_xxtom (_xxtom) wrote,

lol yall im black:P

lolol yall theres a pic of "me" going around. If people are wondering im black so yeah that white lady aint me. :D. I love haters. And if people really want to know why i was made mod at ontd, don't ask me. I woke up one morning and I could just accept and reject posts and stuff. I don't talk to the other mods or anything so don't come to me and complain about stuff because i don't know anything about that. And if you were banned (even though i do threaten to ban everyone), I seriously don't ban people. I've banned like 3-5 people maybe. So if you were banned you can ask but i won't really know. And if i do anything, like unban you, the other mods will ban your ass back anyways. And if you want to be a mod i guess you just have to do something that the other mods will like :S. iunno. But yeah in conclusion i am black so a picture of this whipped white lady is not me....maybe.
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