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karaoke kills

I saved Latin.

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2001, airplanes, alfred hitchcock, anti-bush, at the drive in, b-52's, b-sides, babies, beastie boys, billion stars, black and white photography, bottle rocket, bruce campbell, caffiene, cat stevens, child rearing, chuck palahniuk, cigarettes, city of lost children, cloth diapering, coffee, comedy, computers, cooking, crazies, danny elfman, daughters, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, dead relatives arlo, digital photography, don delillo, eating, electric eel shock, elliott smith, engrish, film noir, fishing, folk implosion, food network, frank black, franz ferdinand, fugazi, futurama, geeks, ghostbusters, ghosts, healthy foods, heatmiser, hedwig, holy cards, humor, indiana jones, indie rock, jack black, jack kerouak, jackass, jim carrey, johnny cash, johnny knoxville, jon brion, kill rock stars, kings of convenience, kraftwerk, kurt vonnegut, lotr, lou barlow, love, mark mothersbaugh, martha stewart, michael jackson, michael moore, mix tapes, modest mouse, mods, money mark, monty python, mr. t's bowl, nasa, nirvana, pablo brazil, paranormal, pavement, pop art, public transit, reality tv, religious art, reservoir dogs, rushmore, sam raimi, school of rock, sebadoh, silver jews, simian, simon & garfunkle, six feet under, snl, star wars, stephen malkmus, subpop, survivor, syd barrett, tenacious d, texans, the beatles, the eels, the epoxies, the kinks, the minders, the movies, the old 97's, the pixies, the ramones, the royal tenenbaums, the shins, the simpsons, the strokes, the who, tim burton, unmarried, vinyl, weezer, wes anderson, whole foods, will ferrell, william s. burroughs, woody allen, zombie movies


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