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Sun, Feb. 6th, 2005, 06:55 pm

ok not one video store in lexington has girls gone wild. we spent all last night looking. i think theres something seriously wrong with that. what the fuck is the world coming to where you cant rent porn that doesnt consist primarily of close-ups on vaginas?!!! tell me, what????

Tue, Feb. 1st, 2005, 08:41 pm

I start school tomorrow

and im taking cpr for gym
ha i love it

Tue, Feb. 1st, 2005, 05:09 pm
im in a shitty mood so listen to me bitch

Ok heres what i hate:

fish eww

wearing band t shirts listen just because you happen to like the band on my t shirt does not mean i fucking care faggot. i dont give two shits whether you like them and i definitely dont want to strike up a conversation about it

similarly, anyone who asks what kind of music you listen to when they first meet you. no. just no. i dont care what you think about my taste and i dont care what your taste is

anyone who asks any other stupid questions like the above to get to know you.

wet backs go back to mexico you nasty fucks! its not acceptable to ride around with ten guys in the front seat of a pickup here

granny panties get some real underwear goddamnit

girls who pretend to be bisexual to pick up guys


junkies fucking losers

stoners (except Emily) get a life. and if your gonna do drugs at least do a real one faggot



girls who never stop talking about their boyfriends and how much he loves her when he's actually fucking her best friend behind her back or something to that effect

any guy whose ever said i love you to a girl and pretended like he meant it. you know most of us do know that males arent capable of caring about another human being even if we pretend to believe you. just stop fucking lying.

those stupid little fucks that are angry at the world. waste your energy on something at least a little more productive than hating everyone. what the fuck is the point. you suck



people who are always trying to make changes in the world. give up you pathetic bitchfuck. your wasting your life.

anyone who happends to be reading this who doesnt talk to me on a regular basis. you loser what the fuck are you doing going around and reading the journals of people you dont even know. and if this is some creepy attempt to get to know me then your a stalker. or if you just like reading the stupid shit i have to say then why dont you fucking talk to me fag.

Sun, Jan. 30th, 2005, 03:55 pm

ok soo i got to see little katie on friday!! omigosh i love her! she's the coolest. and we went to go see white noise and we were all set to like shit our pants and scream and all that fun shit but then the crackwhores at the movie theatre apparantly change the show times every friday. So white noise didnt start till 10 45 and we thought it started at 7 15. and that sucked. so then amanda called and she was like im going to the movies and we were like oh shit come be our guardian so we can see hide an seek but she couldnt make it in time. so that sucked and we just chilled in the movie theatre and then this kid from katies school showed up and his name was mango and i was like ohh man thats so freakin awsome your name is mango. but he was mean cause i asked him if he wanted my chlamydia and he was like omm no. that hurt my feelings. so then i guess he was getting set up with a blind date and we thought she wasnt gonna show but she did and she was a fatass hahah. and then i got to shout at him and go mango you asshole you told me you loved me!!! and then his date gave me a wierd look and i was like stay away from my boyfriend bitch!!! and now i think he's gonna beat up katie on monday. but its cool... she can take him coz she straight up thuggin. fo sho nigga. she gonna pop it like its hot. thas wahs up. so then we watched like 2 minutes of in good company but it sucked so we left and played video games in the lobby for the rest of the time cause we didnt feel like walking into hide and seek halfway through. but there was this car game and that shit was fucking addictive man. and then these stupid ass kids came and took our game away from us while we were getting more change. so we tried to stand really close and make them feel uncomfortable but it just ended up making them think we were hitting on them. so then we were like caring is sharing guys and they had to correct us cause i guess it goes sharing is caring. but then they left cause they were def way sketched out by us by that time. oh my god but it was awsome to see little katie i love her!!!

ok and yesterday i went to the mall for the 50bazillionth time. i hate the mall goddamnit. and amandas always like ya i used to pick up over there. eww what a loser. and we tried to teach he friend chris important things like how your shoes have to match your shirt. and then i made her watch gia since shes such a goddamn junkie and it was hot because angelina jolie is hot and i wanted to fuck her even when she had aids

oh and it turned out mangos real name is actually mike. that was wicked dissapointing.

