Anna (18_) wrote,

It's still so cold

It's still too bloody cold. I'm sure I shouldn't be this cold.

Mum and I went to The Range, a pet shop and Sainsbury's today. The baby guinea-pigs were so cute i'd forgotten what they look like when they're babies.

Still haven't had a phone call about these jobs I've applied for. I suppose that because the closing date for applications for one is 1st October then I won't get a phone call until Monday. But I would have thought I'd have recieved one for the Room Attendant vacancy. I've decided I'm just going to put what I think for those stupid bits on the other application form, so I can send it tomorrow, so they'll recieve it Monday probably (even though I will send it first class).

I'm off to the McFly concert tomorrow. I can't wait. I have to be round Emily's (my cousins) at 2:50PM, but mum's going to drop me off at 2:30. I just hope someone will be there. I suppose Em will because she won't really be wearing the clothes that she wore at sixth form to the concert. If not I'll just have to wait outside. She's not on MSN so I can't ask her. My train ticket is only £12, good value. But I've worked out that my London Underground ticket will be £6-7. I'm not quite sure how my Aunty is going to do it, whether she'll ask for them all and we all pay her (it's easier that way & quicker) I don't know. I've sorted out most of my bag already (shows how excited I am). I've been looking on the net to see what line we need to get. It's great because we don't have to change. The actually Wembley Arena stop is not on a tube network, but there's others.
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