by me, but for me, is credited. So don't steal, kthx. =) If you want graphics go to this lovely community...