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Human, yes human.

I enjoy fanart and fanfiction, I know I haven't post in a long time but I'm trying.

Most of my fandoms and favorite pairings can be found here:


English isn't my home language, but don't worry I have a great beta reader.

I also collect icons, if you're an icon maker you'll probably find me somewhere around lurking in the dark waiting for the right time to snatch them, fear not I will comment and credit.
4400 slash, 80's cartoons, 90's cartoons, adam/charlie, adult swim, anakin/boba fett, anakin/rex, animated icons, avengers, avengers slash, batman/captain america, batman/flash, batman/superman, beast wars, beast wars slash, boba fett/princess leia, bug comic, call of duty, captain america slash fiction, captain america's boyfriends, captain america/carol danvers, captain america/human torch, captain america/invisible woman, captain america/iron man, captain america/scarlet witch, captain america/sersi, captain america/wasp, captain america/wonder woman, captain tsubasa, cartoons, cheetor/tigatron, clark/bart, clark/oliver, clark/shawn, clone wars slash, cody/obi-wan, cody/rex, cole/merrick, cole/zen-aku, comics, conner/tommy, cracked, cryos/tekla, cyclops/angel, daredevil/captain america, darth vader/boba fett, david/griffin, dc slash, dcau, defenders of the earth, dexter/jonah, ecliptor/zhane, el cid/sisyphos, elisa/goliath, elle/x, fanart, fanfiction, fanfiction slash, fantasy, flash gordon/the phantom, francis/james, futurama, future hiro/peter, gears of war, generator rex, genzo wakabayashi/taro misaki, graphic novels, green lantern/green arrow, harry/cedric, heroes, heroes slash, het fics, holiday/six, hunter/cam, hyoga/isaak, iron man/spider-man, jensen/nick, jetstorm/thrust, jla, jlu, john carter/kantos kan, jumper slash, justice lords, kurt/jean, leo karai, leo/april, lord batman/wonder woman, lotr, marvel adventures, marvel slash, max steel yaoi, max steel/troy winter, mib animated, mini marvels, mirai gohan/piccolo, oliver/ac, oliver/bart, oliver/kal, peter/adam, peter/caspian, peter/claude, peter/sam, piccolo/gohan, pyro/iceman, pyrus/zera, rex/six, saint seiya yaoi, science fiction, seiya/jabu, serenity, shadow raiders, shura/aioria, shura/aioros, silverbolt/nightscream, six/black, six/five, sky/jack, slash, slash fanart, slash fics, smallville slash, smallville/4400 slash, snake eyes/kamakura, spider-man slash, spider-man/captain america, spider-man/daredevil, spock/kirk, spock/uhura, star wars, teddy/billy, the big bang theory, the losers/push, the penguins of madagascar, the walking dead, thor/captain america, tigatron/airazor, tmnt, transformers, tv shows, twisted toyfare theatre, ultrawoman/batman, video games, webcomics, wes/eric, wesley/connor, wolverine/captain america., wolverine/maverick, wonder woman/batman, yaoi, zombie movies


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