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you'll be tested on this later

you be him, and i'll be her
29 July 1977
long beach
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i ain't no hero

and i'll build a house inside of you, i'll go in through the mouth, i'll draw three figures on your heart.
one of them will be me as a boy, and one of them will be me, and one of them will be me watching you run.

a certain tattooed creep, albums: photo and record, chipped fingernail polish, coffee: sweet and blonde, donating organs, earthquake weather, edward keinholz, fake girl bands, farmers markets, film edges, hair dye, having the crushes, june gloom, kissing out, look-alike nieces, making mixed cds, making up new slang, modern courting rituals, naming strangers' dogs, new heartbreaking bands, old heartbreaking boys, owning a miniature giraffe, photoboothing, photoshop, punch drunk love, self loathing, slow-dance parties, steve mcqueen, sweet and tender hooligans, tall redheaded boys, the big lebowski, using "stupid" affectionately, very thin t-shirts, yelling in my head