Tue, Jan. 25th, 2005, 05:04 pm

ugh. emily moved back to south carolina. what a crackwhore. i still love her though. goddamn this is the perfect fucking time to lose my best friend though, i have to deal with starting a new school and shit. and she was like the only person i ever even talk to anymore so now i have no friends. but i got to see her a ton before she left so that was nice. and we stayed up all night and it was just like old times. except we were sober. We almost snuck out of the house so we could have one last stupid and insanely fun time before she left but the guy who was sposed to pick us up wouldnt drive to winchester. oh my god i miss all the fun times we used to have with maddie. getting kicked out of all our spots, smoking out of soda cans, getting completely shitfaced in harvard square, hooking up constantly, and that time miss kullmon caught us!!! and THE FARM!!!! this fall was so much fun. fuck i really miss it. and i miss maddie. and i miss emily sooo much. everyone comes in and out of my life so fast. all these people i think im gonna know forever and then a few months later theyre gone and i never talk to them again. ahhhh i want my emily back!!!

Mon, Dec. 27th, 2004, 12:34 pm

yaaa guess who they let out of the mental hospital!!!!!! wooohooo im freeee!!! and medicatedd! and oh so sober. yuck. I'm gonna fill up a gallon jug with my pee and freeze it cause it's never gonna be this freakin clean again. Well anyways omigosh what bullshit that was with the whole ooh your gonna be out in a week. ha ya right. i ended up staying there for a month. and plus i was supposed to just be working on mood stabilization and shit like that but then they were like omm lindsay we think you have a serious substance abuse issue and i was all wtf. and then i got stepped up to in patient cause i snorted aderall well i was there and they found the place where i used to keep weed and it still had some weed left so they were like ooooh youve been smoking weed cept i wasnt but i got stepped up anyways. and inpatient is some scary shit. well anyways im back and im wicked happy to be home. aaaan...!!!!!!ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! ooh and i got feety pajamas! how awsome is that. well im wicked glad to be home. peace.

Tue, Nov. 23rd, 2004, 01:29 pm

ok...well i'm going to residential for seven days...getting checked into mcleans this afternoon.
god this is strange...
i hope i dont get like beat up for not being as fucked up as everyone else...do they do that??
and i hope i dont room with someone whose completely psycho cause i mean it is a mental hospital so they have schitzos there too. I dont think they should lump everyone togethor...the skitzos should have their own section the anorexics can have theres and the druggies can be togethor and i donno whoever else.. actually i think id kinda like the really crazy people...theyd be kina fun
and before i go i have to go to the waldork school to get my shiz back from everyone and if they didnt bring it theyre dead..
I hope i dont cry again when i go there...i really dont want anyone to see me cry i hate it. but the thing is even though i hate them all, i still miss them so much.
umm ok well be back in a week...lets hope i live through this...adios

Thu, Nov. 18th, 2004, 04:20 pm

ooooh the dreaded word was uttered..."residential". dun dun DUUUN!!! Shit. Not cause I need it though...it's insurance reasons...the place that takes our insurance wont let me in their day program untill I've been in residential. W/e I can handle it it's only ten days. And it's not certain yet...I might just go somewhere else. God this is such bullshit though. I wish I could just start school and forget all this bs. ughh and mcleans is right down the street from waldorf too. Thats gonna be wierd. Especially when I do the day program cause it gets out at the same time. If I have to take the bus home a bunch of people will be on it and...well...talk about awkward...

Thu, Nov. 18th, 2004, 01:15 pm
oooouuuchy cramps! oooooowww

MMM yummy I'm eating dinosaur spaghettios with meatballs. Dont get much better than that. Oooop there goes the tarydactyl into my mouth and into my tum tummy. YESSS! This is so much fun! hehehe.

My mother got me a shitload of food this weekend cause i'm supposed to be gaining wait. I lost more. I wasnt even trying this time though i swear. i dont know how it happened. well actually i do know but it wasnt trying to lose weight. but now none of my clothes fit me which is bad cause I went shopping and its not none of my clothes its just no clothes period. I'm a double zero. I wasnt even aware there was a size below zero untill this weekend. But it sucks cause I had to go all over the mall to find one pair of jeans that fit. And theres just no point in living when you cant get new clothes. And plus my mom started making fun of me for not having an ass. i could take it from everyone else but my own mother...thats just sad. But anyways now I've been put on a mission to gain weight so I have a ton of hot pockets and bagel bites and fun stuff like that and i am going to be a big fat piggy and eat my little heart out. aaall day long. every day. for the rest of my life. untill i start school again. and then only in the afternoons. actually no. because by then i'll be fat. and im gonna stop writing like this now. cause its starting to get annoying. actually its not starting it already was.

Ohh and I saw that movie Elf last night. OMG!!! That is THE cutest movie everrrr! I <3 it so freakin much. Maaan I just wanna take him home with me wed have so much fun! I usually hate christmas but Im definitely in the christmas spirit now.. Ruldolph the red nose reighndeer had a very shiny nose (like a light bulb!) and if you ever saw him you would even say it glowed (like a flashlight!)...

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