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Yankee Girl Designs...

*bead-hind the scenes*

5 June 1979
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I'm a 20-something Children's Librarian (by day)
and proud to admit that my hand up a puppet's butt is a beautiful thing.
A few things I've said during a day of work:

"Max Put Your Pants On, There Are No Naked Butts At Storytime!"
"Hannah We Don't Lick The Books!"
I've also uttered "On Your Booties Cuties" and "Shhhhh!" More times than I'd like to admit.

My husband and I live in a little cape in Southern NH
where we're raising our 13 yearold nephew, 1 Basset Hound puppy & 3 cats.

"Yankee Girl Designs" started as a way to help me relax after a day of wrangling screaming meatloafs and it's evolved into so much more. I love working with beads and stones and ending up with something kick-ass to wear. Mixing and matching different stones has become a passion of mine. I'm hoping that this buisness really takes off, my dream is to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom to my own lil weasels one day!

I also run "New England Crafty Crew" (LJ Info: ne_craftychicks) w/ my bud Dayna aka: Crafty Scientist!

Still Want More...
Yankee Girl Designs: www.lindseyandray.com/ygd