Anna (18_) wrote,

Pay off or buy.

I said yesterday that there was certain things that I have to do, when I start working, with my money.

+ I need to pay my parents for my Norwich City season ticket, this is costing me £200. I'm hoping i'll have it payed off within 3 months of working.

+ A car; I really want to start saving up for a car before I start learning to drive. My parents both have cars but I want me own. And if I learn to drive straight away, it will just be pointless because I won't have my own car to drive.

+ There's also the fact that Christmas isn't that far off, and I have two birthdays around Christmas as well. And because i'll be working people will be expecting bigger presents.

+ McFly concert stuff? If I get this job I'm going for on Monday, i'll no doubt use some of my money to buy souvenirs at the McFly concert, also there's food, the train fare, and the underground ticket.

+ Clothes, I desperately need some new clothes. I have three pairs of jeans that I would like to chuck because the bottoms are frayed on two, and I wore the other pair ages ago on a walk and they got muddy. I also need more t-shirts, underwear etc.

+ Then there's any other stuff that I want, like cross-stitch kits, CDs, DVDs, computer games, computer stuff (I want more memory, a new mouse, and a flat screen monitor)

+ Bedroom stuff, I want a new duvet set & a entertainment unit.

+ Plus I'll have to pay for other stuff like beauty products, and if I want any alcohol with a meal, hair cuts (I also would love to get my hair highlighted).

+ Next years holiday? Mum & dad are to decide where they're going, and then I can see if I can save up enough money to pay for it.

So, so much stuff to pay for.
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